eKylo2/General Grievous w/ guide - currently undefeated 8-0

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eKylo2/General Grievous w/out Ancient Lightsaber 1 1 0 1.0

the BEAST 1079

(This is version 1.0, original version was deleted because I forgot a card.)

Of all the villains in Star Wars, General Grievous has always been one of my favorite. The thing is, I was never able to use him in a good deck. But now, the time has come... this is my version of a GG/Kylo deck that actually works. Let's go strait to card choices.


To build the deck, I wanted to try something different. I decided to use more blue weapons so I could benefit from It Binds All Things and Shoto Lightsaber.

Upgrades :

Electrostaff - The only red upgrade in the list. It's ability is just amazing. I like to use it with General Grievous - Jedi Hunter.

Ancient Lightsaber - An awesome blue weapon. That healing ability is just too good.

Crossguard Lightsaber - Can take out some shields with its special and do direct damage as well.

Shoto Lightsaber - One of the main upgrade in the deck. Having it with other blue weapons can give survivability or do damage. Two of them on one character is even better.

Lightsaber - This card takes the place of the Z6 Riot Control Baton for one reason. It's a blue weapon. It has synergy with It Binds All Things and Shoto Lightsaber.


It Binds All Things is an awesome economy card. It's easier to get value with it than with Imperial HQ.

Events (Most of the removals are self-explanatory so I will explain other cards)

The deck includes 12 removal cards - Deflect, Overconfidence, The Best Defense..., Doubt, Sound The Alarm, and Feel Your Anger.

Other events include:

Logistics - Possibly the best ressource generation card offered by command.

Intimidate - So many shields running around. it can be up to 3 damage from hand for free!

Feint - This card is included as a one-of. It can be used with Kylo Ren - Tormented One for his ability, but it's also good if he has a Shoto Lightsaber equiped. For this reason, I believe it is better than Lightsaber Throw.

Clash - This card is the other one-of. It's good against other melee decks, but useless against ranged decks.


Rebel War Room - Yavin IV - Ressource can be tight if we don't get It Binds All Things early in the game. If our opponent claims, it won't do so much more for them, and this deck is generally fast.


After 8 games of testing, the deck is currently 8-0. It can beat Sabine Wren - Explosives Expert/Ezra Bridger - Force-sensitive Thief and Bala-Tik - Gang Leader/Ciena Ree - Adept Pilot/Nightsister. Rainbow 5's is harder because they have 4 colors in their deck. On the other hand, Sabine/Ezra has 2. Deflect is good against both decks. General Grievous - Jedi Hunter stops the deck from doing lethal damage when redeploying upgrades.


Sabine/Ezra - 4-0

Rainbow 5's - 2-0

Mace/Padawan - 1-0

Poe/Ezra - 1-0

Next testing will be against Poe Dameron - More Than A Pilot/Rey - Finding The Ways.

If you have any questions/feedback, please leave a comment and I will reply as soon as I can. Thanks for reading!


Ion87 25

Look forward to hearing about testing against R2P2 goes! Nice decklist, been working on a griev./k2 combo too but so far just haven't had time to get any play with it.

GenghisDon 100

I dislike Overconfidence. I prefer Use The Force as it can come in handy as a self die turn or an enemy tie turn. I also think you shouldn't overlook Tactical Mastery. Tac mastery with Kylo roll in and resolve is a game winner. Hate having all the +sides nullified by letting my opponent have a chance to remove my lone black damage die. I don't own Ancient Lightsabers so I use Praetorian Guard. It fits GG well helps keep Kylo alive that little bit longer since he always gets focused first. Those are just some thoughts of mine. I love this deck and it is my 2nd favorite deck to play behind eCad/eCiena. A turn 1 Electrostaff pretty much means game over.

the BEAST 1079

@GenghisDonSome people like overconfidence, others don't. As for me, it's my favorite blue removal. Tactical mastery doesn't have that many uses in this deck. I don't think it's that useful. I had praetorian guard before but decided to use a blue upgrade version. I agree that electrostaff is awesome and it was the only red upgrade I could justify taking out.

@Ion87R2P2 testing will probably be this weekend. Do you have a link to your list so I can check it out?

Husher315 23

Went 5-1 with this tonight without the Ancients. I LOVE this deck.

the BEAST 1079

@Husher315Yes, it's really fun to play. Did you use my decklist or another version?

Husher315 23

@the BEAST I don't have Ancient Lightsaber so I kept the Z6 Riot Control Baton in there. Didn't even end up using them and still won by good margins. Everything else is the same. I guess then card I'm sure bout in there is Feint.

CBMarkham 365

Deck needs Promotion. I can't emphasize enough that if you have a significantly beefy red character who you do not expect to be targeted first, your deck should pretty much always have 2x Promotion in it.

People have a hard time grasping exactly how good a card with zero opportunity cost is. It's T1, people. Don't ignore it just because it's subtle. Also, why no copies of Force Illusion? That card is is very efficient for the cost.

hansalad 1

@CBMarkham Promotion isn't zero opportunity cost. It costs 1 Resource and an action for very little benefit. It effectively has 2 blanks and only a +1 for damage. The focus is nice, but not a legitimate selling point.

I do, however, like Force Illusion whenever I can find space. But if you're going to suggest a card to add, you have to suggest a cut or your suggestion doesn't hold as much weight.

CBMarkham 365

Fine, you got me on the action. Although if you're playing for speed I mostly think you're doing it wrong to begin with. It does not cost a resource however, since upgrades can be overwritten. The second you find an upgrade you'd rather have, you can replace Promotion with that, meaning that it cost you neither a card nor a resource. That's exactly what makes promotion so insane, but people don't respect it because they don't understand that getting a few decent sides for FREE is 10 times better than getting slightly better sides at a real cost. If anything, thinning your deck to 28 cards is worth the inclusion alone. =P

For example, if you correctly included Promotion and Force Illusion, you could roll out the Promotion on turn 1 an yield the benefit of a resource, shield or focus symbol without actually using 1 card, and then next turn if you needed to, you could replace Promotion with the Force Illusion effectively refunding your $1 and making the period of time you did roll Promotion TOTALLY free. Too good. Can't believe people still don't respect it.

CBMarkham 365

I do think this list is a decent start though. Sorry for fanboying about Promotion that hard. Didn't mean to bag on you. As for suggestions on what to add and what to cut, here's how I'd do the list:

2x Promotion 2x Electrostaff 2x Force Illusion 2x Shoto Saber 2x Ancient Saber 1x Lightsaber 1x Crossguard Saber 1x Dark Counsel

2x Binds All Things

1x Lightsaber Pull 2x Doubt 2x Sound the Alarm 2x Deflect 2x Overconfidence 2x Feel Your Anger 2x Logistics 2x Intimidate

Ta2d2 1

3-0 at GNK with the exact list, really strong!! Turn 3 killing Palp is very satisfying

the BEAST 1079

@Ta2d2 I'm glad you like the list!

gold4tune 1

Simple question :) I don't have any ancient lightsaber and I'm not a fan of Z6 Riot Control Baton. Heirloom Lightsaber and Crafted Lightsaber are comming. What the best replacement. I know thes question always comming. I like low cost weapon, but may be I'm wrong.

the BEAST 1079

@gold4tuneCrafted Lightsaber might do well at the end of a round if you have it binds all things on the field. Definitely swap blue weapons for blue weapons. Have fun!

Husher315 23

@the BEAST have you thought about swapping Grevious in this deck for the new Anakin Skywalker - Conflicted Apprentice card and making him elite?

jeremyeagles 10

@Husher315Of course, he starts by stating his premise is trying to build AROUND grievous ( I love the character as well). Apart from that bit of obvious issue, without Imperial HQ possibility or Electrostaff, an all blue team will be starved for resources. Will need to wait for legacies I think to make that viable, otherwise I would hate toying around with chance cube. Maybe heavy reliance on dark counsel would help a bit. Clash would be stronger. I hope in the future they make some event / upgrade cards that will strengthen GG's ability.

the BEAST 1079

@jeremyeaglesexactly. I want a good GG deck. Plus, mono blue is my least favourite deck to play.

greed9138 1

Curious to see how your R2P2 testing is going as well as Qui-Gon/Rey.

MrCarrier 1

How is the R2P2 testing going?

Dave Sharona 606

What's great is as long as you play the right people, ANY deck can go undefeated!

the BEAST 1079

@Dave Sharona I playtested the deck against someone who won a store champ and got 2nd place in another one. Yes, any deck can be undefeated, just don't play a game with it ;)

@greed9138, @MrCarrier, it's not over yet. I will tell you when it's over. Gui/Kanan doesn't look like a dangerous deck to me at all - mono colored and lower damage.

the BEAST 1079

Haven't been on here for a long time sorry about that. I'll have to publish some new decklists soon!

Theebestwar1 137

Ever since WotF came out have you considered using Way of the Force to put on General Grievous - Jedi Hunter? (I think his die is worth 3 resources.)

the BEAST 1079

@Theebestwar1I wouldn’t use this deck in WotF. If you’re looking for a Grievous build, I recently posted a list using the new one, General Grievous - Fearsome Cyborg.

Theebestwar1 137

@the BEAST I like this deck and the only thing I would change would be get rid of Clash and add Way of the Force. It would less the damage going to Kylo Ren - Tormented One and if and when he dies General Grievous - Jedi Hunter can pack a big punch. Though I like your General Grievous - Fearsome Cyborg deck using Snoke - Supreme Leader sometimes I use Unkar Plutt - Junk Dealer for resource gaining. Anyway thanks! Great Deck build.