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JeremiahBlitz 77

Hi All,

Im presenting here my updated Phasma deck-list. Basis is a standard ePhasma/Bala/Trooper but with some additions that ill go through below;

Changes and Choices

Bala Tik -> Guavian Enforcer
More health, a second guardian, more damage and an arguably more useful ability to crack through shields. Also synergies very well with both Squad tactics and Bait and Switch.

Imperial Discipline
A free focus every turn to damage or resource.

Bait and Switch
More free focuses to damage. Gives the Guavian 5(!) damage sides and an extra damage side each to both the Stormtrooper and Phasma.

Squad Tactics
Double guardian means that when you Squad tactics you allow for both of them to activate getting rid of 2 damage dice in the single action.

The Best Defense vs He Doesn't Like You and Electroshock
I'm finding more and more of a need for dice removal before I've activated my characters. Two copies of The best defense and Flank are the ideal candidates for this. Electroshock is down to 1 because of the need for Yellow characters on the field (which can be problematic late game) and He Doesn't Like You is down to 1 because I need to physically have dice in my pool to use it (Not so good when your opponent activates first, and there is a dice you need to get rid of immediately).

Mulligan Strategy

In my opening hand I'm looking for Redeployables for the Stormtrooper or the Guavian (Holdout Blaster being ideal due to the 1 cost). Aside from this Hunker Down and any combination of dice removal is ideal for the early control.

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the BEAST 1072

I posted my version of an ePhasma/Trooper/Guavian deck: I have a few differences but the main thing is that I have some Disarm instead of Bait and Switch