Raayla - 2nd place Atlanta regionals

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crawwurm 138

Full write up now featured on The Hyperloops https://www.thehyperloops.com/raaylaatlanta/

finals boba 7th - L

top 4 sabine ezra -W

top 8 mirror -W

7 sabine ezra - W

6 vehicles - W

5 R2P2 - W

4 obi maz - L

3 vehicles - W

2 mirror - W

1 boba 7th - W


Ion87 25

Congrats on the great performance! Can you comment on how often you felt Decisive Blow was a valuable asset to your game? I like the card and inclusion on paper, but curious about how it actually performed.

crawwurm 138

Here's an excerpt from a what a hopefull soon to be published tournament report on it:

"Definitely a flex slot, definitely not mandatory, but definitely worth trying. Incredible at breaking decks with a single loaded up character. This was the card I ran to push a Raayla mirror from being 50-50 to slightly in my favor. Past turn 3 and 4 you tend to have resources piled up and characters are having 5 die slugfests. This card makes usage of those extra resources and can negate nearly the other player’s entire turn. If you are not in a situation where this will or even can happen (e.g. I discarded it in a mirror match to get better value out of my dice) pitch it to reroll and don’t sweat it. This is the only card that is dead in some matchups and I can live with a 1/30 being extremely powerful in some games, and having no text box in others."

It definitely did it's job and helped me break a mirror game I was losing in the top 8

TheHyperloops 3654

You can see tournament report at www.thehyperloops.com/raaylaatlanta

ordinaryjedi.ddu.network 834

@lon87 Decisive blow can also be used in conjunction with Reaping the Crystal.