Aayla/2Padawan - 5th in London Regionals

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Echo7 86

Played this deck in the Regionals at Magic Madhouse EXP this weekend. Came 5th overall.

It performed fairly well, but I made a few in-play and deck building choices which I would make differently now.

Close Quarters Assault: Fantastic for discarding. I used this a couple of times to discard a hand/most of a hand, meaning I could re-roll/focus dice without worry about mitigation
Concentrate: Really added some much needed consistency
The Power of the Force: Powerful for resolving single focus sides as triple focus.

Swiftness: Once very useful combined with concentrate. Felt more like a win-more card.

Rey's Lightsaber did me no favours. Too expensive. Would have been better replaced with Lightsaber Pull to get the Handcrafted Light Bow or Shoto Lightsaber at the right time
Into The Garbage Chute. The Padawans are normally the ones with the weapons, so there's no-one I really want to exhaust.
Caution. This deck works best when it hits hard. Removing rather than re-rolling/focusing doesn't seem to fit with this plan, and it's useless when I've only got one character.

I also think that Something familiar would be a nice addition as it's almost guaranteed to work against Talzin, and stands a decent chance of getting a 3 focus for 1 resource against her. More focusing would be good.
Adapt might be good. More resources would have been useful.

Game reviews:

  1. vs Kylo/Talzin (2nd place overall): LOSS. a bit of a non-starter. He played very well, and Kylo's ability did 10 damage in the game. Always going to be a tough match with mono.

  2. vs Poe2/Hondo: WIN. Some lightsabers and a couple of Overconfidences to remove specials meant Hondo died without doing anything much. Yoda was not long behind.

  3. vs Hera/Maz/Yoda (I think) Vehicles: WIN. Concentrate and Ancient dispatched Hera quickly so the vehicles never really got going.

  4. vs Sabine/Ezra: WIN. I did not get my dice mitigation when I needed it, but he was relying heavily on discard for re-rolls, so couldn't optimize damage. Force Speed and Concentrate combo finished off Ezra one action before he was going to finish off Aayla.

  5. vs Phasma/Boba (4th overall): LOSS. I thought I had this one, but a critical mass of guns ripped through my shields to finish the match. In retrospect, I should have pushed harder for the Light Bow and Force Misdirection combo to remove damage

  6. vs Hero Mill (Rieekan/Yoda/Partisan). I chose his battleground so he got no shields, and a very early Shoto kept pinging his shields. Rieekan just couldn't do his thing. I was able to get a couple of handy lightsabers for damage, and a Close Quarters Assault sealed the victory

  7. Playoff vs Rainbow 5 Bala/Talzin/Trooper: Having never once played against Bala before, and not thinking very carefully, I attacked Talzin first. Big mistake. I was getting damage, but then a Padawan died, he reactivated Bala, killed another Padawan, another reactivation. Armed with 3 guns. Second game I just couldn't draw the weapons and Bala died too slowly. I had two rolls at the end with Aayla to roll 3 damage total and couldn't get the damage. She died from Backup Muscle first action next round. Maybe I could've done better, but I was playing against a solid deck with a lot of hit points, that kept focusing my dice with Talzin.

Overall, great tournament. I think I really need to work on my play if I'm going to do better with this deck, as Kylo2/Talzin is so powerful against it.

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