Hera's Showroom Floor (Hero Vehicle Deck) w/Guide

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Hera's Showroom Floor (edits) 11 7 2 1.0
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Hera's Showroom Floor (Hero Vehicle Deck) w/Guide 1 1 0 1.0

Ajones47 576

This deck is out of control. I've only played a few games with it, and there's probably a lot of room for improvement, but so far it has exceeded all of my expectations for Empire At War as the expansion for Supports.

Not So Reckless

The best part of this deck is all the recursion when it comes to those support dice. Get the vehicles in with Hera, roll them in, resolve them, ready them again with Strategic Planning or even better roll them in with Reckless Reentry (note: if you target the U-wing, Ghost, or Millennium Falcon with Reckless Reentry there is no downside).

The Showroom Floor

Nothing says opulence like an expansive collection of Legendary vehicles. Don't let them languish in your hand, though - throw them into the fray as early and as soon as possible. Once you have a few of those big vehicles out your opponent will be struggling to get ahead.

Opening Hand, Vehicles, Play Decisions

Hangar Bay - Imperial Fleet has been chosen because it probably won't benefit your opponent, and it might help your first round of play. Don't be afraid to claim with unused dice on the board if it means getting a U-Wing or Millennium Falcon out early, but otherwise you won't be claiming often.

Hera is good for a single round of play, but you want to be hitting Logistics and Long Con to build up your resources to bring them in for the long game. Get the Millennium Falcon out, and use its Special to tap Long Con for resources as often as possible.

Spend the first few rounds building your board. Get at least one Legendary vehicle out as soon as you can. Try and get a T-47 Airspeeder out the same round that you pull it. Once you have two or three vehicles, you can begin to play Lead by Example and Partnership for the huge rolls. Put Lead by Example on Maz Kanata - Pirate Queen if your opponent hasn't been targeting her, otherwise put it on Hera Syndulla - Phoenix Leader.

The big mid-game combo is to Partnership -> Maz Kanata - Pirate Queen with Strategic Planning -> Roll in Maz and two vehicles -> resolve two dice through Maz (preferably, to set up a big whack of damage) and then pay your resource to get an extra action from Partnership to go ham with the .

In your opening hand, try and get at least one Legendary vehicle (preference U-Wing and Millennium Falcon over Ghost and Black One) with a good dose of removal (at least one Loth-Cat and Mouse) and a Logistics to set up your first big vehicle play. Even if your first round is nothing more than rolling in, controlling your opponent, resolving one die with Logistics, and then tapping Hangar Bay - Imperial Fleet to get your big vehicle in, you've done well.

Use Field Medic to keep your guys alive against early aggro (mulligan for it if your opponent looks swingy) and in that case, preference Second Chance to any early vehicle play. They'll probably target Maz Kanata - Pirate Queen, so if you do get a Lead by Example in your opening hand, put it on Hera Syndulla - Phoenix Leader to try and throw them off the scent.

Possible Changes

The new Medical Droid might be a good addition. I have not tested this, but anything that keeps the team alive against big aggro is a good addition, especially if you're living in an aggro meta.

Deploy Squadron saw play in an earlier version of this deck, but was removed. It's just not necessary. If you want to go faster, you might want to swap out Reckless Reentry for it.

The vehicles are expensive (not just wise, but actual, real-life $$$ wise.) Substitutes for the Black One and Ghost are fine - throw in Y-Wing and Z-95 Headhunter, or even a couple of Upgrades to up survivability (like Lone Operative), but I don't see this deck working as well without two copies each of the U-Wing and the Millennium Falcon.

Rookie Pilot is a possible substitution to Ezra Bridger - Force-sensitive Thief - if you prefer consistent rolls to resource generation, then that's the way to go.

Two copies of Quadjumper in place of the two copies of the T-47 Airspeeder. This looked great on paper, but I tested it and found that they were not necessary with Ezra in the mix to bring in the resources. But the people are crying out for those Quadjumpers so throw them in instead of the Airspeeders if you're of that persuasion.

Thanks for reading! All of my decks are a constant work in process. If you do try this deck out, let me know how it went, and what changes you made to suit your playstyle.


Alper 39

I really like the deck and was thinking about something similar. What about Quadjumper? Bring it in with Hera for free, resolve the die, use it’s action to replace it with something that will stay on the table.

What do you think?

CorranHorn1212 1

Not sure what you are using leadership for. You have to exhaust hera which means you can't roll her in and you can't leadership a support

Alper 39

He meant Lead by Example on Maz :)

CorranHorn1212 1

He specifically says reroll with leadership in first paragraph. Either way you can't reroll a support with either of those cards

Veldryn 2

I have a hard time not seeing Quadjumper having a place in every Hera deck. Getting a U Wing, of Falcon for 2? Can't pass that up

imsosick03k64 1

When you realize he didn't put recycle in the deck... hahahaha!

godofcheese 1

When it says Leadership in the first paragraph, I am assuming it means Strategic Planning (would be the 1 cost event doing what he is describing)

Ajones47 576

@CorranHorn1212 @godofcheese Thanks for pointing out the error. Although Leadership wasn't included in the actual decklist, I did mention it a couple of times in the write-up when I meant Strategic Planning.

@Alper @VeldrynI played with Quadjumper and found it too finicky and ultimately unnecessary. It looks great on paper, but in reality you need to have it + something big, hit Hera's special, not have that special controlled, play the QJ, spend an action swapping it for the something big... It's easier just to double-down on resource generation and play the vehicles you actually want the usual way. Your mileage may vary.

@imsosick03k64 Recycle is unnecessary and goes against your win condition in this deck. If you play it and find otherwise let me know.

megandyg 69

I played this deck at a 14 person tourney tonight and got 3rd. It is an amazing deck! The Quad Jumper action was amazing. I'd stock up a bit more on dice mitigation than this deck shows, just for survivability with hard hitting aggro decks, since Maz and Ezra are so squishy.

Ajones47 576

Maybe I need to review the inclusion of the Quadjumper. I played it in this deck four or five times before ditching it, because it never seemed to pay off.

@megandyg Do you have a version of your deck up?

StaticCat 40

I would totally dropp Ezra Bridger - Force-sensitive Thief put in Rookie Pilot and I would also take out some of the other less needed cards and put in 2 Recycle that's a must for this deck as you may have 2 falcons or UWings or any other big ships in your hand . . . roll out Hera Syndulla - Phoenix Leader hope to hit her special, then use that put out the big guy, roll in, if you have a reckless then do it again, finally Recycle that for the resources, then actually play the other one and have it stay there for the game (unless of course something gets rid of it). Also I would MOST definitely add 2 Quadjumper to the deck to make things even cheaper if you've Recycle and have the resources, then have a Quadjumper you can play something even cheaper and it gets discarded anyhow . . .

Give a try and good luck.

The Recreator 1

Have you looked at Y-Wing yet? It's mediocre early game, but late game its special is absolutely brutal.

Also, you should try out Chance Cube on Maz, even if just for fun. It's ridiculously profitable.

Ajones47 576

@StaticCat You can build this two ways: reliable resource generation to hard cast vehicles, or fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants luck with dice-fixing to try and cheat in your vehicles. I prefer the former, but if the latter is more your speed then Quadjumper and Rookie Pilot are absolutely the way the go.

@The Recreator I agree, the Y-Wing is a card that gets better the later you are in the game. I think it would be better suited to the Rookie Pilot variant of the deck - that way you could fix the two blanks on that Y-Wing. Nice trick with Maz+Cube!

megandyg 69

@Ajones47, yes I do now. Follow the link for "Inspiration For".

BigDaddyGoblyn 301

This Deck really needs to have a bit more mitigation. I was wondering if this Deck has a place for Cunning? I have something like this in the back of my head brewing, I love the write up.

Rhinospidercat 14

Played this list minus 1 lead by example last night and it is nuts. Rolled in the same ywing 3 times for a special in one turn. Hera can have a hard time surviving the 1st round, but as long as you can get use out of her before she goes down you can usually maz cheat your way to victory.

Jimmydehand 410

I run mine with Recycle because I'd rather have the cash to actually play the supports. A first round U-Wing can set you up with money for the rest of the game.

If you don't get a vehicle or two out all your opponent has to do is kill Hera and the game is over.

Nutter1557 1

"The big mid-game combo is to Partnership -> Maz Kanata - Pirate Queen with Strategic Planning -> Roll in Maz and two vehicles -> resolve two dice through Maz"

Strategic planning lets your Ready or Exhaust a support, Not activate it, so this combo doesn't work.

jozan 1

I think that Strategic planning should be Lead by Example. You can't put Strategic planning on Maz

shoeshine 14

At an event yesterday I used my old early SoR Poe Rey deck, and had quite the upper hand against a Hera/Maz/Pilot deck. Makes me think this deck isn't as good as it seems, to be taken down easily by a deck that can't hang with emo boys and rainbow fn.

ScottExPA 256

I think your resource engine is predicated on a rules error. Unless you have both copies of Long Con in your discard you're only getting 1 resource when using the Millennium Falcon to resolve it from your discard. Long Con specifies that you need another copy of it in your discard for the extra resources, the copy you're resolving isn't another copy of itself.

I think this has to be the case as it's unrealistic to expect to get both early game, and using a 5 cost support to generate 1 resource seems like a bad ROI.

Catsuiuqui 1

barrinmstr 7

I enjoy this deck a lot, and only swapped out the Long Con for something a bit more cute. I figure if you're already swinging for the fences, why not play Our Only Hope? In the end, I wouldn't play it at a tournament...but it's fun to futs around with.

kurosnake 1

@ScottExPA I got a lot of use out of Long Con (luckily) by discarding it first round for rerolls and then pulling another copy a turn or two later. If that does happen, then Millennium Falcon can take full advantage of this and it pays dividends. I don't know if there are better options but it felt fantastic to get that resource generation going. I got 9 resources from it that game.

jamrock 25