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Toeko 51

This is my take on eDooku/eVentress, currently I am 10 -3 with this deck in tournament play. Tournament reports will be at the end.


Moisture Farm works for me, I claim quite often and having that extra resource helps me. I am not completely sold on it, I think another battle field could be better but this is working so I'm keeping it for now.


eDooku - Same old durable man, because ventress has such a target on her, and most people know not to focus dooku first because of his ability he performs much the same role he always has. Build upgrades up on him because he will be the closer.

eVentress - She is frail, but her ability makes her deceptively survivable similarly to Dooku. Almost any given hand you will have 1 card you want to discard for re-rolls because it doesn’t fit into the current game state, and then you usually have 1 that you are willing to discard if need be. The other 3 usually are cards that you don’t want to discard. Her ability puts the opponent into a tough spot, and I’ve seen a player give up on their dice and claim because they didn’t want to lose their hand, which is a two fold benefit because they tell you they have things they want in your hand and you can finish the turn unmolested.

Between the Characters 4 dice, you have 4 focus sides, 8 damage sides, 2 discard, 2 disrupt and 4 resources. With just character dice you can win, even if it will be a hard fought battle.


Makashi Training, and Vibroknife are the two offensive cards in the upgrade suit. They are self explanatory I feel.

Force Speed and Lure of Power are utility, Force speed helps with the speed of the deck (surprise!) allowing us to keep up with some of the traditional speedy decks. More often than not I use force speed as a psuedo All In. Lure of Power is a great card, it can discard the opponent's hand, give us some extra money, give us a super focus, or the extra oomph to take out a character.

Force Illusion and Now I am the Master are the defensive cards. Ventress will get hurt, and go down quick, Illusion gives her the little bit of staying power she needs. Now I am the Master is a part of what I’ve been calling the Anger Engine and I will discuss that farther down.


One Off’s - All In because I haven’t had consistency problems with my dice, and usually it’s only one or two dice I need to switch over so as I mentioned above Force Speed takes care of that for me, but I still like having one in the deck just in case. Boundless Ambition - Because sometimes it is amazing to be able to draw back up to full during the turn, sometimes it is a dead draw. But I am happy with it at one in the deck. Price of Failure - Can’t use two with only 2 characters. . . Trust your Instincts - Rarely do I need a “mass” re-roll, but I like this card mainly as a free draw

Power of the Force, No Mercy, Force Strike are offensive and self explanatory. The deck does 4-6 damage reliably, with spikes occasionally these cards allow me to get the burst I need for the bigger characters. I’ve used normal dice to trigger a second chance and then Force Strike + No Mercy to finish them off out of nowhere as my opponent said.

Mulligan I have no dead set strategy to mulligan, My "Perfect" starting hand would be Force Speed and Vibroknife, And a No Mercy to start Round 2 with. Otherwise you just got to go for it based off your opponent. Slower decks I prefer to see Now I am the Master and some "Anger" cards. Fast decks Force Speed and either Makashi or Vibro. It really all depends.

The Anger Engine The engine is built around Ventress, Now I am the Master, and Manipulate. Ventress makes it hard for an opponent to reroll, Manipulate and Now I am the Master give the opponent blanks. Then Feel your Anger and Anger are used to capitalize on the blanks. It works well enough that I really like it.

Tournament Reports current as of 5/18/17

First Tournament went 5-0

First Game against Kylo/2x Trooper They were a new player, which I didn’t find out till after the game. I ended up God rolling and winning my second action of Turn 3. I managed to kill Kylo first round, and then the troopers just quickly followed.

Second Game Han/Rey The Anger Engine and my opponent’s dice deciding to rebel won me this game. This was a long game, he mitigated a lot of my damage but he wasn’t able to reroll/get numbers to finish me off. Play of the game was doing enough to trigger Second Chance and then Force Strike to a 2 melee side and followed up with No Mercy on that die for the win.

Third Game Vader/Raider I No Mercy nuked vader turn one and ended up doing 9 to him in total. Turn 2 I killed Vader but not before Ventress Died. After that It was Dooku versus Raider so I ended up taking it.

Fourth Game Palpatine I went into this game without respecting Palp’s and it almost lost me the game. My opponent couldn’t seem to get any equipment, palp had a Holocron on him for 3 turns before I managed to kill him. He also used his discard side to good effect. I was able to spread his damage out well enough that he didn’t kill either character but neither were in good shape.

Fifth Game Luke/Rey This game only lasted 3 turns as well but it was a bloodbath, I lost Ventress beginning of 2 and I killed Rey right after that, The only reason I ended up winning is because he loaded rey up with upgrades and I had loaded Dooku up with mine so it was 3 upgrade dooku versus no upgrade luke.

Second Tournament went 3-1

Game one eKylo/eVader(SoR) This game basically came down to the fact that I got Vibroknife and he didn’t. I hadn’t encountered eVader before so I wasn’t prepared for his massive damage output but the 1 damage he kept dealing himself is what ended up sealing the deal as I was able to Anger his damage back into him.

Game two eIG-88/Deathtrooper It was interesting, but I managed to overwhelm and down IG-88 begining of 2 and then killed the trooper end of 2. He wasn’t prepared for Ventress, and he didn’t reroll because he wanted to keep his hand for some reason. I managed to get Both No Mercy’s at the beginning of each turn which sealed the win.

Game three Poe/Rey It counts, but yea, he got a phone call as we ended turn 1 and had to run. So I won this on technicality. I’m pretty sure he would have one this, he managed to nuke Dooku hard turn one and after mitigation Dooku had 3 left. I also didn’t get any Offensive cards.

Game four Unkar/Trooper/Trooper Imperial Inspection hurts this deck a lot. The game went very long but his death trooper managed to kill off dooku beginning of turn 5. He had 3 health left and I had 2. So It was a very close came but Imperial Inspection is really good.

Store Championship

First Game Vader/Raider I lost this one, he nuked Ventress turn 1, and I didn't really get anything solid to counter. Dooku lived until round 3, but Vader had 1 health left and Raider unscathed. In hindsight I'm not sure I made any bad moves, but no offensive cards hurt, and I wasn't able to get the Anger engine going.

Second Game eJynn/Ackbar*** I got the Anger Engine rolling turn one, and I completely shut him down. But I wasn't able to get Lure, Makashi or Vibroknife until late game, and I rolled multiple blanks with no focus every turn. He ended up winning on Mill, but it was self inflected, he only milled me for 4 cards in total, with the last 2 being what he needed to win. I managed to kill eJynn, but I had to wade through 4 Second chances and at least 3 Special Operative specials, in the end I did about 40 damage to her. In total he was only able to due 4 damage to me, 2 from ackbars effect and 2 from Special operatives melee side, the Anger Engine mitigated everything else, and ventress shut down his re-rolls.

Third Game Kylo/Trooper/Tuskan I got Vibroknife and Force speed in my opening hand along with manipulate and Anger. I started off strong and was able to have to do 8 to kylo turn one and use his stormtroopers two. I kille Kylo and the Trooper turn 2 with No Mercy and natural rolls. Tuskan followed turn 3. He was a newer player and I didn't find out until after the game and I kinda felt bad because I got pretty close to perfect everything, but we talked and he was a good sport.

Fouth Game eJynn/Ackbar Won't lie, I went into this scared of second chance. But the dice pulled through for me and I was able to destroy Jynn turn one with amazing rolls and No Mercy. Ackbar lived until 4 as the dice gods realized there mistake from round 1 and didn't wana help me out. But I pulled out the win in the end.

Ended the day 2-2 and in 12th place out of 25.


Game one Poe/Maz I won this game, he didn't roll well and I had my battlefield so I didn't take as much damage as I probably should have. But No Mercy once again clutched me the win. I managed to Drop Poe turn 2 and then Maz followed shortly after

Game two Poe/Maz (must have been my birthday) This game was much different, he managed to get both hit and runs plus all the cards he needed. I managed to drop Poe before he killed either character but they were both very low on life ( Dooku 3/Ventress 2). He played a rocket launcher and Thermal on Maz as my dice shit the bed, and with Planetary Uprising was able to seal the deal. I didn't get a No mercy until it was too late.

I am really thinking No Mercy for the high Burst on Poe and some discard is what is needed to beat the deck. I didn't feel helpless or completely blown out so that is a plus. The anger engine has almost no effect against Poe, especially if he has throne room. I'm going to look into putting Close Quarters Assault into the deck, mainly for Poe decks but with Ventress and the anger engine it could be a nice addition. Most likely I will drop Lure of Power for it, I try to get upgrades out early and then spend money on control the rest of the time and every time I have drawn lure of power unless it is my only upgrade I usually ditch it, so while in theory I really like it in here so far I haven't really been playing it.

Game three my opponent dropped as we were walking to the table, and the tournament went four rounds but because it was late I decided to drop as well.

*** So Second Chance looping seems to be a hot topic, after playing against it I understand the hate, and my god do I hate that card so much, it single handily lost me a spot in the top 8, if not top 4. BUT!!!!! I do like it because it helps hero decks that wouldn't be viable otherwise see play.

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