THE OG Palp (9-3/16-5 @ KublaCon's GQ) - Monk's Baby :)

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MonksGamingBattlefield 387

So, you want to Palp? Do you have what it takes to control all this power? If so, read on...

GOAL: To make Palp Tier 1!
RESULT: 9-3 in Standard Tourneys, but with PODS went 16-5!!

I think I have just done it? You tell me in the comments below.



---------------------------------------END ANNOUNCEMENT--------------------------------------

TIP: Huge thing with this deck is knowing your opponents deck and what it does and can do in a turn. Just like any deck you play, but with only 15 health, this is ultimately crucial. Piloting skills are needed to win with it. It is never a plug and play aspect, as a lot of people think. There are all the times to take damage, and then other times to inflict and that's what this deck is ALL about. Knowing when to take the damage and when not to. When to take shields, when not to. So on and so on.

Day 1:

  1. eThrawn/eTalzin (Available on The ChanceCube's Twitch - Day 1 Vid, First Match!) - W
  2. eSabine/eEzra - W
  3. eRey2/eAayla (Stairs) - W
  4. eHondo/eYoda - W
  5. eObi-Wan/eMaz - W
  6. eBoba/eSeventh Sister - L (Available on The ChanceCube's Twitch - Day 1 Vid, Last Match!) ... Look carefully at this match...

Day 3:

  1. ---BYE---
  2. eKylo/eAnikan - W
  3. eSeventh Sister/Nightsister/Ciena Rae (OTK) - L (Misplay: Killed NS, not CR)
  4. eBoba/eSeventh Sister - W (Rematch of the AGES! Curtis's 6-0 Deck from Day 1)
  5. eRey2/eAayla (Stairs) - W
  6. eSabine/eEzra - L (Misplay: Didn't discard, didn't take away the for sure NTMTO)

Want more information or want more than this write up? Check my YouTube, MGB - Monk's Gaming Battlefield, out LIVE on May 29th or watch the video from that day to get more insight!


Thank you for taking the time to read this and hopefully catch you around on the Battlefield!

Monk Out!


Negralma 4

Great write up, great video and thanks for sharing the Palp love. My question is about resources. I always struggle with my resources on Palp. How did you ever manage to have 5 to pull of a Rise Again?

5P33D 75

If you were going to forget Kylo existed what gray cards would you take out, and what cards would you add?

Razelll 244

Great job going 9-3, but why only 1 Resilient?

symbio 233

this decklist is LEGIT! congrats on taking palp so far man. not easy and clearly u put in the reps.

MonksGamingBattlefield 387

@Negralma - Sometimes I made the sacrifice to not use resources like one resource. a round, or both. All depending on what they rolled out, simple and easy. I have only 1 in the deck, so I'm not really trying to save for the rise again play. I want to kill them before I would even need it.

@5P33D - easy! :D It will all be mine, abandon all hope, use the force, unyielding, feel the force... great cards for palpatine

@Razelll - KYLO!!! :D real only reason. trusted 2 Endurances to recover from the lost Resilient. 2 more grey cards :)

@symbio - Thanks man! truly appreciated and hope this helps everyone who wants to try this list! :D

StaticCat 40

This deck has gone through so many "changes" and I'm happy to have been a participant in helping you during the play testing you piloted it like a champ going 5-1 (doubt go - too soon - lol) you were a champ in my eyes. This deck is a beast and will continue to get better with Way Of The Force coming soon.

Regardless of what anyone else says this deck is amazing.

MonksGamingBattlefield 387

Thanks a bunch and for everything @StaticCat!!!

biulk6 1

Congrats on your finish! I really like this decklist, especially the Now You Will Dies. I think that so far this card was underrated in Palp builds. I have a question though, why the All Ins, I don't think they are there just to profit for the occasional focus on the Force Speed.

MonksGamingBattlefield 387

@biulk6 all in is another action cheating way to get to the 3s that the opponent cant deal with. You roll a focus with force speed and all in for 5 wxtr damage they didnt expect, plus it is a way to get away from Kylo! :) that 5 extra damage or being able to resolve both palp die in one turn, could make or break a match. Shield and discard sides together and still doing 4 damage is nothing to snuff at. :) all depends on how you think about it.

artyzipp 7

Love this deck. I have been piloting something similar but I have been using the battlefield Imperial Palace. It helped me destroy a vehicle deck. Quickly killing Rose, deal some indirect damage with a 2 discard, claim and look at the hand to discard their best vehicle. Thanks for sharing. Now You Will Die is a great addition

MonksGamingBattlefield 387

Thanks @artyzipp!!! I can see the use of Imperial Palace! Its so good but I think the way I run this deck, I need the healing :D lol

artyzipp 7

No doubt. The healing and then damage dump is great. I am testing some Trilogy decks right now, but I always come back to Palp.

cjnj193 265

were you ever able to play Rise Again

cjnj193 265

jk reading is hard

MonksGamingBattlefield 387

@cjnj193 yes I was able to pull it off! All about sacrificing sometimes to pull it off :D No worries, it is hard :D Thanks for the comment though!

Theredworm 37

Aw you never ran into any mill? Nice run monk!

MonksGamingBattlefield 387

@Theredworm I did run into mill during my practice games and during trilogy day only. Thankfully. But I have my way with dealing with mill :D

MonksGamingBattlefield 387

Thanks btw @Theredworm :D 834

This looks like "certified trash" :P Congrats on your wins!


Very new to the game and also very interested in running a solo Palpy. Just wanna say thanks for sharing your list, you've shown me a lot of cards I didn't know existed (like Resilient, holy crap is that good for the Palp) I can use to improve my own rookie build.

I'm really glad to see solo Palpy can do well competitively though, I was afraid only having one character would be too much of a disadvantage.

MonksGamingBattlefield 387

Oh it is @ordinaryjedi :D Thanks man!

@SKRAAAW - I was hoping the deck and write up would help people! Welcome to the Destiny world and if you need or want any help, there is so much content out there to pull from on Youtube and Twitch: Hyperloops, Artificery, Jackalmen Games, Double Blanks Gaming, Sir Christopher (CX Three), ChanceCube, Knights of Ren, Star Wars Destiny Center, NooBrainer, T3 Gaming, Thundershot Games, Golden Dice Podcast, Rebel Grey, RebelSpy, Sith Holocron, and myself, MGB - Monk's Gaming Battlefield! If you are not subscribed to the above, it might be a great idea :D

MonksGamingBattlefield 387

OMG Mr. Chip is going to kill me! Also, listen to Discard to Reroll! :D

artyzipp 7

@MonksGamingBattlefield did you say there was some video of these matches?

MonksGamingBattlefield 387

@artyzipp - yes, the ChanceCube, on twitch, broadcasted KublaCon's Galaxy Qualifier matches! They are incredible people (Jason, Mike, and Sarah) helped made sure others could watch in the process! This is the link to the Day 1.

Danik13 539

Love it! Thanks for sharing ! I'll try this one out for sure!

MonksGamingBattlefield 387

@Danik13 thanks for the thanks! :D try it out and let me know what you think man! :D

artyzipp 7

Just played this and love it. Watching that last game with the Doubt was painful. That and no force speed or resilient :(

MonksGamingBattlefield 387

@artyzipp glad you like it man! yup, but an epic match with a fault, me and my opponent and the judge overlooked. sad day but great epic match! :D

artyzipp 7

It was a great match, and I have been there with not getting the upgrades you need for mitigation.


@MonksGamingBattlefield just curious about your thoughts on Obi-Wan's Hut - Tatooine as opposed to the Main Plaza. It's a kind of indirect heal without the risk of your opponent being able to claim it and put a bunch of damage on you. The games that I've played so far once someone gets a feel for what I'm doing they start claiming early just to prevent me from getting the extra shield. That could be devastating if I've been using it to heal and they decide to claim to pop the damage back on me.

I get that it could easily go the other way but I personally don't like that risk

MonksGamingBattlefield 387

@SKRAAAW - you are completely right in this. The issue is, right now, no other deck can be "really" faster than you. You are one character deck, already faster than all the other ones, and plus a force speed is ridiculous, or even a swiftness. you will claim 95% of the time. Or if they choose to claim then, that for sure means they are leaving the possibility of more dmg on the field then them doing to you with this battlefield.

MonksGamingBattlefield 387

@SKRAAAW - it makes it so, they truly have to really think about claiming or not. rather than not worrying about it.


@MonksGamingBattlefield - That's a good point. My original build was kind of slow because I was unaware of some clutch stuff before that really speeds the deck up.

Sadly I don't have Force Speed and that's a pricey one, but now I know about stuff like Swiftness and All In so I'm sure it will work a lot faster next time I play.


@MonksGamingBattlefield Thanks again for all your help!

MonksGamingBattlefield 387

@SKRAAAW - Thank you! Hope I did help lol :D

Bminny 48

How did you like Fortify? I am using Taking Ground right now and it is really helping win the roll off but sometimes it isn’t important to win the rolloff. I would really love to hear your opinion

MonksGamingBattlefield 387

@Bminny - I like it a lot, grants the ability to have 3 shields when you bf is not chosen. For me it seems like a lose lose situation for my opponent. No matter what they are bringing to the table. To my deck, I want the shields and or life as much as possible. Be faster and make sure I get at least 8 dmg a turn of I can help it. Hope this helps?

Bminny 48

@MonksGamingBattlefield thanks a lot

aces1973 58

Thanks for posting this MGB - took a close copy of this to top 16 in the European championships on the weekend. Respect!

MonksGamingBattlefield 387

Mad respect man and I'm so thankful I helped in any way! Congrats man!

MonksGamingBattlefield 387

@aces1973 forgot your tag lol

Luckiertech 23

tips for fight a vehicle or mill deck?