Bountiful Denial (Choke n' Poke 2.0)

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Palabrewtis 368

This is my SOR base build idea I've been working on for a while, and will continue to make tweaks and adjustments to. For the moment though, I'm very happy with it, and enjoy playing it, and it's many variants.

It's a deck that quickly sets the pace to deny resources, and mitigate your opponent's damage potential. All while generating enough resources to facilitate a mid-game damage burst through upgrades and troopers.

Upgrades Mid-Game Build:

eUnkar, Stormtrooper, Deathtrooper (or other 8-10 point chars)


95% of your matchups you will hard Mulligan for Imperial Inspection and Local Garrison. These two cards in conjunction with Unkar, and the amount of disruption, will make it exceedingly difficult for your opponent to get upgrades in play. No matter how great your opponent's character dice are, they're typically easy to control.

After you have those two cards, your secondary keeps are Salvage Stand and control cards. If you're playing a super damaging elite character like Poe Dameron - Ace Pilot, Darth Vader - Sith Lord or Palpatine - Galactic Emperor keeping The Best Defense... before Mulligan is highly recommended.

First Round:

Get Imperial Inspection down! Try not to roll in Unkar until this has happened. You have about a 56% chance to hit a disrupt side with eUnkar. So be sure to take advantage of that. This is how you get your opponent to lose resources starting round one.

Your second priority is to start generating resources. Your primary goal is to play Local Garrison before the end of the round. Rolling in your chars should net you with either enough value on dice to mill a card for money or get money naturally.

I personally always try to use Unkar’s action mill in the first round. Arguably even skipping out on the damage potential of your troopers. The reason is, because most of the time your opponent will be holding something strong with decent value in the first round. It also reduces their ability to reroll.

Following Turns:

By turn two your opponent should not have more than one resource, and you should be starting with 3+ on average in my experience.

At this point it's all very much the same each round. They try to get out upgrades, you roll in Unkar, then imperial inspection the cheap upgrades they can afford. This greatly disrupts their flow limiting them to character dice.

You on the other hand should be getting out your upgrades with little trouble. Put your redeployable upgrades on Unkar, as he'll be their primary target. That's totally fine, by time they kill him usually around round 4 his job has been done. You will usually have at least 2-3 upgrades on him to move to the next damage dealer. Be sure to continue disrupting with Outpost before rolling in the big guns. Remember that no resources prevents the majority of their control options.

Where did fast hands go?

There have been some drops made in this latest build. The biggest one being Fast Hands. The card is still very good with Unkar, and adds early game consistency. However, I feel with the direction the meta is moving here, the control options are too important to lose. If you feel like you can afford space for it, then I would say definitely give it a try.

Just keep in mind a controlling build like this can be a tough deck to recover with if you get off to a really poor start vs super fast decks. Don't get discouraged, just roll less 6's and draw better next time bro. ;)


vir0 13

Replacement for 2x rocket launcher?

Palabrewtis 368

Hey @vir0. The Rocket Launcher is a really important piece of your late game damage, and it's difficult to replace in this build. However, options to consider include Jetpack, a second DT-29 Heavy Blaster Pistol, Flame Thrower, DH-17 Blaster Pistol or even Training. Just know all the 1-2 cost upgrades will struggle against mirror, which is why you want to try and get some more 3 cost options. I'd likely go Flame Thrower.

ntsekov 95

Completely dependent on Imperial Inspection (which I didn't draw 3-4 turns for 2 games) and as an extension - Local Garrison. Other than that it's fairly solid deck. Lost some games against eVader/Raider, they can dish out some good damage between bounces and if they manage to kill Unkar in round one or early in round 2 it's over even w/o upgrades on Vader.

I don't get the Z6 Riot Control Baton role, except for the redelpoy? The die is obliously lacking synergy, and the damage is not that much...

And I'd suggest Jetpack, which not only adds good damage and +3 source for Unkar, bit it also has a disrupt side.

ntsekov 95

@vir0 - try IQA-11 Blaster Rifle, much easier card to find and synergizes with Imperial Inspection and Bait and Switch.

@Palabrewtis - just got an idea - Closing the Net helps mitigate choked elites and makes you immune to pure discard losses (can't help vs. mill, but still, a card not lost to discard pile). Not that I can find space for it right now, may be cut one Endless ranks as I ended up with them and no resources few times.

redki 1

Did you try to fitAmistades en los bajos fondos? That card is huge in conjuction with Unkar´s action,

Palabrewtis 368

Hey@redki, the redeployable aspect to the weapons is pretty important as characters will likely die. While it pulls away from synergy slightly, it does offer pretty consistent damage. 2-3 (4-6 w/2) damage is still worthwhile to squeeze in and lose an action for. It's ability to reroll itself is just great for consistency.

Friends in Low Places is a very solid card with Unkar. I simply preferred more die removal. A big aspect to the success of this against your Vader/Poe and other strong damage decks is getting rid of their dice very liberally. I will regularly use my dice control cards before they even roll out a damage. Those decks have too many ways to change their die, and resolve. I also found that knowing what's in my opponents hand, rarely changed the plan to Plutt them. As I'd do it regardless to get cards out of their hand for reroll / control potential. Granted that would be an extra card. I think this just ultimately came to my personal preference.

And yes the deck prefers to get an Imperial Inspection and preforms much better with it. Which is why we hard mulligan for it and the others. That's the reason we have Local Garrison, Salvage Stand and Confiscation. All add consistency in your early game choke. You should always be able to get at least one or two if you mulligan. Otherwise it's bad luck for sure. Thankfully you have good control options as a backup.

Hey @ntsekov, No I've not tried Closing the Net for a while now. It just seems like a less effective option than other removal that allows me to decide what gets removed. And it's designed to mitigate loss potential against a deck that I feel struggles already against this build in my experience. The confiscations for second chance, and all the bouncing off con artists, cunning, scouts etc. Along with denying $ for Loose Ends and such. It's very rare I have difficulty vs those types of mill.

The IQA-11 Blaster Rifle is a good suggestion as well. @vir0

Jorgyn Ryys 101

You NEED fast hands in this deck.

Palabrewtis 368

Heh. I was surprised when I felt fast hands was the biggest under-preformer in testing. You don't need it for the troopers, cause there are too many +modifiers. You typically won't want to resolve a gun side by itself immediately. So that leaves just Unkar.

The other tools are good enough to choke their resources without fast hands on Unkar. Being able to use the disrupt sides for He Doesn't Like You or Plutt's action. It would add a slight bit more early game consistency, but I'm happy with where I'm at on my average mulligan. So in the end Fast hands really only helps with Z6 Riot Control Baton to reduce an action with split damage.