Jankar - Dutch Nationals winner 11-1

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Virani 358

I'm not really sure this still qualifies as jank, but this is the deck I brought to the Dutch Nationals today and won the event with.

After getting a lot of requests to share the decklist here it is :)

I know people usually write full reports on how to play the decks, but I believe it's more fun to disover for yourself how to actually use a deck.



Congrats for the finish! Do you think a full mill oriented version like this performs better than a crimelord/mill mixed version?

SillyJedi 477

Why would anyone ask you how to play this? Its clear as day its a Mill/buyout deck lol. Zero copies of crime lord and cant do damage.

Virani 358

@LPL I think it depends on the meta. When there are a lot of 3/4 character decks, Crime Lord loses a lot of its value and this deck can completely focus on removal instead of waiting and saving for the Crime Lord.

@SillyJedi Maybe because people that have seen the deck in play realise it is not dependent on Buy Out at all but the pacing of the deck is actually a lot more important?

Talontruth 1

What decks did you go up against?

Focus Ninja 1598

Yeah I'd like to know

Virani 358

Not sure I remember all of them;

FN Royal Guard Bala (finals)

Phasma Vader (swiss multiple times)

FN Phasma Bala (swiss and semi-finals)

FO Trooper FO Trooper Guavian Ciena (swiss andquarter-finals)

Death Trooper x3 (swiss)

Kylo FN (loss in the final round of swiss)

I did not play against the entire top 8 during the event but I did encounter all the represented decks.

The FN, Death Trooper and Phasma BabyVader decks were really close games and some I won with only 2hp total left. Vehicle decks are like easy-mode for this deck. Kylo/FN is very very difficult to beat but after the erratas you should have a little bit more room to breath.

chazz 157

A LOT more room to breathe. That this won in the old Phasma/Kylo meta is pretty impressive.

horbald 1

Phasma Vader (swiss multiple times) it was a 3 dice deck ? i mean it was old or new Phasma ?

Virani 358

These were ePhasma2/eBabyVader decks, so 4 heavy hitting dice.

flobob 7

Congratulation to the victory, very impressive that you win BEFORE the errata. Will give it a try soon :)

horbald 1

ok so the national was a pre FAQ ruling ? cause ephasma2/ebabyvader = 14+17 = 31pts for 4 dices

Virani 358

Yes, the event was the last day before the new rules entered the game.

Drink Blue Milk 100

how many cards did you mill with the two buy outs on average?

Virani 358

I think on average per game 4 in total. Like I said, it is not dependent on Buy Out at all :)

Grey 19

I sat next to this legend when he was playing the deck at the final table and both of the games played his buyouts were way to late but he still won those games. Buyout helps him in games but it is not the only way to win.

Admiral Raddus 16

Nice deck. Will have to try this out sometime.

Kerevek 7

Congrats! How effective did Datapad play in your deck? More on the lines of resources or the special side? I'm been working on Chance Cube more with the ability to do more things on your turn and increase the resource spend on buyout.

Virani 358

@Grey I think I even discarded a Buy Out in the first game of the final for a reroll.

@Kerevek Datapad is there for Salvage Stand, it’s special and He Doesn't Like You.

I prefer Datapad over Chance Cube since I do not like to pay for stuff, especially not if I don’t know what I will get.

schmiii 22

What did you mulligan for?

Virani 358

There is not really a simple answer to that question. It completely depends on your opponent and it’s biggest threat.

Just make sure to always keep a Blackmail and at least one Fast Hands. You should always ditch Buy Out, Unpredictable and Sound the Alarm to save these for later.

Looks like I did a small guide after all :)

BranFran 1

How did you beat decks that had ancient lightsaber? When I tested out your deck , they kept putting their ancient light saber or lukes protection back on the top which costed me the game? How did you overcome this?

Virani 358

@BranFran Claim -> activate Jabba -> Fast Hands discard die. Or in case you know they are going to do this, save a buy out.

RebelSpy 1304

Awesome deck, this looks like a ton of fun! Did you consider playing Friends In Low Places?

Virani 358

@RebelSpy I started playing the deck with Friends in Low Places, but somewhere it lost it's slot in the deck.

In my opinion there is not really a good time to play it during a round. If it is your first action you can not put pressure on your opponent, it you save it for later during the round, there is not really a good time between resolving discard dice, opponent playing cards or discarding to reroll and using Unkars ability.

Besides, except for Rend, most events you are scared of cost more than 1 resource. Them spending a card to remove one your dice actually benefits you :)

YesByGames 66

This deck looks great. I had Unkar Plutt - Junk Dealer & Jabba the Hutt - The Great and Mighty paired up but I found that it was trying to do too much with Second Chance & Buy Out and also Crime Lord and was very inconsistent. This is streamlined and awesome. I am switching right away.

YesByGames 66

Errr. I meant to type Chance Cube in the post before this one.

Virani 358

@AcesHockey Yes I started this deck because I wanted to play some fun jank with Crime Lord, but quickly discovered Crime Lord needs you to completely focus on setting up that plan and makes you very vulnerable with all those angry force-using crybabies around.

Vszeus 1

Is there any video of your games ? Would love to see it in action

Virani 358

There was no video at the event unfortunately.

MegaSilver 1

`@Virani how would you update your deck for Legacies? I love mill and made some changes to your deck with the new set. Furthermore, how are you able to keep the speed to mill someone out in time if you're not counting on a big Buyout turn? Thanks!

MegaSilver 1