Swamp Thing - Hamilton Regional winner. Chance Cube Deck

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CodeBreaker (Mat Cousineau@Chance Cube) 1336

The main concept of the deck is to use Sabine's ambush action to combine Force speed, yoda's die, maz's goggles, all in, never tell me the odds and running interference for all kinds of combo's that don't allow your opponent to react to or mitigate your dice. With Maz's vault, yoda's die and the battle field, this deck has more than enough money to play out the upgrades and still use some of the expensive events. The last play of the tournament was a Never tell me the odds and exhaust running interference (can't play a card) for 13 dmg killing a full health, fully shielded Yoda. This is a play you can manage to get off on a regular basis running this deck. Not to mention All in's, force speed into focus etc... lots of tricks that this deck can pull off consistently. The crux of this deck is resource management and overwrite management. Once you see your hand, plan out your turn... is there any chance sabine could be killed this round? if so make sure you DONT overwrite unless you have enough money to hardcast a second chance/illusion. This deck relies entirely on Sabine. keep her alive at all costs! Don't get caught overwritting an upgrade and then not having the money or ability to overwrite late in the turn when sabine is within a killshot. I've switched out one card since running this, took out anticipate and put in Daring escape, still a 2 cost even that can blow out your opponents turn but has ambush and a little more utility than anticipate.

Enjoy the deck and if you try it out, let me know how your make out!


EliteWampa 1

Today I learned to fear this deck. It's serious. Congratulations on your win!

Villain 121

Why is Sabine better than say Elite Zeb with Elite Yoda? Is it the ability to generate all that cash while being able to choke out your opponents resources with Sabine's 3 disrupt?

Jdubb247 1

nice work!

ahrimanormuzd 2

Nooo! I've been experimenting with this deck for the last 2 weeks and now you've spoiled it.

CodeBreaker (Mat Cousineau@Chance Cube) 1336

@Majestix I experimented a bit with a similar build but with zeb and for me, it’s Sabines action cheating that sets her apart. Also, her 3 sides are also free. Sorry @ahrimanormuzd . Lol I’ve been working on this deck for a long time and Yoda made all the difference.

ahrimanormuzd 2

@MatCouz @ Chance CubeI was running the Sabine Ezra version during EaW. Yoda + force speed + all in + impulsive has made the deck even better. I noted that you didn't used impulsive. Didn't need it with all in?

talism 36

im going have to give this a go, played sabine/ezra all though EAW, the combo riffic you can do with yoda seems good

ahrimanormuzd 2

Another thing. Why use Outer Rim outpost over moisture farm? I have not found the extra card useful, and have even found it to be a disadvantage against discard/mill.

Schattenriss 1

@MatCouz @ Chance CubeCongratulations to win the tournament. Against what decks did you play?

tz5 1

Why 2x Maz's Goggles? Did you ever run into drawing too many non-weapon upgrades?

King 45

@tz5 Its to special chain then remove problem cards from opponents hands.

amustoe 47

Played this guy on tts once, I remember the deck name. Great deck and a true gentleman!

P11grim 15

I’m still stuck in my old Sabine ways. Why no truce?

CodeBreaker (Mat Cousineau@Chance Cube) 1336

Hey guys, I’ll be recording a tournament report this week and it’ll likely drop by the weekend. Keep an eye on the chance Cube podcast feed for it. I’ll tey to address some of the questions asked here. Thanks for the interest and support. Keep it coming.

huskaroo 1

What would you play if you didn't have Force Speed?

chazz 157

@huskaroo eSabine/eEzra :P

CodeBreaker (Mat Cousineau@Chance Cube) 1336

@huskaroo Before slotting force speed into this deck i was going back and forth between elite yoda and elite sabine.. without speed, i'd consider going elite yoda, it would be slightly less bursty early but more controlling and balanced. If you go elite yoda, take out maz's goggles and maybe slot in impulsive and maybe another two mitigation cards to replace force speed. make a more controlly deck rather than a super burst. If you don't have force speed, you might consider this deck instead as well. swdestinydb.com

Shayde 38

I've been playing this since Legacies dropped (helped that I had only one Yoda at the time). Those Illusions are CLUTCH.

I have quite a different build though. More removal and some thermals to toss.

I was wavering on taking Sabine to Miami... your win has inspired me to.

Sir Fuzzy Walls 13

@MatCouz @ Chance Cube Glad to see you took the win! I played vs you with palp and others a few times on tts.

CodeBreaker (Mat Cousineau@Chance Cube) 1336

@Sir Fuzzy Walls I remember. The godrollin palp lol

CodeBreaker (Mat Cousineau@Chance Cube) 1336

@Shaydelet me know what your list ends up looking like and how you faired. I've got this build running really smoothly, would be curious to see another version.

Shayde 38

Sure will. Mine isn't much different, just truce and well connecteds instead of some of your non-upgrade choices, and no goggles.

adran06 254

So.... does playing a card with Ambush through Sabine trigger the Ambush effect?

adran06 254

Also, can you play cards with Sabine on top of pre-existing Upgrades like it was from your hand? So I could avoid costs by paying from an already-in play card?

CodeBreaker (Mat Cousineau@Chance Cube) 1336

@adran06correct, ambush effect takes place, this is what makes Sabine so strong, and yes. you can overwrite the same way you do from hand.

adran06 254

@MatCouz @ Chance Cube..... copies the deck for himself

Shayde 38

Ambush cards on Sabine's activation is why people squealed about her being all OP a couple months ago.

adran06 254

@Shaydeyou act like I would have any knowledge of this...

Kiminiwisi 7

Did You test Double-Dealing instead of Maz's Vault?

CodeBreaker (Mat Cousineau@Chance Cube) 1336

@Kiminiwisi yes i did, not quite reliable enough with only 1 yoda die.

quixote 88

I like that you proved that the new mantra of, you can't play 3 starting dice decks wrong. You certainly can when all your dice are hitting the right sides most of the time! Great Job! IG-88 - Assassin Droid is my favorite character and I've wanted to make him work so bad. Sabine Wren - Explosives Expert pairing with Yoda - Wizened Master inspired me to try mimicking this deck with Blue focusing supporting IG-88 - Assassin Droid. Obviously not in the same league, but thanks for the inspriation! swdestinydb.com

Shayde 38

@MatCouz Hey, I went 4/3 and placed 18th in Miami. I got my ass handed to me by mill decks. Twice. Bad luck on the draw.

CodeBreaker (Mat Cousineau@Chance Cube) 1336

@Shaydereally? strange, usually mill decks don't stand a chance!

RebelTraitor 259

why is it called swamp thing? I don't get it. or the BR is BROTK

bboyspiderman 93

@RebelTraitor brOTK stands for Blue Red One Turn Kill.

@Shayde @MatCouz @ Chance Cube I agree, mill has a really tough time with Sabine/Yoda especially. One of the main strengths of Mill is the ability to:

But, against Sabine:

  • More often than not, they will not be able to entrenched before the damage comes at them.

  • More often than not, they will not be able to mitigate the dice before they are resolved (i.e. Yoda - Wizened Master special chain into Force Speed , Sabine Wren - Explosives Expert + ambush weapons, and the deathly Double Force Speed resolve into four extra actions into first action Sabine Wren - Explosives Expert activation with Hidden Blaster to pop a shield and give another action [back to 4] and then the ability to ditch and reroll, use Maz's Goggles to focus, etc. for a massive 14+ damage depending on your field [sometimes I throw a holdout on Yoda for extra umph])

  • More often than not your opponent will not be able to touch the cards in your hand that matter (i.e. All In, etc.) as you will use them with your Sabine Wren - Explosives Expert activation action (if you grabbed ambush..... which you did.) The cards in your deck matter, but less than normal decks as you have 7-8 guns that don't mind being discarded out of a 30-card deck, so milling them doesn't feel bad at all.

  • More often than not, the ability to keep consistent shields on Yoda's Quarters and Jedha Partisan will be difficult to do as: 1. Jedha will be dead. and 2. you'll start throwing damage at Rieekan, and if he goes the deck goes. Yoda doesn't really stand well by himself, even with cards like Chance Cube Force Meditation and Rebel attached [although at that point, just kill Yoda - Wizened Master instead and you win.]

Mill's only other hard match-up is with another mill deck that is more specialized to milling, like an eYoda/eRieekan deck you'll be seeing here or there.

With enough practice and focus on damage and 'who-to-kill-and-when', you'll be a mill take-down master in no time.