Bountiful Denial (Choke Support Build w/ Guide v2.0)

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This is my SOR deck I've been working on for a while, and will continue to make tweaks and adjustments to. For the moment though, I'm very happy with it, and enjoy playing it.

It's a deck that quickly sets the pace to deny resources, and mitigate your opponent's damage potential. All while generating enough resources to facilitate a mid-game damage burst through supports and troopers.

Support Mid-Late Game Build:

eUnkar, Stormtrooper, Deathtrooper (or other 8-10 point chars)

Tons of 8-10 point characters have their merits in this build. I personally prefer the Deathtrooper as it is more hardy, has a better die for Unkar's Action Ability, initiative roll, better damage sides, and a disrupt side for extra chances to proc imperial inspection.

I'd go into details about different character choices requiring slightly different builds. However this guide is long as it is.

So you look at this deck and probably wonder “What exactly am I supposed to be doing?” Well the deck itself is designed to slow the game down to a crawl for your opponent. While ramping yourself into consistent upgrades and damage supports.

I'll be honest. This is a hell of a lot of words. The TL;DR is non-existent, so you can just give it a whirl on your own.

However if you're confused by how it works the write-up below will help. This type of deck is very complex, with a lot of moving parts. Remember no deck beats everything, and you'll have the occasional game where things just don't go the way you want. If you're experiencing difficulty in most games then read the guide. The write-up below will help you minimize problems, and help you understand the potential of this deck. I'm consistently placing top table or winning the local tournaments with this deck.


95% of your matchups you will hard Mulligan for Imperial Inspection and Local Garrison. These two cards in conjunction with Unkar, and the amount of disruption, will make it exceedingly difficult for your opponent to get upgrades in play. No matter how great your opponent's character dice are, they're typically easy to control.

After you have those two cards, your secondary keeps are Salvage Stand and control cards. If you're playing a super damaging elite character like Poe Dameron - Ace Pilot, Darth Vader - Sith Lord or Palpatine - Galactic Emperor keeping The Best Defense... before Mulligan is highly recommended.

First Round:

Get Imperial Inspection down! Try not to roll in Unkar until this has happened. You have about a 56% chance to hit a disrupt side with eUnkar. So be sure to take advantage of that. This is how you get your opponent to lose resources starting round one.

Your second priority is to start generating resources. Your primary goal is to play Local Garrison before the end of the round. Rolling in your chars should net you with either enough value on dice to mill a card for money or get money naturally.

I personally always try to use Unkar’s action mill in the first round. Arguably even skipping out on the damage potential of your troopers. The reason is, because most of the time your opponent will be holding something strong with decent value in the first round. It also reduces their ability to reroll.

Following Turns:

By turn two your opponent should not have more than one resource, and you should be starting with 3+ on average in my experience.

At this point it's all very much the same each round. They try to get out upgrades, you roll in Unkar, then mperial inspection the cheap upgrades they can afford. This greatly disrupts their flow limiting them to character dice.

You on the other hand should be getting out your upgrades or supports with little trouble. Put your redeployable upgrades on Unkar, as he'll be their primary target. That's totally fine, by time they kill him usually around round 4 his job has been done. You will usually have at least 2 upgrades on him to move to the next damage dealer. Along with 2-3 supports adding big damage potential. Be sure to continue disrupting with Outpost before rolling in the big guns. Remember that no resources prevents the majority of their control options.

So now I'll discuss the specific choices I made. Offering some reasons and uses.


Why are there upgrades, what's the point of 4 upgrades? Well simply put two have redeploy, resource sides and multiple 2 value sides. The other two are heavy hitting threat generators. They lend themselves well to the whole point of this deck. Which is to generate resources through either mill action or resource sides. Then in the mid to late game, lay down the hurt. The other reason is there simply isn't enough good damaging vehicles for villains. Even with the release of SoR in my opinion.

The resource sides suddenly mean a lot with bait and switch. Allowing you to do a bit of sideways damage.

Alternatively if you're not interested in supports, and like the stability and speed offered by upgrades. You can follow my below recommendations and utilize F-11D Rifle, and Z6 Riot Control Baton to speed up your damage ramp. Without the need to rely either on super high resource generation or Friends in High Places. It's very likely a superior variant in a fast meta.

I typically favor the redeploy weapons, and is why I listed them in my first iteration. However, in a bit of irony, a portion of my meta has realized the power of Unkar and Imperial Inspection. So I've moved to 2x Rocket Launchers instead of the F-11D Rifle for several reasons. One, it can't be bounced by Imperial Inspection. Two it puts a huge target on your Deathtrooper. This makes for a higher value Endless Ranks, which I now have two of because of the chance of discarding one through Friends in High Places. Three Friends in High Places value. Multiple 3+ value sides make this always a useful tool. Regardless if you have the resources to pay and resolve it. The Z6 Riot Control Baton does not bring the same threat potential to force your opponent to hard switch since it has redeploy and less damage potential.


Since this game came to my attention I wanted support ships to work. I loved the idea of having an ,AT-ST rolling in and laying waste to characters in one shot. But there's a problem with supports. They're slow, expensive and easy to control. Right?

Well what if your opponent has no money, no force throw, no immobilize… Think they'll still find that 5 damage die easy to control?

Slave I -

More consistent damage sides, with a special that doesn't kill itself, and a resource side for bait and switch shenanigans. It's two resources cheaper to boot. Talk about value! You'll want 2 copies to get it out consistently early. The other will just provide you with rerolls, which is never a bad thing to have Mid-Late game.

Outpost -

Another big Imperial Inspection initiator. 33% chance to hit . This comes in handy late game with a loss of Unkar. Along with a focus side and a battlefield claim ability that goes well with your battlefield, or with the really powerful claims in SoR like Carbon-freezing Chamber - Bespin. Running 2 is not out of contention, a one of is just my preference. At some point you'll run into diminishing returns on Imperial Inspection and disrupt sides. You absolutely need to get this card on the board before Unkar dies.


Confiscation -

Using confiscation intelligently​ is crucial. Depending on your matchups you could run into times where you're unable to mitigate their resource generation. Maybe they get off a Second Chance or a Force Throw. Wait until they roll out their upgrade and it poses an actual threat. Or if you know they'll have second chance, save it for their ultimate demise. Sure you can spend multiple turns attempting to get a char to 1 health, or just spend 3 resources on Confiscation, and kill them outright...

Bait and Switch -

It's unfortunately not always useful, but when it is, it is so good. Imagine upon rolling out you have + modifiers on all of your , a showing on Slave I, and a normal 2 showing on Storm Trooper. Your opponent will mitigate that 2, thinking all is well. Then boom, Bait and Switch change Slave I's to a side and resolve all your damage against your primary target.

Or early game perhaps you're not getting the sides you need. You definitely will roll on Unkar if not . You can change to and resolve, before your opponent thinks to pay for something. Or perhaps do it before you start rolling out damage to prevent costly removal.

Endless Ranks -

7-10 Health late game for resources you're gonna have. Need I say more? You'll spend time removing dice with The Best Defense... essentially killing your own dudes. Only knowing you have this as a backup. Also increased this back to 2 copies. Due primarily to the new addition below, potentially discarding one of your copies early.

Friends in High Places -

A new addition in this list. I am not entirely sold on if I'm to be frank. It adds a bit of a casino element to the deck that makes it more exciting. It is almost crazy how good it feels to play an AT-ST round 1, or Endless Ranks late game for free. However, that same randomness can cost you a game. For now though, I'm including it until the randomness becomes more often a hindrance.

The rest of the events are typical control stuff. You should know what to do with em.

Honorable Mentions & Substitutions - First Order TIE Fighter, Astromech, Quadjumper, Z6 Riot Control Baton, Jetpack, Aftermath, Salvo, and probably about 10 others. I especially miss the tie fighters, but their 1 sides just make them too cost ineffective. You should play with them all. What I posted was simply my original preferred list that is doing well in my current meta.

Conclusions​ and alternative style builds:

I hope you found this helpful, and enjoy builds like this as much as I do. I really like decks that mess with folks and force them to play my game.

This can be modified to a mill win condition using cards like Loose Ends. Instead of damage upgrades/supports using your discard centric upgrades like Blackmail, Con Artist, Cunning etc. Tie Pilotand Tusken Raider both have 3 value sides that turn into and generation with Unkar ;) Seen here Choke n' Steal

Also alternatively you can do a build around FN-2199 - Loyal Trooper, focusing heavily on damage upgrades instead of support vehicles. Seen here Choke n' Poke

And lastly you can just scrap the whole support vehicles idea, and just go with all of the redeployable upgrades. It works, it's cool, but not nearly as fun for me. +2 F-11D Rifle, +2 Z6 Riot Control Baton -AT-ST, -Friends in High Places. As seen here Choke n' Poke 2.0

All the above builds do good, and were fun, but I just like to get big supports on the board darnit!

Either way a controlling build like this can be a tough deck to recover with if you get off to a really poor start vs super fast decks. Don't get discouraged, just roll less 6's and draw better next time bro. ;)

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