Maul's Saber Partyfest

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dough54321 139

This deck is all about abusing Maul's Lightsaber +4 side. The cards are geared to make the damage count in a BIG WAY!

Fett's ability is just great. Couple that with Heirloom Lightsaber or Maul's Lightsaber and you can do some extra damage and still use those dice to resolve a second time.

I think B'Omarr Monastery - Teth is becoming the battlefield of choice. It works with Maul's Lightsaber real nice, too.

Add in Vibroknife to the mix and you can have a Maul's Lightsaber party!

The thing I like about Bait and Switch is that it ensures your roll on anything can be turned into damage. With ambush, you can turn something into damage and add it to a modifier, say, Maul's Lightsaber to complete the party!

Please, post deck-helping suggestions!

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