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bootchas 133


outro 123

Have you considered Switching Jyn for Padmé?

And why include Rebel? Trying to duplicate All Quiet On The Front?

RobBarg 3

I just played a game with this deck (almost beat its creator). The Rebel can be used to play Field Medic to save you from his over wacky contraptions.

RobBarg 3


CharlieWonka 78

I feel this will need a Second Chance or two. Going to try these characters together for sure. Can I also recommend Scout for this deck and the amazing Strike Briefing.

bootchas 133

rebel (because of jyn's ability) is a free way to get used events from your discard pile, played out.

bootchas 133

I originally had strike briefing in this deck, but I decided to use rebel to loop my honor guard instead of it. It only mills the top card. You would be suprised, second chance has not been needed once.

bootchas 133

Lopsinho 1

no removal? jyns ability is useless 93% of the time , play padme instead.