Rey + Han

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redfive 1

Mostly testing out publish... first deck, probably awful.


Darth_Hipster 1

Millenium Falcon is a unique card, so you can only have one copy in your deck.

Restalaan 39

Wrong Darth_Hipster you candidature have 2 in deck but only one in play.

gerlof101 1

Humm, a small suggestion : I'm not sure the Emperor's Throne Room is your best pick for a battlefield. I would suggest ussing Imperial Armory (to reduce the cost of your upgrades) if you have it or else Starship Graveyard.

redfive 1

@gerlof101 yeah, I think Starship Graveyard is probably better to recur some ambush, was thinking of the Emperor's Throne Room to do the Millenium Falcon / Hyperspace Jump trick, but I agree that the graveyard is probably better overall for action economy and shields