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Foz 1024

A Classic Returns - Vader/Raider for SoR


Designed to feature many of the most cost-efficient cards currently available, this deck is packing 12 0-cost cards and 10 1-costs. You'll have a ton of options even when low on resources. That makes the deck much more difficult to pilot since it presents constant choices, but on the other hand once you're comfortable with it, you have a huge variety of high-quality tools to work with.

The Cards

Secluded Beach - Scarif Not so much for what it does, but what it doesn't do. This build has exactly one face hurt by this card, the Tusken Raider's 1. Given the relative lack of action cheating, this is a safe choice that can't really hurt us if the opponent gets it, but has upside for us in many matches.

Fast Hands One of the best reasons to update this deck for SoR. Fast Hands isn't just about getting your damage down fast, though it can do that. One of the best plays is , snatching away your opponent's resources before he can react. That threat will probably make your opponent play the game entirely differently, which is great - if he holds less back, he won't be able to remove Vader's dice as often.

Force Illusion It's top-notch damage mitigation. We don't really count on any specific cards, so the deck is expendable. It's especially good against Fast Hands and various action cheating since it can mitigate when you don't get an action.

Other Upgrades Primarily for melee beatdown. Vibroknife is good support for the others since it adds more sides to attach modified sides to. Kylo Ren's Lightsaber is made of pure ass whuppin'. Lure of Power and Makashi Training because they're efficient.

Bait and Switch, Force Strike, Lightsaber Throw These cards create damage, either by turning dice to it or in Lightsaber Throw's case just doing direct damage. All the dice except Kylo Ren's Lightsaber have sides that work with Bait.

Enrage Not much to say here except it's great. It just lets you do more.

Friends in Low Places This is a toolbox card that troubleshoots all sorts of things. You can yank their removal so you get to do more damage. Strip that All In or It's a Trap! that was about to crush you. Nearly every deck has one or more all-star events, and this lines up against most of them.

The Rest The removal. It should be enough to consistently remove a die each turn if you need to, and against some decks like Poe that's exactly what you'll want to do.

The Things I Didn't Include

Force Speed You can only attach so many things. I felt like there was room for either Force Speed or Fast Hands, and I think Fast Hands offers more by making Vader's sides more relevant. Since Vader would have to be the one with Speed, it doesn't alleviate the problem of showing your best die for removal either.

Sith Holocron I'm sure some will find the omission controversial. Instead of the Holocron package, I have included upgrades to maximize beatdown.

Backup Muscle In this meta, this card is quite slow. Sure it eventually does 3 damage for 1, but it costs 4 actions and takes several turns to do it. I consider Lightsaber Throw the spiritual successor to Muscle; You pay for damage, but it does 2 dmg for 1 action instead of 3 for 4 actions. It is also front-loaded so it helps you race more right now, rather than later.


So far this is mostly theory-crafting. If you want to test it or share your ideas about what you feel should or shouldn't be here, I'm open to any feedback.

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