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Zardra123 162

article to be posted shortly.


dpuck1998 46

My current favorite deck, I like the use of Fort Anaxes - Anaxes, I'm using Obi-Wan's Hut - Tatooine right now. How is Force Speed doing for you? I tried it and didn't like it as the deck isn't very fast with all the dice manipulation and three characters. I also ditched Lightsaber Pull since there are so many weapons I always seem to have at least one in hand. Lastly, have you tried Lightsaber for the redeploy? Or Obi-Wan Kenobi's Lightsaber combo with Shoto Lightsaber is pretty nice as well. I'm still tweaking and dreading facing Kylo Ren - Tormented One but love this deck!

dpuck1998 46

Almost forgot, Heightened Awareness with Obi-Wan Kenobi's Lightsaber late game is killer! Not sure if its a win more card or actually good though.

Dave Sharona 606

Love it. Been playing a really similar list with Temple Guard over Padawan since launch and have been working in the Padawan...much more early game pressure.

Still can’t decide whether Aayla or Yoda is better elite. I like Yoda in the Late Game (eAayla so she is the Target) but early game ramp/tempo can be disgusting with elite Yoda.

SillyJedi 471

This has been my secret deck for the longest time :( Didnt see any lists on it until now. Its a powerful deck and its Kylo2 match up isnt terrible either


I made a similar deck a while ago. I knew it wasn't going stay hidden for long. Good job.

Zardra123 162

this deck has already been modified for the better, going to do some recordings on TTS and post for your enjoyment.

dpuck1998 46

Thanks! Can't wait to see the changes and if any match up to what I've done with it.

GumbyDog234 7

I agree with dpuck about Lightsaber, its special can chain with Yoda's or Aayla's special for 2 unblockable. Also, Bestow can buy an extra weapon die for effectively free if used on the Padawan with a single weapon (activate and resolve her dice, play Bestow to move the weapon to a ready character so the weapon die can be rolled in again, then the one resource saved for the weapon on unequipped Padawan pays for the cost of Bestow)

dpuck1998 46

Hmm, Bestow sounds fun I'll have to test it out.

765charlie 1

I like your desk list a lot but it really bad when facing Kyro. Btw I'm the kid who play Kyro Talzin on Friday.

Wags 28

@Zardra123where Can I find the article/video about the changes?