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the BEAST 25

The main objective of this deck is to use your guardian ability and your removals to force your opponent to split damage. Try to deal as much damage as possible every turn. Always keep a resource or two for your removal and equip some upgrades on every character.


Tactical Mastery + We Have Them Now - with this combo, if you control the battlefield and have enough resources, you can do more than 8 damage and your opponent won't be able to block it.

Mos Eisley Spaceport - Tatooine + Hunker Down - with this combo, when one of your characters is maxed on shields, you can use the battlefield to reequip Hunker Down on another character and gain a resource.

Commanding Presence's combined with is a really powerfull way to prevent your oponnent from rerolling or removing your Most oponnent will be surprised since they're probably thinking you'll combine it with or

How to use some cards:

Squad Tactics - if your opponent has two / dice you want to remove, you can activate both of your guardian characters at once.

The Best Defense... - don't be scared to split some damage on Captain Phasma - Elite Trooper to keep your guardian characters alive longer

Disarm - I usually use Disarm to remove cards such as Sith Holocron especially if I have a useless + left

Aftermath - drop this support early in the game when your opponent doesn't have any you want to remove

Tactical Mastery - if you have , you can turn your to / and resolve them immediately.

By the way, don't forget Guavian Enforcer's and Imperial Discipline's ability

Use the redeploy weapons to your advantage and enjoy ;) - Please leave feedback in the comments if you enjoyed or you would replace anything!


ddanblack 57

Imperial discipline can't be played on guavian enforcer its red character only. Also bait a switch makes guavian have 5 damage sides and also works on trooper and phasma. I'm not keen on the 1 copy of aftermath its a big ask to draw it early and will only net you 2 resources.

the BEAST 25

@ddanblack I never said to equip imperial discipline on the guavian enforcer, I just mentioned not to forget it's ability... I do like bait and switch but I'm not sure what to replace. Also, aftermath only sais "after a character is defeated", so I assume you also get a resource after an opponent character is defeated as well.

ddanblack 57

@the BEAST ahh sorry i read that worng. very interesting about aftermath i have always read that card as your characters.

Kobold Ranger 1

@the BEAST I've tried out your deck and it has proven quite successful during a small friendly tournament. The deck went undefated. It performed very well against a Poe Dameron - Ace Pilot/Maz Kanata - Pirate Queen deck. The guardian key word really helped to divide the damage eaqually between the 3 characters. Then the deck defeated a Darth Vader - Sith Lord/Tusken Raider deck. I was able to use 2 Disarm cards early in the game to take away 2 Vibroknife cards. Finally, the deck defeated the Rey - Force Prodigy/Qui-Gon Jinn - Ataru Master deck. I was able to use your deadly combo suggestion Tactical Mastery and We Have Them Now together to deal 6 damage to win the game. Great job on this deck. I was surprised at how well it performed!

the BEAST 25

@Kobold Ranger I'm happy that my deck worked well for you... my newest changes are 1x Endless Ranks over 1x Flank and 1x Bait and Switch over 1x Tactical Mastery