High Noon (With Deck Analysis)

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Agent Of Zion 377


Let's talk about FN-2199 - Loyal Trooper for a minute. The dude is bonkers, and I think that he is going to be THE go-to character for villain decks until EaW comes out, and the challenge is finding his best pairing. He is one of only three characters in the entire game that has more health than he costs in points (Rey - Force Prodigy and Guavian Enforcer being the others) for a single die, and his second die costs only two points. His ability allows for massive damage turns with very little room for the opponent to respond, and while his base dice aren't the greatest, they do have 3 damage sides.

EDIT: Multiple people have pointed out that Hired Gun and Kylo Ren - Vader's Disciple both have more HP than cost, but hey no-one likes them anyway right?

ArchitectGaming convinced me he was the real deal and started me on the quest to perfect an FN deck with his original Dooku/FN list further refined in his latest and greatest list, both of which are excellent in it's their right but I believe that this is better, or at least more fitting to an aggressive playstyle.

Why is Jango better?

To get to my answer here, we have to do a comparison between the other two major FN pairings, namely Count Dooku - Devious Strategist and Unkar Plutt - Junk Dealer/First Order Stormtrooper.

The comparison to Unkar/FN/Trooper is interesting and mainly it comes down to opponent choice. A good opponent will start dumping cards out of their hand if they are in danger of being chewed up, and while it can be unavoidable for them at some point during the game, actually making bank still costs two dice in the vast majority of cases and requires a bit of luck due to the prevalence of 0 and 1 cost cards. At any rate, I'm not a fan of letting my opponent make decisions that affect me.

What they do have is an extra 7 health by comparison, and even if I were to accept that a First Order Stormtrooper is equal to an FN-2199 - Loyal Trooper die (which I don't), the extra health is negated by the fact that they only have 2 character dice directly furthering their win-condition so their games are going to go longer. The extra char does also give them a third place for redeploy weapons to land, but that gets somewhat negated by Thermal Detonators and U-Wings which Fast Hands nerf or not, are still going to be floating around.

Comparing Jango to Dooku is much simpler in my opinion. Once again, Jango has less health, but when pairing Blue and Red you run into the problem that Ranged weapons do not pair well with Dooku, so you won't be able to reliably resolve the random modified dice that F-11D Rifle, DH-17 Blaster Pistol, and Holdout Blaster can give you when thrown with FN. To compound that, Lightsaber, Kylo Ren's Lightsaber, and Lightsaber Pike are awful to throw with FN, because we want massive value out of each and every weapon we play down.

Bullet Point TLDR

1.) Yellow weapons are decent with Jango, red weapons are amazing with Jango.

2.) Jango's built in unmitigatable damage is beneficial both against control and opposing aggro decks. He makes your dice 75% untouchable, or very disadvantageous for your opponent to mess with.

3.) Jango's built in speed combined with Ambush on SIX weapons allows you rarely leave too much on the table if you need to claim ahead of your opponent

4.) Yellow events are amazing.

5.) The high amount of redeploy weapons, all of which can be easily upgraded into Rocket Launcher late game gives Jango the extreme upper-hand in 1v1 situations.

The Weapons Suite

Pretty standard here, but I did not include DH-17 Blaster Pistol or DT-29 Heavy Blaster Pistol because frankly, both are not worth their cost to throw even once. With both of the guns having two blanks (DT-29 special is a blank 99% of the time), there are just way better options, and saving one resource for an event in DH-17s case isn't worth replacing hugely impactful events or upgrades in the deck for.

Backup Muscle

Few things feel as bad as overkilling an opponent's char, backup muscle gives you a lot of flexibility here, especially against decks that are naturally slower than you.

Fair Trade

This card is the real deal. This deck is perfectly happy to resolve one resource now and again to fuel things, by adding fair trade we get to completely wreck our opponents game plan if the opportunity presents itself. Think of it like Logistics with an extra upside. Not once have I ever had an opponent play Rise Again against me, and in the Unkar matchup, it gives you a way to take the tempo back if they get lucky with their pulls.

And while it is anecdotal, each and every time I have played this card in person, it is what my opponent pointed to as the thing that won be the game, and has been the cause of about a dozen TTS rage-quits. When your opponents are telling you that, it's worth keeping around.

Bait and Switch

This card is a rock-star. With it in hand, Jango now has THREE 2-damage sides, a way to reliably resolve thrown Vibroknife modifiers without needing to activate FN, gives you an extra fun side on all your weapons except Vibroknucklers (which lets be honest, is all fun sides) and combined with "Fair" Trade makes each and every resource side you have showing incredibly suspect.

Imperial War Machine

With so many red paid-sides in the deck, we would be remiss if we didn't include this. It's existence compels your opponent into controlling dice that may or may not actually be threatening, and can combo with Bait and Switch to give you 3-damage on your Z6 Riot Control Baton.

The rest of the events

Again, pretty standard here but your electroshocks are almost guaranteed to be useful until the game ends because if your opponent is targeting Jango first, you've almost already won anyway.

Six removal cards (8 if you want to count Friends in Low Places) is very low, but remember that with the insane damage output of the deck, you'll be killing their main character by mid turn two or early turn three at the latest, and death is the best form of control. Six cards are enough to stop opponents best dice, and that's all you really need them for.


With FN himself rising in popularity, this is a card worth considering running at least one of if you're going to a major event. Removing a modified ranged or melee side that you have no guarantee of resolving with Jango to stop an opposing FN's ramp can be critical, and even if you are actually giving up a base damage die, it's probably worth doing. If you want to use it, I recommend cutting some combination of Flame Thrower, Friends in Low Places, and Imperial War Machine to do so. Personally, I would take one and cut a Friends in Low Places, as it is our most expendable event.


Now for some bad news. You're not winning the battlefield roll. You've got an average roll-out of 4. The silver lining though, is that you are perfectly happy to play on almost any battlefield at all due to your speed. If by some happy twist of fate you do win the roll-off, choose theirs ALWAYS except in the following situations. It is very important that FN stay alive as long as possible, and equally important that your primary target is as easy to kill as possible.

Emperor's Throne Room - Death Star II - Against Poe/Anything. Duh. Perfectly fine to take this against any other deck though, you'll be outclaiming them 90% of the time, and on the rare occasions that you don't it's pretty rare that they will get more than a 2 damage swing out of it.

Command Center - Lothal - Mill isn't an incredibly hard matchup due to their inability to mitigate most damage coming in, but there is no reason to make their job any easier. Giving them 2 extra HP isn't as big a deal when you aren't losing 2 HP in the process.

Cargo Hold - Eravana - Avoid at all costs. This is your biggest nightmare because early it forces you to start your FN ramp over, and at any time your best die post FN-Activation can just disappear on you.

Carbon-freezing Chamber - Bespin - Completely dependant on your starting hand. If you don't have Doubt, or if you have 3+ 2-cost upgrades to cycle through FN in your opening turn then take your BF. If not, losing a Jango die for two turns is probably better than dealing with a 10 HP snap.

Starting Hands

The vast majority of hands you will draw would be perfectly playable even without a mulligan, even the exceptionally rare ones where you draw no upgrades, but here is what you're looking for.

Keep all Riot Batons. That is your terminal upgrade for FN. Once a slot ends in Riot Baton, develop a new slot. The more Riot Batons FN has, the more Jango will have.

You're looking for at least one free removal, but if all you had in the way of removal in your opening hand is an Electroshock, keep it and try to get a resource. Worst case scenario, your opponent gets one free turn against you but its not hard to grab one money off of a Jango activation if you really need it.

Imperial War Machine, Rocket Launcher. Only keep these cards if you have both of them at the same time. While pulling one resource is pretty easy turn 1, pulling a second to actually resolve the die isn't as guaranteed.

You want at least one 2-cost upgrade, preferably the Holdout Blaster or Vibroknife. Don't throw the F-11D Rifle back though, it does it's job.

"Fair" Trade, keep it against Palpatine and thank me later.


Kylo Ren - Vader's Disciple/Darth Vader - Dark Apprentice, kill Vader before they kill FN and you're good to go. Not particularly hard to do since he helps you out. If they have 3+ money, try and get that fair trade off, it's likely to stop either No Mercy or Rise Again.

Poe Dameron - Ace Pilot/Maz Kanata - Pirate Queen - On throne room, which you probably are, burn Poe. Reroll with most of your events and 3-cost weapons (if you can't cycle them) if you have to, the majority of your removal isn't very helpful here, and this is admittedly your worst matchup. It certainly isn't unwinnable, but if they get some wookies on the field, you're probably going to lose.

Palpatine - Galactic Emperor - Judicious removal of his 3-side and Shield dice, combined with that Fair Trade you mulled for makes this match relatively painless.

Rey - Force Prodigy/Padawan/Padawan - Kill one Padawan ASAP, then kill Rey when they start stacking upgrades on her. Reasoning is that you can easily drop a Padawan turn one and remove one amazing die, put a small amount of resource pressure on and limit their upgrade slots overall.

FN-2199 - Loyal Trooper/Count Dooku - Devious Strategist or FN-2199 - Loyal Trooper/Darth Vader - Dark Apprentice - FN is your target, go get him.

FN-2199 - Loyal Trooper/Unkar Plutt - Junk Dealer/First Order Stormtrooper - Kill the Trooper first, FN second. Just like with the Padawans, 7 HP is easy. Killing the trooper forces them to damage FN with The Best Defense..., removes a die that Unkar is good at using to chew, makes their ranged weapons much worse, allows them only one redeploy opportunity, and makes their Flanks awkward. Fair Trade when opportune, try to maintain BF control to avoid getting wrecked by Salvage Stand, and try to chain your 2-cost weapons into 3-cost in one go to get around Imperial Inspection. If you've slotted it into the deck, disarm is going to do good work for you here, but overall this is your most even matchup.

Darth Vader - Sith Lord/Royal Guard - Vader is the target, but if the Guard only has 3 or less HP left, just pop him before they The Price of Failure you.

Mill/Crime Lord - Too many flavors to really go into each one in detail, kill the person they put an upgrade on, and if you have to make the choice on damage assignment before they make it clear, kill Jabba the Hutt - The Great and Mighty. Fair trade does a great job here as well.

Everything else - Kill the biggest threat presented to you.

Thank you very much for reading this novel, and If you have any suggestions or questions just hit me up, I'm Agent Of Zion on discord and TTS as well.


Rebeltrooper 964

Boom. I like it!

ordinaryjedi.ddu.network 834

Thanks for your write up. I agree, I think Jango Fett - Lethal Mercenary is a stronger match up wiht FN-2199 - Loyal Trooper than Count Dooku - Devious Strategist or Darth Vader - Dark Apprentice, this coming from someone who has played both pairings and tanked hard during store champs with them.

I find the main downfall is the Blue aspect and I think Yellow Villain has a much better pool of cars to pull on that complement this pairing - Upgrades, Supports & Events.

Over the weekend I tested out my Vader FN deck at a non sanctioned event, and even though testing of this deck was great, it tanked hard against the Vader/Royal Guard or Raider decks, as they tended to choke my resources, then once FN went down, Vader was left to his own devices and all my resources were spent on mitigating Vaders die rather than being able to resolve damage.

Jango and FN solve this problem with their action cheating. I like this build, I think its more solid than the Jango Tango build on here.

I might use this as a base and make a couple of changes to suit my play style, namely:

Remove F-11D Rifle and replace with DH-17 Blaster Pistol. I actually wouldn't run this on FN, I would upgrade it automatically on Jango so he is more of a threat when activated. If you hit all the damage sides on his ability, your opponent will eat 4-6 damage and there is nothing they can do about it. Also, against Imperial Inspection, losing a 1 upgrade that you can easily play again is better than a 2.

: Remove Backup Muscle and replace with Improvisation. I think this support is underrated. It can help correct a bad roll, it has ambush so you're not losing temp during the game and the extra damage you might gain for the reroll will outweigh the 3 damage over 3 rounds you would get from Backup Muscle. However i can see the argument that it might ultimately slow down tempo anyway.

I feel Dug in needs to be added but in this meta, it's somewhat rendered useless. Every time I get to play, i can never mitigate the Vibroknife so I take the damage anyway. On second thoughts, probably not essential.

PS - i love the "Fair" Trade, brutal against [Darth Vader - Sith Lord] and Palpatine - Galactic Emperor(/card/01010) decks as well. I also think Imperial War Machine is the better choice over Logistics however feel it can be quite situational.

Thanks for your contribution! I really enjoyed it!

greggydoom 7

Have you considered One-Quarter Portion as removal? It strikes me as less conditional than electroshock, and may even help you out before a "Fair" Trade blowout.

Agent Of Zion 377


RE DH-17 Blaster Pistol: the problem with opening up with a DH-17 on turn one is that if they respond by playing a salvage stand, the only way we have to not come out at a net loss is to either play the other copy of DH-17 or drop in a backup muscle. And doing on future turns with or without the stand ends up delaying our FN ramp.

RE Improvisation: I agree that it is underutilized in general, but not a good fit here because the dice that we would want to reroll the most (Z6 Riot Control Baton, Rocket Launcher) are the same dice we are most likely removing to enable the reroll.

RE Dug in: If your meta is very heavy on opposing FN decks, Dug in is probably better than Backup Muscle just so you can win by attrition, and FNs that choose to terminate an upgrade slot on Vibroknife are FNs that deal less overall damage.


RE One-Quarter Portion: I did consider it, but our biggest strength is that we get the majority of our work done on turns 2 and 3 while other decks get the most out of turns 3 and 4. By handing them a resource, we accelerate their board development to our level ahead of schedule. And since we don't run Infamous, we will always be giving them an opportunity to spend the money. I agree that in the extreme late game, 1QP is the superior form of removal because money itself is the least valuable of all the resources but ideally we're ending the game at least one if not two turns before that becomes true.

Jorgyn Ryys 190

Have you tried Ascension Gun vs F-11D Rifle? I'd think it would be better for FN-2199 - Loyal Trooper, that 2 discard could come in handy and it has sides to hit with no modifiers. Also, it's special is nice for a free Rocket Launcher /Z6 Riot Control BatonBaton/Flame Thrower.

ordinaryjedi.ddu.network 834

@Jorgyn Ryys problem with Ascension Gun is that it's not a weapon so it doesn't trigger FNs ability, but you're right, it would be nice.

Agent Of Zion 377

@Jorgyn Ryys

Ascension Gun is not a weapon and cannot be thrown with FN. We care very little about the contents of the opponents hand, certainly not enough to pay for discard.

Jorgyn Ryys 190

Oh snap ... I suck ... lol my bad...

revel.games 78

@Agent Of Zion Great write up, and deck list. Can't wait to try it out.

You missed a character that has higher health than point cost Hired Gun.

stranglebat 832

Really good write up. Well explained choices. Did you test out salvage stand or too much anti synergy with fair trade?

small note Hired gun and Kylo also have more health than points

Agent Of Zion 377


Lol, you're 100% correct about HG and Kylo, I have no idea how I overlooked them.

RE Salvage Stand: It's not that it's bad, or non-synergistic, it's that it doesn't do enough as compared to everything else we're doing.

Ideally, opponent isn't getting more than 8 natural resources to develop their board on the top end, and with a few exceptions like My Ally Is The Force, or Hyperspace Jump any resources they put into 2+ cost events or single die removal events are going to be inefficient. A single salvage stand won't stop things like Force Strike or Isolation, so we just kinda deal with it and push forward.

On the last point, almost all our sides are useful through B&S or IWM, and the ones that aren't are being used to fuel HDLY. We rarely reroll, preventing back to back dice removal actions.

theagentcoma 1

this is just beautiful. I was thinking of giving the Dooku/FN deck a go, but I want to try this one first. Do you stream games? I'd love to see this one in action.

stingzor 13

Kudos! I just made a Funkar Ragequit on TTS with "Fair" Trade, got 7 resources, managed to put 4 weapons on FN, killed his FN and Trooper that round (round 2), dude got so pissed he flipped, called me names and disconnected. I like this card, it feels like the devil asked god for a card and then he made this to counter Palpatine, Vader (+Rise Again) and Unkar's crap

AndrewL12 226

I've been playing this deck a LOT online. I also tried the exact same deck with 2 salvage stands instead of the "Fair Trade"s, and it found to be a lot more successful. I don't think fair trade is a bad card, but I found it to be a dead card in my hand a LOT of the time. Salvage stand is a card that can be kept in an opening hand, and it forces opponents to use their resources earlier on, perhaps on an upgrade. This lets your next turn resolve a 1,2, or 3 cost upgrade and roll it in, putting most or all of your dice on the board before your opponent. That's my two cents. I've probably played 100 games with the deck, certainly prefer salvage stand.

ordinaryjedi.ddu.network 834

What about a comparison to Darth Vader - Dark Apprentice? Vader is strong with 4 damage sides?

ordinaryjedi.ddu.network 834

I've played a few rounds with this and gone 50/50, losses coming from misplays on TTS and a small screen.

A couple of things I'm keen on changing:

F-11D Rifle bites. That things misses more than it fires. I'm going to test swapping it out with DH-17 Blaster Pistol X 2; On The Hunt X 2 or 1x each. Rather than firing through FN, I'll attach to Jango for some cheat activation fun.

Backup Muscle just seems to slow everything down. I want to add Infamous however there is so much action cheating and cards with ambush already, probably not necessary. Maybe it would be fine removing it for the 2x 1 costs for Jango.

"Fair" Trade is good but I need to play it a few more times before I'm sold on it. It's great when you set up your board state to trigger it though.

Will have to sleep on it and have a think.


Agent Of Zion 377


The problems with pairing FN with Darth Vader - Dark Apprentice are largely the same problems as with Count Dooku - Devious Strategist but you're trading out survivability in Dooku for random explosiveness from Vader.

In cases where opponent targets FN first, it can be awkward for Vader to pay for the great damage sides or deal his 3 for free. When Vader is targeted first, the decks event suite collapses inward, and we still struggle poor weapons to throw as compared to the yellow offerings.

customerserv1ce 8

I found that FN-2199 - Loyal Trooper's dice were so lackluster in fact that I cut Jango Fett - Lethal Mercenary and one FN dice to fit Aurra Sing - Deadly Shot. My opponents have a much harder time deciding who to focus with this change. If they focus Aurra, FN doesn't need character dice to do his broken thing giving this version more resilience then say a Bala-Tik - Gang Leader. If they focus down my single dice FN to hurt my late game then I may cash some redeploys as well still having the sledge hammer that is Aurra. Give it a try. :)

ordinaryjedi.ddu.network 834

@customerserv1ce I was at a store champs yesterday where this exact combo took out the to spot.

I played him and managed to beat him but only just. It's actually a very tough combo to beat.

Jakecake69 1

@Agent Of Zion Armor Plating not good in here? also why no fast hands for Jango

tacoboozefairy 13

@Jakecake69 Because Jango essentially comes with a baked in fast hands. There are better options now that you cant put it on FN.

Jakecake69 1

@tacoboozefairy With Fast Hands on Jango your opponent activates his or her char you activate Jango then can resolve your Jango die on your opponent's action right?

Jorgyn Ryys 190

@tacoboozefairy I think this will help answer your question. It breaks down how simultaneous abilities work after the RRG update. I can't explain it as well as this guy does.

anyway. 5:07 in is where you want to jump to.


tacoboozefairy 13

@Jakecake69 @Jorgyn Ryys

I understand how it works, I'm saying running fast hands isn't worth it here. This deck is already gonna be speedy just on account of jango alone. There are better options to put in this deck.

TheHyperloops 3691

Hi! We'll be featuring this list on thehyperloops.com 's weekly store champ winner article. Someone won a store champs with this deck but I can't find their list. Cheers!

minimal_criminal 1

Jango is a good pairing with FN-2199, but I think Baby Vader is better because of damage type synergy. It is debatable that yellow cards are better suited for a FN-2199 deck. Isolation, Manipulate, Anger, Feel Your Anger, Deflect, Trust Your Instincts and Overconfidence are great substitutes for Electroshock, He Doesn't Like You and etc. Alternatively, blue weapons focus mainly on melee damage, which holds better synergy with FN-2199 die, while yellow weapons are predominantly ranged damage oriented. The only ones I can think of that works best with FN-2199 die are Vibroknuckles and Gaffi Stick, so you have fewer options.

LostBoyJoe 13

rip this deck and all of its conversation 31 points=illegal deck

stranglebat 832

@LostBoyJoelos you have cracked the code! Or maybe if you check the creation date it was legal when it was made.

Agent Of Zion 377

Wow. This is a blast from the past. At least my writing has gotten better in the last nine months.