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runningonion 1022

If you are looking to play something a little off the radar and surprise someone with a team kill on turn 1, this might be your cup of tea.

The point of the deck is to draw your entire deck on turn 1, Premonitions a Launch Bay and then Salvo it to hit the entire team for up to ~11 damage on turn 1. If anyone is still alive, Strategic Planning to hit them again.

How do you draw your deck on turn 1?

Mulligan hard for Award Ceremony, but keep things like Don't Get Cocky.

Roll in your characters, don't re-roll, and save any discard sides for Rebel later.

Start drawing cards with Award Ceremony, or if you don't have it yet, start digging for it with all the other card draw. Remember you can Trust Your Instincts with no dice in the pool to cycle, but it is also good to try and get the instructor to a focus side. Once you get going with the Award Ceremony, start Rebeling it, you may have to Tinker to a discard side.

Save Investigate for a last resort to find something you need, and make sure to arrange the cards to allow you to draw them all.

Then just roll out your Launch Bay (free with premonitions), and laugh your way to victory.

If your card draw is unimpeded, you can get a full kill about 50% of the time on turn one, in my testing. However, if you're opponents know what you are up to, or they have Close Quarters Assault in their opening hand, you may be in trouble.


jddykstralegacies 1

Could you make room for Friends in Low Places? Might help to get rid of CQA etc.

Chi3f1n6 21

I like it, but isn't Launch Bay's die weak against mitigation? You're basing most of the deck's success upon rolling it.

Maybe add C-3PO to guarantee a symbol with Launch Bay? Or maybe another copy of Strategic Planning, since you'll be reactivating such a high-value support.

This deck has at least some meme potential, so I'm gonna put it in my experimental rotation and see how it goes!

ferrsabs 78

Chi3f1n6 he has . FiLP to mitagate removal

MonksGamingBattlefield 387


RebelSpy 1304

The memes are strong with this one. Definitely going to try this out!

Icezox 7

As everobody said I would put 2 Friends in Low Places and add 2 Scruffy Looking Nerf-Herder to remove mitigation cards before activation Launch Bay

vitalis09 331

That is fuuukkkin genius! :D

ferrsabs 78

Icezox this deck is choked on resources already so FiLP is better than scruffy

Icezox 7

@ferrsabs Yes but there are decks that use mitigation that is more costly than 1 so scruffy can get that mind trick. And even with so much draw you can miss the FILP that you need. So I would put it si that you can have 4 cards to get that mitigation out

ferrsabs 78

but those are 4 cards that aren't getting resources or drawing cards or getting free focuses and to the removed dice there is always endurance

Icezox 7

Of course that works to but since I have no endurance I think with the cards I have

JBowser 57

This looks like a great candidate for the Jankku Jankyard @BobLobLaw94 GDP

ChillinCapuchin 20

Now to just memorize the strategy haha

Buffybot 317

Wow. This is probably the most creative and ingenious deck I've seen. Thanks for sharing it! Has anyone played Strategic Planning to exhaust your Launch Bay before you've got it off? But it would be supremely cool to play Strategic Planning right back at them to ready it again!

Davclarke 60

Love this deck, and some of the stuff touve done (especially investigate). I’ve been having fun with different versions of it in our local meta since SOR. Current using luke and fearless version thats slower but fun with partnership.

Heres original

Valador 11

Nice version of launch bay. I feel launch bay decks are some of the most fun in destiny. I personally like making them draw there entire deck and discarding it with c-3po, but salvo makes for a neat combo.

Ozmodon 1

What about Jedi Council? Just use it on yourself

Kriesha 4

Hilarious as a mirror match. Neither will want to Premonitions just because you can steal the others Premonitioned Launch Bay, unless theres been some errata that I dont know of.