Purple Baze - 2x Store Championship Winner

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rmohler 591

After building this deck last week, I was fortunate enough to try it out at two different Store Championships this past weekend, winning both of them.

It's hard not to compare this character combination to ePoe/eRey. People have said Poe is strictly better than Baze. Poe's special is possibly the best die side in the game, but using Poe requires tailoring your deck list around that special side. This character team lets you free up a lot of deck spots that otherwise go towards enabling Poe, allowing for more optionality in your build.

Just as importantly, choosing Baze over Poe works well in the current meta. Unkar decks cannot pull a 5-cost card from your hand if you don't run them, and Kylo's special won't have a chance for hitting you for big damage. More generally, a lot of top decks run ranged damage at the moment, which opens the door for Its a Trap based decks.

For my build, I focused surprise damage from Its a Trap and Riposte. I think a build centered around planetary uprising could also be viable, but more focus on resource generation would be necessary to support it.

Card Selections

Baze Malbus - Crack Shot Compared to Poe, Baze trades a much higher ceiling for a better floor. It helps me rationalize his bad special by just pretending it's a 1 with an occasional extra bonus. It's certainly more usable than Poe's disrupt side. Make sure you have at least a single resource before rolling in Baze off an action cheat- you need to be able to resolve that 3 for 1 side.

It's a Trap! is a really great card - I think it's surprising that it's often not played in decks not seeking to maximize it's benefit. Most people run 2 Deflect - why not run a little more range-hate? It's a trap is even more of a surprise when you don't have your red dice in your pool. Action cheat with one of the 8 sources in the deck to roll in Baze and play Its a trap.

Riposte won't be nearly as consistent as it is in eQui-gon/eRey. Here, it functions more like an Armed to the Teeth - something you really only want to do if it kills off a character. Caution and Dug in, along with a couple random sides in the deck, are the only way to use this card - I'm sure there's something that could be be substituted for this to suit your own preference.

Overkill can help punch in the last bit of damage you need if Baze goes down early. Works well with Awakening.

Please let me know what you think, and how you do if you try it out yourself!


Enfantterrible 171

Congrats with your Store Championships. I'm surprised to see you being relatively light on dice mitigation - Just 6 cards, and all of them conditional. What decks did you face in the tourneys?

pheylorn 85

I love this deck design, it's similar to my own but much more streamlined. I will be borrowing some of your ideas for sure. Thanks for sharing. :)

TheHyperloops 3691

Hi, I was curious about the stores you won SCs at and if you wanted to share your name for our weekly store champ breakdown for thehyperloops.com Nice list.

rmohler 591

@Enfantterrible Dug in and Caution provide some defense to your characters. Taking 3 damage on shields is just as good as removing the die - and there are plenty of dice in the Meta you can't remove right now because of Fast Hands, FN-2199 - Loyal Trooper, and similar action cheating decks.

Plus, It's a Trap! is practically a removal card. Instead of removing dice, it removes characters!

@TheHyperloops The Store Champs were at Showcase Comics, Swarthmore, PA and Golden Eagle, Reading, PA.. My name is Kylo Riggs on TTS and Discord.

Steelhawks 26

I'm very suprised that this list is winning.

Do you happen to have both SC opponents / deck you faced?

rmohler 591

@Steelhawks Different Deck types I played against






Also had success against eJango/eFN, eVader/eFN, Phasma, and Funkar in a local tournament the week prior

J1mbo 1

I've been playing a little more recently with han/rey, luke/rey, baze/snap and ofc Rey is great, i've been impressed too by the Baze snap, though snap doesn't always seem to contribute a great deal (hard to measure how effective his claim blocking and resource tap really is). I'll definitely give this a go, good work Mohler!

Winter_soldier 1

Looks like a fun list! Do you use cargo hold to switch upgrades from rey to baze? And if so all the upgrades or only when rey is about to die?

rmohler 591

@Winter_soldier Cargo Hold - Eravana was taken as tech against FN-2199 decks. It was handy to remove upgrade dice from your opponent's pool. I ended up playing second a lot, which wasn't so bad because I usually mulligan battlefield dependent cards out of my opening hand.

I think Moisture Farm - Tatooine, Frozen Wastes - Starkiller Base and maybe even Separatist Base - Mustafar could be interesting choices to bring instead.

Winter_soldier 1

@rmohler That's Indeed a good play with cargo hold. What do you think is a good replacement for the second Rocket launcher? I only have one copy of that card unfortunately.

rmohler 591

@Winter_soldier An earlier version of this deck had an A180 Blaster in it. That's a great replacement for a budget version of the deck.

Ira 32

Interesting ideas here! Do you have trouble with the different damage types in the deck? I guess the Awakenings help a lot, but it also seems a bit of a shame that you need them (though I agree you do, given the current distribution of sides).

OrganicJedi 2

seems weak to imperial inspection

brokenmouse 26

`@rmohler I LOVED THIS DECK.I just played some TTS with it against trip death troops, rey/maz/snap/, and jango/jabba. Did well except against he death troopers who I would have won if it weren't for the fall in line or or continued ranks, whatever brings back a dead red card. @OrganicJedi Inperial inspection wasn't that bad, since RLs are three. Once I have RL's on Rey its pretty smooth sailing with It's a trap, being able to pull out 11+ damage with Baze, which was more constant than I thought.

I would suggest to those playing this, use Rey as a resource gather with the force speeds being in your first hand for the action cheating and being able to resolve Baze dice while still having resources. And be constant with the claiming, even if it gives up resources, due to the High Ground and Dug In, you need those shields to dissipate damage and the planetary uprising you'll see with Rey/Snap/Maz.

rmohler 591

@OrganicJedi Yeah, Imperial Inspection is definitely tricky. Luckily, I think most Inspection decks carry a decent amount of removal, and getting repeated action cheats from a bounced vibroknife leaves your opponent with a bunch of dead cards. Getting an Awakening out will make your damage consistent while you take out their disrupt characters.

RSanchez@TheChanceCube 64

@rmohler I gave this deck a try last night and I really like it. I'm a fan of burst damage and this deck packs a punch. I did notice against faster decks that Riposte doesn't do much but just become discard fodder most of the time. The upgrades are spot on. I only had 1 Rocket Launcher so I used an A180 Blaster and its special side with unblockable came in handy but it's not as optimal as the Rocket Launcher.

Do you see yourself claiming more in most matchups? I've thought of using Planetary Rising instead of Riposte. Maybe adding Field Medic.

How were your matchups against Poe/Maz, FUnkar decks, and EmoKids?

I'm looking to take a deck to a SC and this one seems fun. Thanks in advance:)

brokenmouse 26

@Ru8onic I've played against FUnkar so far and it did some big damage, and ended the match quickly. I agree on the riposte for planetary. As you need to be claiming a lot, so you can get the action cheat off in the first turn. However, I've seen parts where I just claim the shield dice to get shields to protect, but don't come away from a fight with many shields. Its tough, but that Riposte is synergestic with other cards. However, like I said you need the battlefield to play most of them. If you do take riposte out for Planetary let me know how it goes.

Hartmanator 28

What about Surgical Strike to get rid of Imperial Inspection? Just a one-of might work well.

rmohler 591

@Ru8onic I think this deck has quite a bit going for it against Poe/Maz. It can claim just as fast, and can punish a Poe roll with It's a Trap!, Deflect, and possibly High Ground and Defensive Position if you own the battlefield. Comparatively, I think their removal will affect you less if you manage to use your action cheats wisely, since they won't have any chance to respond to your dice.

@Hartmanator I actually had the same thought today - could be worth doing since Surgical Strike will also work on Planetary Uprising or Backup Muscle. Not that those cards give the deck problems, but they're at least prevalent enough that surgical strike might not feel like a dead card most games.

brokenmouse 26

Just played a few rounds against Rey/Snap/eMaz. The biggest issue that was leading to my losses was getting my resources taken by Snap by way of Maz focus. I replaced high ground with heroism, for dice control that didn't require a BG. Once your money is taken, your SoL imo, not much you can do with the expansive upgrades and only 2 upgrades that cost 1. Not sure Snap is the target when playing this deck yet, but maybe if someone lets me know how they do targeting him.

rmohler 591

@brokenmouse I played eMaz/Snap/Rey in the finals of both store championships. I went for Maz both times. That deck seems to rely on ramping, and eliminating 2 dice with resource sides seems like the fastest way of hurting them. Snap feels like more of a decoy, since he can only disrupt you if they use his die, which would allow you to claim the battlefield anyway.


Something that's not mentioned here is you can deflect your own +3 overkill die side to do 2 damage to one of their characters. That would be a nice 2 damage for 1 resource in a pinch that would be totally unexpected.

whozeppelin224 15

I sleeved this deck up and man, did I enjoy the ride. I played two test-environment games against Emo Kids and Phasma/Guavian/Trooper and won both of them. It's a really fast deck and you definitely claim a lot (or, at least I did.) The Cargo Hold is some nice tech against the Phasma deck and I imagine FN decks. Really enjoyed this deck, definitely going to test against a wider range. I did remove the Ripostes for 2 Surgical Strikes to deal with Planetary Uprising and Imperial Inspection among other things.

dpuck1998 46

As a few others have said, I see Planetary Uprising as an auto include in this deck. My wife is playing this right now and it can go head to head with Funkar and ePalp and easily beat any tier 2 deck hands down. When it hits a mid game its a trap, one character dies instantly. But if you get out two early Planetary Uprising the game is almost an auto win.

Red5ive 7

I've been itching to try this deck but I can't figure out how you pay for everything AND Baze's 3 side?

rmohler 591

@Red5ive I prioritize paying for Baze's 3-side. As long as my opponent doesn't have an way to potentially disrupt me (ie Salvage Stand, I will save a resource as long as possible. I try to avoid playing an ambush weapon on Rey if I would run out of resources, since Baze's expected damage is way lower without being able to pay for the 3 side.

It's definitely a little tricky. Sometimes it involves rolling in Rey first to try to pick up one of her resource sides (especially if awakening is on the field). This is part of the reason I didn't include Planetary Uprising, because I wasn't sure I would be able to consistently pay for it without losing other ways of doing damage.