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Destraa 360

Classic Villain aggro is back with Jango Fett - Lethal Mercenary! The new RRG (v1.5) dropped today eliminating elite Cad Bane - Vicious Mercenary/elite Captain Phasma - Ruthless Tactician as a four dice pairing, but leaves this dynamic duo intact at a perfect 30 character points. If features an essentially untouched weapons and event suite, trading Prepare for War for a pair of Salvage Stand to capitalize on Fett’s double resource side dice that can snatch away any resources gained from Truce or One-Quarter Portion. While Jango doesn’t have that hefty 3/ side that Cad does, he can roll out more consistent damage because you won’t be paying to land that hammerblow in response to an opponent’s character activating.

Looking forward to playtesting this pairing extensively over the next couple of weeks. All I can say, however, is Hail to the King, baby.


Scactha 882

Love seeing some Jango action again after these dark times of FN bs! Top fun.

vitalis09 331

Well that may be one hotness in the new meta. Only concern is that you are glass cannon - 20 hp with almost no defensive cards.

mightypants 1

Something I'm trying with this deck is Main Plaza - Vashka. It can mitigate the low health total reasonably well if you can claim most of the time, which you should be able to do in a lot of matchups, especially if you add in a couple more speed cards.

Destraa 360

@mightypants Depending on how influential Salvage Stand is, I may switch it for Drop Zone and switch battlefields to Main Plaza - Vashka for sweeping damage spikes based on claim speeds.

@vitalis09 Jango has always been a glass cannon build. From Jango/General Veers - Field Commander in Awakenings to the moderately lived Jango/FN-2199 - Loyal Trooper. it’s job is to hit hard, hit fast, and aim to defeat a character on turn 2, early 3 at the latest.

Dave Sharona 601

Love this pair together, but you NEED some defensive cards. Armor Plating, Dug in, or even Personal Shield

Icarus 105

How do you think this deck will do when paired against Sabine/Ezra and/or Quigon/Kanan?

Destraa 360

@Dave Sharona Not necessarily, but that bears playtesting to see if I will or not. That’s what my FLGS’ Casual Night is for. Especially with the meta shakeup.

@Icarus Sabine/Ezra it should do well against, especially since you can’t lock it out thanks to Jango’s simultaneous activation as Sabine, making Running Interference far less useful. Against Qui-Gon Jinn - Ataru Master/Kanan Jarrus - Rebel Jedi, it should also fair well as it’s got a definite speed advantage over that pairing. It bears testing, as it does against any possible meta combination currently.

Icarus 105

Do you think that jango/phasma could out-pace or even out-burst a sabine/ezra deck? The Never Tell Me The Odds plays are killer, literally.

FN-42069 1

So why no Electroshock?

Destraa 360

@Icarus There’s a reason the weapon suite is setup the way it is. It was sickening with Cad Bane - Vicious Mercenary what it could do. Jango loaded to bear, who activates in response to a character activation, can unload a legitimately threatening amount of damage that he can resolve before you remove it. Unless you Swiftness or Infamous Never Tell Me The Odds, it can be dealt with. Especially if you have The Best Defense... in hand to gut the best dice.

@FN-42069 I’ve moved away from Electroshock in mixed yellow because of the requirement to spot a yellow character, and value 2 or less. One-Quarter Portion has no spot requirement, nor is it restricted to dice valued 2 or below. So, unlike the former, it retains its usefulness even if Jango is defeated.

Joshg103 1

My only concern is what’s the need for imperial HQ I think u can run cards like prepare for war etc and more removal just to be on the safe side but I like the concept bringing back the classic

Destraa 360

@Joshg103 Imperial HQ is for resolving the 2/ on the Holdout Blaster and 3/ on the X-8 Night Sniper, increasing your damage output without dipping into your resources that could go to playing weaponry or helping to overwrite the 2 cost weapons for the 3 cost ones. I found it incredibly useful when Cad Bane - Vicious Mercenary/Captain Phasma - Ruthless Tactician was a thing before RRG 1.5. Nothing hurt that deck worse than rolling out Cad and not having resources to resolve those pay sides. And being none of the weapons other than Captain Phasma's Blaster is red, Imperial War Machine does nothing for you.

Foz 1024

With all clean character dice and few pay sides on weapons, Imperial HQ is bad value here. It takes 2 pay sides to even make you a buck, which isn't that likely in a reasonable time. It worked for Cad because he had two pay sides on each of his dice. This deck has zero on characters.

Dug in is a thing you want, it's one of the more valuable 1-costs. Bury things that are consistent but have less potential in order to make room. If not in place of the Imperial HQ slots, then I personally would remove One-Quarter Portion to fit it.

I don't like Relby-V10 Mortar Gun, it's needlessly expensive. You have better options in DH-17 Blaster Pistol, F-11D Rifle, and possibly Imperial Discipline. ID is actually a big deal in fixing dice to ranged and/or helping squeeze out resources in early turns, and easily overwritten later. redeploy should speak for itself in a deck with such low HP, and DH-17 is one of the best value ranged dice that can be purchased. I heavily favor lower-cost upgrades in this deck as you want to get more dice down fast and can't afford expensive ones if you ever want to play your events too.

Joshg103 1

I feel you @Destraa but I just didn’t see any point I. That because u need defense and removal your gonna claim faster than your opponent and also u gonna deal a lot of damage if u roll 2damge on both jango or phasma. Just my opinion, but I know the hurt in cad bane lawd that was the worst expirence ever rolling 3 cost on north dice and no money sad day for cad bane lol

zmanfarlee 19

Played against this with my four wide vehicle deck (2 Hired Gins/ 2 Rookie Pilots). I was able to win but the deck had a lot of punch. Fall back gave me the time I needed but I had a second chance in the hole. I will say if you play a high health vehicle deck with this deck I would focus on just using your dice and not rerolling too much. I feel my opponent lost because too often I knew had free reight the rest of the turn.

Good Deck though

bboyspiderman 93

Been playing your build a couple days now and I wanted to say a couple things: I maybe had one time I was able to utilize Imperial HQ and constantly wished it was a "Dug In". It dies pretty quick to Palpatine and Mace Windu decks, but luckily I've taken them down by focusing on utilizing all the ambush actions to my advantage. Also, late game Mortar guns were great, but havign them in hand early on, wasn't TERRIBLE, but I'd have to Truce to get it out before rolling, and that lead to a couple "opponent gets 3 cost vehicle out turn 1" plays....bleegghhh

Let's talk about my changes:

  • I will be replacing one Mortar gun with one DH-17 The combo of being able to go, (truce)>(X-8)>(DH-17) on Jango first turn before I roll out in response to the opponent's activation is just too good.
  • I will be replacing one Imperial HQ and one Rend with a Dug in and a logistics (not amazing, but one is good to see early or ditch to reroll later if they kill Phasma). Rend was invaluable against Thrunkar, but now that it got it, you only want to see one occasionally for force speed and the mirror match (happened last night and discarded their Salvage Stand).

Overall, the best aggro deck in the game. It doesn't lose to shields, and can kill characters faster than they can mill you out. Against other aggro decks, get lucky and mitigate and you win.

I've taken a couple 2nd's, one third, and won a box tournament against the new most consistent deck, Rey/Ezra.

bboyspiderman 93

Above ^ I meant Sabine Ezra

mightypants 1

I agree with @bboyspiderman re:Imperial HQ. Only 6 pay sides in the deck, none of which are on starting characters. Using it and Rebel War Room seems like overkill to me

Destraa 360

New version up. swdestinydb.com