Aurra Unchained 7-0 Tournament Winner

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ordinaryjedi 812


The key to this deck is literally getting Aurra to Sing as quickly as possible. Having 2 dice, she will be the obvious first target.

Hard mulligan for Fast Hands & Holdout Blaster. Play Fast Hands on Aurra and Holdout Blaster on Jango.

Start to load up Jango after this for back up when Aurra goes down. Make sure to load Aurra with Personal Shield as soon as its available. With any luck, you should be able to roll out between 6-8 damage in round 1. If possible, use any event cards to knock out your opponents character early in the 2nd round.

By round 3 or 4 you should be looking to use Fight Dirty & Armed to the Teeth to dish out the final damage you need. Don't be afraid to discard these cards early game as you can then use Cheat to bring them back.

Try and save 1 resource per round to help you out in rounds 3 & 4 for any last minute purchasing you might have to do.

Flexible cards are Relentless Pursuit and Infamous with possible inclusions of Back Up Muscle and He Doesn't Like You or 1/4 Portions. Battlefield could also be changed to something neutral like docking bay.


Earman22 104

I love this combo. I'm a firm believer in it. I've had a ton of luck. You can check out my list Sing'ing Jango! I've been playing with it for a few weeks and have been mowing through most builds. I went with a little cheaper approach, copying the Vader/Raider strategy as far as discarding (Aurra's ability) and a bunch of 0's. I think these two can put up a good fight with any other combo out there. Nice to see someone else put these two together.

BigDaddyGoblyn 295

Is On The Hunt very important in this Deck? Seems to me you have enough mitigation over all, that maybe you could switch it out for Infamous? I also notice that you are running 2 Reversal, would you not want only one? Seems there are a lot of Cards here that you are running 2 copies of where 1 would work. Your running Cheat, that allows you to expand your Cards with using 1 copy and digging from Discard for another use if needed. Over all I really like the direction of this Deck and congrats on your win!

ordinaryjedi 812

@Earman22``@BigDaddyGoblynthanks for your feedback guys.

On the Hunt was placed in as a support dice for the option of resolving Fight Dirty end game when needed but you are correct, it is not overly important. I would love to add in vibroknucklers but for a 3 cost, i just can't justify its place.

I have found Reversal has been useful for me in most of the games I have played as towards end game when I have 4 or 5 resources built up. If unused it becomes an easy choice for discarding on Aurras ability early game.

I am going to be adding Infamous back in as you can't deny its usefulness in speed in this deck even though I believe its half mitigated with Fast Hands.

As for Thermal Detonators, they are purely in there to work with Ace in the Hole, mainly as some form of counter to spam decks and to some extent Poe/Maz and then possibly using Relentless Pursuit to move some of that damage to finish off a character easily however I feel like I might be overcomplicating it with this and the speed might not allow for it (however having Infamous again might counter this).

I'm going try removing Reversal and somehow fit in Back Up Muscle and Infamous and play that tonight to see how it goes.

michaelius 8

What could replace Thermal Detonator if you were doing budget friendly version ?

ordinaryjedi 812

@michaelius I wasn't previously running Thermal Detonator and arguable i had more success running a more budget friendly version. I've just come from my weekly tournament and was beat 2 - 1 just due to poor dice rolling.

I got 2 chances to roll out Thermal Detonator/Ace in the Hole combo and it paid off initially but ultimately still loss due to poor dice rolls again.

I think i'm going to remove Thermal Detonator and stick with low cost cards, add back in Reversal x 2.

ordinaryjedi 812


Latest build is here:

Added Carbon Freezing Chamber - aim is to lose the starting player roll, gain the two shields then leverage off ascension guns special ability for some dice removal.

Evened out Support - 1 x Backup Muscle and 1 x Infamous - Only ever need 1 x Infamous out and running more the 1 x Backup Muscle slowed me down with the claim of battlefield

Added back in "On the Hunt" - I severely missed this card tonight. Its special was great to help remove shields and remove a die for 1 resource cost. It has found a permanent place in this deck for me.

Added back in Reversal - I also severely missed this tonight and I had a tonne of resources i could've used it with.

Removed Thermal Detonator - as much as i liked the idea and it did theoretically work for me tonight, I had to chance it to make it work and even when it did, i didn't have the resource to resolve it. If i was to add it again, i would only play it on the condition that Infamous was in play so it could be resolved immediately prior to it being removed.

dough54321 133

I did pretty well with a version of this. I took out Ace in the Hole and added Unpredictable. Also added Infamous and took out Reversal, I think. I went 2-1. The amount of damage this deck can do is pretty impressive!

ordinaryjedi 812

@Earman22 @BigDaddyGoblyn @michaelius @dough54321 check out build 3.0 - made some changes based on last nights performance (which mainly came down to terrible dice rolls for entire games)