Unkar's Misfits

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None. Self-made deck here.
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Unkar's Misfits 6 6 1 2.0

Temelin 202

Check out the Destiny Council on YouTube.

Our first podcast at: http://swdestiny.com/brand-new-star-wars-destiny-podcast-destiny-council/

And a short deck tech for this deck at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GZtJUc9qg58&t=29s


Big_Campy 28

This deck doesn't seem great. I beat it handily with eQuigon eRey. Go back to the drawing board.

Temelin 202

As I said in the article, Quigon Rey is the deck's worst matchup. Unfortunately every deck is going to have good and bad matchups.

Temelin 202

rofugos 1

So much fun to play! Not so much for your opponent :P

supercanuck 26

I love this deck. It's fun to play and a real challenge to pilot well. My meta is almost completely aggro with a lot of decks that dish damage quick. Without Armor Plating can this deck consistently survive long enough to mill? I don't have Armor Plating yet.