Jabba the Hux (Top 4 HI Regionals)

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DiveNude2004 106

Nice deck with fast resource potential, and several opening hands that can let you execute a Crime Lord in the first turn.

The main focus is to get Jabba's discards and take away the opponents hand for rerolls and mitigation, while shielding up and collecting resources for crime lord or buy out. Hux is great support with his 2 focus and special for mobilize. His own discard side helps as well, especially when Jabba goes down and you only have a few cards left to mil.

If you can get double fast hands and Blackmail on Jabba, it is easy mode to get ride of there hand on the opening roll of the turn. Put chance cube and personal shield on Hux for money and shields. If you draw Blackmail later, put it on whoever has more health. Hux with Blackmail is just as nasty.

Use Maz's Castle to cycle through your deck for Ace and Crime lord. Keep an eye on you dice/cards for potential resources, and let the opponent claim thinking you wont have enough resources, or if you milled their hand, then there is little concern for them to mitigate CL die once rolled in.

5 Round Swiss

Round 1: Store Champ Bye

Round 2: ePalp (w) Ace in Hole Crime lord with Hux down and 1 health left on Jabba in round 3 or 4. Didn't pull any mitigation cards, so it was painful. Got just the right cards/resources and rolls to pull off the CL.

Round 3: eHan/eSnap (w) AIH CL eHan, and mil with Jabba down and 2 health left on Hux and Planetary Uprising on board. Had to claim, luckily no damage on eSnap roll.

Round 4: R2P2 (l) Mil, but a good enough final roll to kill Hux before end of round.

Round 5: eSabine/eEzra (w) AIH CL eSabine, 8 card buy out to mil final round (time) with Jabba down and 6 damage on Hux.

Finals Top 4

Lost in 2 out of 3 against same R2P2 deck, who went on to win Regionals.

The one person I lost to was the person I play tested this deck against, and he knew what to expect and exactly how to beat it. During play test, it tore through the R2P2 deck, and that was before adding Crime Lord. Definitely owe him for urging me to add it...wouldn't have won the other matches without it.


freakshow808 38

All 3 matches we played were awesome and extremely close! The play testing is the only reason I won those, that CL and double Fast Hands on Jabba is nasty!

Schattenriss 1

@DiveNude2004: thank you for sharing the interesting list. I do play testing but I am not sure which character combination is better: Jabba/Unkar or Jabba/Hux?

Do you mind to share your opinion on this?

DiveNude2004 106

@Schattenriss Jabba/Unkar is definitely a good combo as well, but I went with Hux for his 2 focus, discard, range and special sides, along with the fact he's Red. Originally I had more red in the deck to break the mono color in case of Kylo2. Ideally I want to run the deck with burning cards in hand ASAP, and if you are getting and using Jabba's 2 discard, then there shouldn't be any cards left for Unkars ability. Most decks out there have a lot of 0 and 1 cost cards in them, making it a big gamble. And you will likely be removing 2 of your dice in order to trigger his ability. Hux's 1 range side also allows for a sneaky Loose Ends, if you roll it on activation, or you have plenty of focus sides to turn to it. 4 cards off the deck for 2 resources as an ambush action is nice. Tactical Mastery is also nice to be able to execute a few different combos without concern of being mitigated.

For me, it sorta came down to which set up I was having more fun with and was causing less heart ache with roll outs. I wanted to avoid the need to burn any cards on rerolls, and as long as I rolled 1 focus side, I could chain focus with Hux's die. If no focus, the other dice sides were all still valuable. Hope this helped a little.

Schattenriss 1

@DiveNude2004: yes, this has helped. I am on both sides of the fence. What you have explained makes sense.

In my test games (approx. 10 vs R2P2, Kylo/Vader with 5 Jabba/Hux and 5 Jabba/Unkar), I found out crime lord to be the match winner. Normally I do not use Unkars ability. But he can get Crime Lord (yellow character) and he generates with his two resource sides, resources to pay for crime lord.

For my test games I run a minimal different deck list. For example, I do not use "my kind of scum".

Next tests are against Rainbow 5s and Sabine/Ezra!

Schattenriss 1

@DiveNude2004: btw. two yellow characters are only needed if the opponent attacks Jabba first - however this is my experience.

DiveNude2004 106

@Schattenriss:Having the two yellows is good, but I rely mainly on Ace in Hole for Crime Lord. Jabba will pretty much always be attacked first. Otherwise it was pure mil of the hand. Save the resources from playing Crime Lord on a character for Blackmail or buyout. My Kind of Scum could easily be replaced, it was just there to help gain resources fast if you roll out disrupt with Fast Hands Jabba. Kill their resources while building your own.

Sabine Ezra wasn't too bad, obviously Crime Lord Sabine ASAP, and it is easy. The 5s was the deck I was really worried about going up against. If I did, I wasn't planning on using Crime Lord, it had to be fast mil. Discards and buyouts.