MM Hired guns

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RafLarkin 19

This deck is slow but can survive a lot of damage. The strategy is to get one of the big supports on the first turn, i found that is very easy to do it. So you mulligan for one 5 point cards and goggles, data pad or C3PO. Most of your dices have 2 sides for resources. C3PO has a lot of room to shine in this deck. most of the turns you play slow and don't worry about the opponent's dices. Play your 1 cost upgrades on HG then you would be able to replace them for 2 for Second Chances. They will not use their removal on 1 resource :). And then you got Falcon and U-wing out. You can use Agbar here also but i like the 2 focus sides of mothma and a shield. The damage goes from Hired guns and supports. You have good dices and win Battlefield most of the time. If you decide to get shields then use ascension gun to recycle you Ammo belts and Second Chance. This combo really gives this deck a chance with a lot of agro decks right now. If you play with Poo/Maz just give them this battlefield, because with graveyard they will recycle the falcon or thermal. The cards that can be changed are Hunker Down, Supply Line and maybe some events. I play Cheat as a recycling card and I think in current meta I should play 2 sabotage to get rid of low cost supports that are more popular wright now and C3PO's. Would like to hear you coments on this list

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