Store Championship winning Snap Solo

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JT-Money 677

This deck is incredibly frustrating to play against. It's designed to choke your opponents resources, tank up with lots of shields and slowly wittle down your opponents characters. I've had several opponents concede midgame as they simply can't do anything. They can't play upgrades. They can't roll their big character dice. They can't claim. They can't do any damage through the shields and control. They can't mitigate any damage coming at them.

I feel it has very favorable matchups against most of the popular meta decks with the exception of being weak to melee with Vibroknife cutting through all the shields you can generate. That being said, it's still solid against things like Vader/Raider, Vader/Gaurd, and Luke/Rey as they will likely be playing with a single big character die for the majority of the game.

There is an argument to be made for the inclusion of a second copy of Planetary Uprising to close out games but I don't feel it is needed. There are quite a few pay sides so resources are very tight and it's difficult enough to play one copy of PU.

This was one of the first decks I built with the release of SoR and it's taken a long time to figure out the right formula. Hope you enjoy the list and have fun freezing Poes and Vaders everywhere!


I've come back around to working on this deck and made alot of changes. I'm just gonna list the main ones but always tweaking and refining. Any input is welcome.

-2 DH17 -1 Maz Goggles -1 C-3PO -1 Infamous -1 Block -2 Friends in Low Places

+1 Planetary Uprising +2 Confidence +1 Disarm +2 Field Medic +2 Swiftness

Confidence and Disarm really help to get around Vibroknife. Planetary is just so much more value than any other card in the deck. It equates to 10+ unmitigatable damage over the course of the game. Field Medic for added survivability. And Swiftness is an all-star. It doesn't slow you down like infamous previously, hits any card, and gives 2 shields on Han.


nlangefeld 1

Really like this list. I have been working with some friends on a list that is equally as frustrating by forcing the opponent to do ~15 damage in one turn ( 2 second chance and an ammo belt ) while slowly bleeding out from uprising.

Check it out -

Good to see another person working on Snolo. Congrats on the store championship.

JustJackGDP 408

Just made a deck like this the other day too. Han is my favorite character so I want to use him but didn't enjoy Han/Rey a lot and Han/Maz wasn't the best. It is a fun character combo and glad to see it is being talked about!

Brandonious 222

Gratz on the SC!!!

This is a favorite deck of mine right now. I've been toying with it for a few weeks and it is scrappy, and controlling. My current build has Rebel War Room - Yavin IV with Rocket Launcher. But the Carbon-freezing Chamber - Bespin set up is my favorite.

How has C-3PO been in the build? How do you find yourself using it most?

Hold On! is a very underrated card. I got grief for it all day the day I published my set up.

I'm glad to see this has won a SC! It has made my choice in what deck to bring a lot easier!!!! I was debating a Captain Phasma - Elite Trooper build

DreadFool 1

I reaaaaaaaaaaaally love the idea of Temmin "Snap" Wexley - Recon Specialist, Carbon-freezing Chamber - Bespin, Outpost, C-3PO. I didn't put a lot of work into it, but it didn't quite come together the way I wanted. Mostly I had trouble getting the shields and other defences online effectively. Still a lot of fun. Good work on your win.

revamp 2

haha I played against you (Luke/Rey) and you pretty much won turn 1! Great deck, super frustrating to play against. I was trying to recreate it but couldn't get the cards right. Thanks for posting! Good game man

Rebeltrooper 964

Brilliant deck! I love this idea, I love "non meta" decks. I helped bring eluke/rey from out of the shadows and I was going to play it again this weekend for a SC. I'm going to build this and tinker a bit see if I like it or can run it properly. I might bring this to my SC this weekend. Cheers! Great concept, looks very synergistic.

RCougar 1

I like the idea, but even vader/raider decks have a ton of free removal and upgrades that will the kill on han quickly. Then you are don't your big character. They can also out claim you sometimes if they get fast hands out.

I think I played this deck last night a few times with Vader/Raider and Qui/Rey and I think it is a good deck but it just falls easily if han goes down quickly.

JachPot 186

Any thought on adding in a disarm or two over maybe the block and something? I feel like Vibroknives dumps on this deck sometimes and why not pack solid weapon removal that works on everyone?

JT-Money 677

@Brandonious I don't think 3PO is really needed but it is nice to be able to use his action to turn a dice into a focus or disrupt. i found myself really only playing him when I felt really in control of the game by rolling disrupt and keeping my opponents from claiming. He can definitely win games though.

Hold On! is great even after Snap dies it's still a free shield on Han.

Good luck at your SC! Let me know how it goes! People were definitely not prepared for this list so hopefully you do well!

JT-Money 677

@revamp Haha, yea, I rolled exactly what I needed to that game and drew pretty well. I felt a little guilty putting Luke in carbonite since I built this list to shut down the Poes and Vaders that plague the meta lol.

JT-Money 677

@RCougar Vader/Raider does not have a "ton" of free removal. They have Doubt and He Doesn't Like You. That's it. If you effectively disrupt their resources and claim the battlefield you should be able to win.

JT-Money 677

@RCougar Disarm would be an excellent inclusion to deal with both Vibroknife and Holocron. I am still unsure as to what I would replace though.

JT-Money 677

That last comment was in response to @JachPot

SeattleOriginal 7

How does this fair against ePalp?

JT-Money 677

@SeattleOriginal i feel that's one of the easiest matchups. Shield generation to soak up damage. Resource disruption to keep him off removal and rise again. Claiming to freeze one of his dice every round. Not much to say. I honestly don't think Palp is very good at all anymore since people have learned how to play against him.

revamp 2

@justrick lose battlefield choice, play new orders, claim, turn 1 both palp dice gone :P

Naderland 3

This deck is so much fun to play and if you have an opponent who loves the gane it is fun to play against as well.

I ran this at a recent casual event and went 2-1 with my 1 loss being against Emo Kids after he rolled extremely well and I failed to get any shields on Han turn 1 so Han died and it was over bery quickly from there.

My two wins were against Emo Kids and ePhasma, Trooper, Enforcer. Both games took an eternity and I was down to no cards left in deck and both felt like a seat of my pants ride. Against ePhasma Snap died early and I had no dmg dealt to any of his characters but managed to choke and remove and claim and stop him from taking out Han and slowly picked off his characters for the win. We both has a blast and it was the most fun I have had playing Destiny.

Those are the only 3 games I have played with the deck but I plan to take it to a store champ tomorrow since it feels competitive against the meta.

My only change was -1 Goggles +1 Infamous as I did not have a googles available and the change felt fine.

Thank you for sharing such a quality list!

xdavisx 1

Took down my SC with the deck here in Chicago. Only some minor changes due to last minute card availability. Poor mans data pad over maz's goggles and 2nd infamous over c-3po. Deck felt great, many Poe/maz players were left for dead. The deck is/feels really dice lite. loth cat and mouse was underwhelming for me all day and block was irrelevant. I feel the deck really wants 2 planatery uprising.

Brandonious 222


This is what I've been working on.

Similar to what the OP had posted. This team-up is awesome to play with. Light on dice. It's speed is ludicrous at times. Shields flying everywhere. Pick what ever battlefield you want to play with it. I like to switch it up, but my two favorite battlefields are Carbon Freeze, and Separatist Base.

Consistency is an issue, so I've just recently put in Maz's Goggles. I haven't had a chance to test that build to much, but I hope it helps. Same goes for Second Chance. This decks weakness is mill in my opinion. I was trying to offset that by having a longer game strategy by adding 2xSecond Chance, and 2xPlanetary Uprisings. Then combine that with Separatist Base - Mustafar for a maximum damage output of 5 just for claiming. In the words of Ric Flair "Wooooooo"!!!!!!

pantsyg 15

@justrick Congrats on the win! I've been playing Snap Poe around my local meta and love it, have been working on getting a Han version for access to Fast Hands and access to Han's 2 disrupt, making for good odds of choking opposing resources quickly every turn, but I haven't found a deck I like until I saw this. Love the list, will be trying it out!

daveydtd 23

I've seen alot of variations of this deck but no one seems to put Negotiate in their deck. Is there a reason besides removing one of your dies? I think this card needs to be in this deck.

JT-Money 677

@daveydtd the main reason is that you need your character dice to disrupt their resources so that they can't claim. You also need to leave a Snap die in the pool and it feels bad removing a Han die that could potentially yield 2-3 damage. Idk, feel free to test it and let me know what conclusion you come to.

JohnGobeilSKB 614

@justrick You had me at "incredibly frustrating to play against", haha ;)

JT-Money 677

@xdavisx Congrats man! I think the second PU would actually be very helpful. I've been testing other decks and Disarm has come up big recently as well. How did it feel to have the second infamous and have you figured out a good replacement for loth cat?