Aurra Unchained 7-0 Tournament Winner

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ordinaryjedi 812


Added Carbon Freezing Chamber - aim is to lose the starting player roll, gain the two shields then leverage off ascension guns special ability for some dice removal.

Evened out Support - 1 x Backup Muscle and 1 x Infamous - Only ever need 1 x Infamous out and running more the 1 x Backup Muscle slowed me down with the claim of battlefield

Added back in "On the Hunt" - I severely missed this card tonight. Its special was great to help remove shields and remove a die for 1 resource cost. It has found a permanent place in this deck for me.

Added back in Reversal - I also severely missed this tonight and I had a tonne of resources i could've used it with.

Removed Thermal Detonator - as much as i liked the idea and it did theoretically work for me tonight, I had to chance it to make it work and even when it did, i didn't have the resource to resolve it. If i was to add it again, i would only play it on the condition that Infamous was in play so it could be resolved immediately prior to it being removed.

The key to this deck is literally getting Aurra activated as quickly as possible. Having 2 dice, she will be the obvious first target and ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS (i cannot stress this enough) resolve Aurras ranged die as soon as you can. Do not leave it to 2 actions later. It will be removed.

Hard mulligan for Fast Hands & Holdout Blaster. Play Fast Hands on Aurra and Holdout Blaster on Jango.

Start to load up Jango after this for back up when Aurra goes down. Make sure to load Aurra with Personal Shield as soon as its available. With any luck, you should be able to roll out between 6-8 damage in round 1. If possible, use any event cards to knock out your opponents character early in the 2nd round.

By round 3 or 4 you should be looking to use Fight Dirty & Armed to the Teeth to dish out the final damage you need. Don't be afraid to discard these cards early game as you can then use Cheat to bring them back.

Try and save 1 resource per round to help you out in rounds 3 & 4 for any last minute purchasing you might have to do.

Flexible cards are Relentless Pursuit and Infamous with possible inclusions of Back Up Muscle and He Doesn't Like You or 1/4 Portions. Battlefield could also be changed to something neutral like docking bay.


striatic 1

Without Thermal Detonator in this build, what is Ace in the Hole primarily being used to discard?

ordinaryjedi 812

@striatic I have found it handy across all builds to roll in that extra yellow die when your characters are fully loaded with upgrades. It helps to A) get some extra damage in, or B) if its a poor roll, play Fight Dirty and you have an extra hit to claim there. It might also help if you need that extra hit point as a finisher.

I found combining it with Thermal Detonator that there were way to many variables. When it works, it pays off but it didn't work for me overall last night.

Innuendo 1

Have you had any issues with Reversal? I've tried it and it seems way too expensive in this deck that is trying to be as cheap as possible. What do you think of replacing it with something cheap like Doubt?

ordinaryjedi 812

@Innuendo personally I've had no problem playing it mid to late game however if one would feel the need to swap it out with something cheaper if go with yellow removal so you can take advantage of Infamous ie unpredictable, he doesn't like you, 1/4 Portions.

biulk6 1

Terrific deck, I've really enjoyed playing it! What do you think of Cunning in metas that abuse force powers/Throne room or baby Vader?

ordinaryjedi 812

@biulk6 I think Cunning would fit into this deck quite easily, if anything just to trigger Ascension Guns special to trigger carbon freezing chamber. The issue you then have though is you start reducing your damage output upgrades. With fast hands and personal shield you only have 1 slot in some instances to add a damage upgrade.

In our local meta, I don't see a lot of Cunning however that is changing more as people gear up their Poe Maz decks for upcoming store championships

karolko 238

I am running similar deck to yours (and inspired by your previous version). My changes are:

Docking Bay instead of Carbon Freezing Chamber

  • -1 Infamous
  • -1 Armed to the Teeth
  • -2 Cheat
  • -2 Relentless Pursuit
  • -1 Reversal
  • +1 Backup Muscle
  • +2 Slave I
  • +2 He Doesn't Like You
  • +2 Hunker Down

Slave I is great with Ace in the Hole and even better if you can claim to docking bay it for three (though most of the time if I have chance I am getting opponent's battlefield). Even if you hard cast it (which I sometimes do) it usually pulls it's weight.

Rest of the changes is just more removal / defense.

What I found out is that deck has positive matchup against most ranged deck (if you can get Personal Shield and Hunker down on Aurra she is very difficult to gun down) but the deck folds to any Vibroknife deck.

ordinaryjedi 812

@karolko thanks for your comments!

I've just come back from playing a Poe/Maz deck and got him 2-1 (unfortunately in the last game he used New Orders to switch the battlefield and lock up both my Aurra die in the next round)

I agree on some of your card choices. On my way home i was thinking about swapping out Reversal for a more generic dice removal card as I was struggling to get rid of Poe dice.

I've been wanting to add in Slave 1 and combing it with Ace in the Hole is an excellent suggestion! I wish i'd thought of that! I would probably swap out Relentless Pursuit for Slave 1 and see how that runs.

My games were pretty much over by round 3 (first game i rolled over 8 damage to take out Maz in one hit and in both games I was rolling ascension gun specials to lock up Poe die in Carbon Freeze)

I found the 1 x back up muscle worked for me. I don't feel the need to add a second back in however 2 x Infamous would come in handy i think as I didn't see it the whole game.

I would probably go with 1/4 portions or doubt rather than He Doesn't Like You.

I didn't really feel any impact from On the Hunt this time round so maybe it doesn't hold a place in this deck.

I am also considering removing Cheat as i tend to chuck it more than use it or maybe just having x 1.

Food for thought.

biulk6 1

@karolko``@rileyswd About the Infamous or Backup Muscle conundrum, in my build I've actually ditched the latter in favor of 2x Infamous. I've only played few games, but it seems to me that in metas that are going faster and faster the extra damage you push with with Backup Muscle is not entirely worth it. With Fast Hands and Jango Fett - Lethal Mercenary reaction ability I found myself claiming even before Palpatine - Galactic Emperor. What do you think?

karolko 238

@biulk6``@rileyswd My son didn't have problems with outclaiming my ePalp build when he was playing this deck. On the other hand I play very control / combo oriented version of ePalp.

My version of Aurra deck seems to wipe the floor with our Poe / Maz deck (cunning version). Hunker Down / Personal Shield is too much to handle when combined with consistent Aurra damage.

On the Hunt is excellent for ePoe / eMaz and ePalp matchups. I love playing it on Jango - so I have possible special available as an response to their activation which can then be used to wipe shields and / or dice. If special doesn't roll, he doesn't like you is there to save the day.

I still think the deck is tad low on dice control (I usually try to run 6 dice control events in my deck) so I will definitely try to find room for either doubt or one quarter portion. One would be switched instead of reversal the other, don't know yet.

ordinaryjedi 812

@karolko I have to agree with you, deck is light on dice control, i noticed it playing tonight especially up against Poe/Maz however it was still wiping the floor. I actually don't quite understand how eAurra/Jango is only a Tier 2 deck - i reckon its going to rise through the ranks very quickly.

Going to update to v4.0 tonight

ordinaryjedi 812

V4.0 is out people!

biulk6 1

I Just noticed that Ace in the Hole does not work with supports but only upgrades

ordinaryjedi 812

@biulk6 you are correct, thanks for pointing that out. Back to the drawing board.

ordinaryjedi 812

Also @karolko how do you find damage output with 2 of Aurra's upgrades being shields? Do you feel it slows your game down or because you have less dice to resolve, you can claim earlier while still protecting yourself?

ordinaryjedi 812

Just thinking about it - Armor Plating vs Personal Shield vs Hunker Down. I really lean towards a mixture or Armor Plating & Personal Shield.

Still want to include Slave I somehow but don't think its going to happen.

karolko 238

@biulk6Thank's for pointing this out. I will have to rethink the slaves but I still think at least one has place in the deck.

@rileyswdI usually put just Hunker Down / Fast Hands and Personal Shield on Aura, rest goes to Jango. Hunker Down / Fast Hands are exceptionally good Armed to the Teeth targets. As for Damage output I am ok with it. It can spike lots of damage but most of the time chipping away 3-4 dmg a turn while protecting Aura seems to be enough.

Given how Ace in the Hole works I am inclined to do following change:

  • -2 Ace in the Hole
  • -1 Reversal

  • +2 One Quarter Portion / Doubt (testing will show)
  • +1 Armed to the Teeth

biulk6 1

Personally with respect to this list I would play:

making the deck less explosive but more resilient, and the consider the spots of the 2 Relentless Pursuit for eventual Ace in the Hole/Slave I shenanigan

biulk6 1

To elaborate more on my last point, what I wanted to say is that Relentless Pursuit and Ace in the Hole occupy the same category of "conditional" cards. Relentless Pursuit helps with decks that abuse guardian, The Best Defense... and other means to spread damage but is useless against Palpatine - Galactic Emperor for example. Ace in the Hole on the contrary is multi-purpose, you can resolve damage from an Ascension Gun or shields from a Personal Shield, but requires different moving parts. For this reason I would consider using only two spots, for any combination of the two, but not more.