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Zaqir 18

The deck forgoes the normal attempts at Palp, whereas most try all out aggression and damage, this deck slows it down just a bit to be more controlling. Dark Presence and the Interrogation Droid are major. In fact Dark Presence may be the best card in the deck. The key to beating Palp is his dice, instead of just putting them out there you try and remove/discard/control those effects.

The true star in this deck is potentially Pulling the Strings, you can use it to dig if you need to find a key card or dig through the deck for Premonitions.

Overconfidence is really great if used right, the same with Doubt, they key is the situation, IE doubt on a Rocket Launcher at the right time is amazing.

Problems:Guardian is the biggest weakness at times as it is a dice control method that is hard to handle.

It does well vs most anything but Poe/Maz i would say is still an underdog if they get Fast Hands and roll well, still not as bad as you think, Pulling the Strings is amazing here again. Also Rise again and Force Illusion can buy you the time (might even go up to 2 x Force Illusions)

Mos Eisley is the battlefield that benefits us the most and usually doesn't help the opponent since you play a bit slower.


Foz 905

Force Illusion is a terrible risk to take in concert with Premonitions. If you flush your 2nd Premonitions with it, that probably straight up loses you the game. I think you basically have to commit to doing one or the other, or you will inevitably lose things you need into the discard.

Doubt is an interesting choice and may be better than I thought - even if the die comes up on a big damage side again, they must resolve it separate from the rest of the pool, which in many cases can break a large string of modified sides that would have went with it. The interaction with pay sides is also intriguing.

I don't see how Interrogation Droid can possibly pull its weight. I get that you're trying to disrupt removal with it, I just don't think it does enough for 2. I'd much rather see Mind Trick most of the time, for instance. I would love to play hand disruption in a Palpatine build, but I don't think this card is reliable enough to fill that role.

Zaqir 18

Hey thank's for the feedback. Force Illusion is a risk but since it is a "may" you can hold off until you are really desperate. I agree though.

Doubt has been so good, it "can" backfire at times but the fact is if you use it wisely the math is in your favor most of the time and it can break up modified things.

I also agree on Droid by itself appears to cost a bit too much but it is REALLY powerful, just rolling out the dice to get a peek is info, the instant return the dice to get rid of an event even if a blank is rolled is AMAZING. With Dark Presence the main issue is mainly tempo but quite often getting rid of a card and a dice pays for the card in Spades. if you get 2 Dark Presence it is just wonderful.

Foz 905

You also mentioned Overconfidence which I played some with, and didn't think was all that great. So you can use it on two opponent dice which typically means you remove the weaker of two dice (IMO not as good as a 1-cost remove a die of your choice event, which there are plenty of), or on 1 of your own and one of your opponent's dice. Palp's dice are strong, but you still have a 1/6 change to roll a blank and lose your die. That chance to remove your own dice sucks a lot, so I can't believe this card would actually be better than other options. Can you elaborate on how you think it's better?

Zaqir 18

Again I am trying to play the numbers with Overconfidence, it is rather varied in how you can use it. You can play it as a straight removal option hoping to get a break, reroll 2 dice and get rid of 1. You can use it as a reroll in away. Its rather diverse and I find quite powerful. Hell it works on Tie Pilots even :) I am playing a bit of a gamble at times but I feel it never ends up as a true dead card compared to some other removal.

KyLOLZ_Ren 1

I would swap the battlefield and use Throne Room.

Zaqir 18

Why? I am not going all out aggro fast, in fact most times my goal is to try and clear your hand to try and create a safer situation to use my dice. I rather the battlefield provide me a benefit at times while not truly giving one to the other side and this one does the job.

Foz 905

Oh right, I remember now why Doubt isn't in my build - it's colorless. Anti-synergy with No Mercy. No mercy is situational enough as is, it loses even more value if you will sometimes end up unable to fully utilize it due to non-blue cards showing up. Not that I'm saying you should omit Doubt, mind you - your build is more controlling than mine, you should probably drop your 1 No Mercy instead since you have 4 non-blue cards.

If you are set on being control, I also don't see that Use The Force is the best choice. This card is typically a damage-oriented choice, functioning somewhat like Force Strike would in a Vader list. Granted it has a little more utility than that, but it's bad for controlling enemy dice and I don't see that you have a lot of uses for it that don't just do damage.

I find the omission of Mind Trick in a control list surprising. It makes huge plays, and in a slower deck I expect it's bound to do a lot of work for you. I would at least test with it, I bet you will end up liking it.

So sticking with the framework you're trying to run, my changes would probably be -1 Force Illusion, -1 No Mercy, -2 Use The Force, +2 Feel Your Anger, +2 Mind Trick.

It's not so much that the cards I suggest to cut are bad, they just don't jive so well with some other things you're running, or the style of your deck.

Zaqir 18

I agree, I am on the fence on Illusion, Feel your anger again is...well i hate conditions on my removal, i rather gamble then have to hope you get blanks for me to then do something and with tie pilot, feel your anger doesn't do it. No Mercy is a somewhat valid point but you can set up hands also with pulling the strings. Mind Trick is an interesting choice, i might try it. Use the force is slow but is multi purpose, i can stop your dice or fix mine in a pinch.

sinrin 164

I don't think I've actually seen one Palpatine deck that tries to go all out damage. It only makes sense to go control since he already has damage and a low health pool, but what people fail to realize is that aggro cards can be used for control in this game, too. If you just need two more damage to kill a character and remove half of the board state, that's pretty effective control, actually. Midrange is where Palpatine shines, in my opinion.

ntsekov 95

No Feel Your Anger? Works a bit random sometimes, but it has the potential to ruin a whole turn for someone.

xinquisitor666x 1

I tried this deck on TTS and was told that dark presence only triggers from first roll and not rerolls. If that is correct, it makes this deck non-viable imo.

ntsekov 95

@xinquisitor666x, I don't see how this could be true. "Reroll" is not described as different term regarding the dice rolling, in fact there is nothing to suggest how dice rolling shold work in the rules :)

xinquisitor666x 1

@ntsekov I agree but what can u do on tts.

ntsekov 95

@xinquisitor666x - no, they are not rolls

Zaqir 18

Dark Presence works when you ROLL a discard, it does not care if it is a reroll. You can't Focus into a discard to trigger it but if you rolled the dice then it can trigger.

Toonz 1

Roll and Re Roll are defined as the same thing in the rules directly.