Kylo Pryce - Store Championship *1st*

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Mysterious Kook 406

Took 1st place with this deck at a store championship in Louisville, KY on 7/7. There were 17 players, and a lot of good competition. The event was 4 rounds with a cut to top 4. I decided to run Kylo at this event because I figured a lot of people would be trying to get in one last tournament with Sabine and Aayla before they get balanced by the force, and thus I'd be able to prey on monocolor decks. Sabine and Rey/Aayla were also pretty popular choices in the pre-WotF meta, and figured people would just play what they knew. The meta was very diverse, and there weren't a lot of monocolor decks, but I got lucky with a couple matchups.


Round 1 - Leia/Cassian Mill

I focused on Leia and was able to secure a kill in Round 3. His Cassian dice weren't rolling very well, and once Leia was off the table there was a lot less discard pressure. I was able to find both my Ancient Lightsabers for some mill insurance, and ultimately I ended up milling him out with Pryce's discard sides after he had pitched to reroll a lot during the previous rounds trying to get Cassian's dice to cooperate. Win 1-0

Round 2 - Luke3/Aayla

I was able to kill Luke early in Round 2 with a New Orders play and that was basically the game. He had no redeploy weapons out yet and Aayla was no match for a full health Kylo and barely damaged Pryce. Win 2-0

Round 3 - Lando/Yoda Mill

This round I definitely got pretty lucky. I focused down Yoda, killing him Round 3 with a Throne Room claim on Crossguard, and luckily milled both Second Chances and a Hyperspace Jump with Close Quarters Assault and his Force Illusion. The key to this matchup was staying ahead of him on claiming to keep the pressure up. I also rolled above average this round, which definitely helps against mill since every card counts and pitching to reroll can be dangerous. Win 3-0

Round 4 - Kylo/Snoke

I anticipated this game was going to be a slugfest, but I was able to burst down Kylo pretty fast and control his resource generation by mitigating his Chance Cube. I had the advantage of always being able to tag one of his characters for 2 with Kylo's ability, while keeping a good mix of blue, red, and gray cards in my hand. Snoke is scary, but he wasn't able to utilize his power action very much since I kept applying pressure to Kylo. Win 4-0

Top Cut

Semifinals - Luke3/Aayla

This was a rematch from round 2, and while he was able to play a more competitive game this time, I was still able to take out Luke early in Round 3 while having a full health Kylo. Aayla did get some good damage in, but the extra 2 damage a turn from Kylo was too much to overcome.

Finals - Poe2/Cassian

This was a very intense game. I had no mitigation early and he was able to do a number on Kylo while I wasn't able to get much going. Kylo died in Round 3 and Pryce already had 4 damage on her from Cassian indirect damage. I barely finished off Cassian that round with an Intimidate removing 1 shield and a 2 melee from Pryce, but I had to face a full health Poe2 with Poe's Blaster and a DH-17 equipped, all while my opponent was looping Suppressive Fire and Honor Guard with Docking Bay. Force Illusion showed up on time, and a clutch Feel Your Anger removing 2 dice allowed me to claim the battlefield and set up for another New Orders play. I was very lucky and rolled out Pryce with an Heirloom and Ancient equipped and rolled double Special on Pryce and a resource on Heirloom. He wasn't able to remove both the Heirloom die and the Pryce dice and I was able to turn the Heirloom to the 3 and resolve it +1 with Pryce since I had the battlefield for the kill. I played the New Orders anyways because I already had the line set in my head, but didn't need to. I think there's a lesson there about re-evaluating each play, regardless if you already have a specific line of play in mind.

Moving forward I think I'm going to swap 2 Shoto for 2 Vibroknife and cut It Binds All Things. Just having Logistics felt like enough resource generation, plus with Pryce you can always use her special to get 2 resources if you control the battlefield. I'm also going to try to work in another copy of Tactical Mastery, and potentially another New Orders. Force Speed probably deserves a spot too. I believe this list can be vastly improved, so any suggestions are welcome.


Husher315 23

What was the second BF you brought?

Mysterious Kook 406

@Husher315 I didn’t bring a second. I’m assuming you’re alluding to the New Orders plays I described. New Orders is in the deck so you can get Throne Room in case you lose the roll off or you take your opponent’s BF for extra shields.

Razelll 244

how do you feel about playing two of the smae unique and having a dead card in your deck? like would you consider adding a second dagger of mortis?

lev 27

Electrostaff being red is too much of a downside (IBAT) to make up for its strengths with Kylo?

Mysterious Kook 406

@Razelll I think a second Dagger of Mortis is just about preference. I played Lightsaber Pull, so I felt like having one to search for was enough. The card is very good, so playing 2 anyways might just be correct. I wouldn’t cut the Heirloom for it though. Making sure you have several weapons that will redeploy when Kylo dies is important.

@lev Electrostaff is interesting, but there’s only the one pay side in the deck, so I think there are just better weapon options, plus Pryce’s special helps make that 2 for 1 resource side much less of an issue. Also you’re not able to use Pryce’s special in conjunction with Electrostaff to deal damage (a corner case for sure, but something to still consider).

superalex598 31

Is it legal yet to play WOTF at store champs? I thought you had to give two weeks?

Mysterious Kook 406

@superalex598 WotF was legal for this event. The 11 day rule only applies to Premier events, which is Worlds, NA/Euro Champs, and Nationals. The product is legal upon release for all other events (including Store Champs and Regionals).

drbearsec 1

With Throne Room what was the TO ruling with Pryce? The rulings I'm seeing are that if you didn't already control the BF before claiming, then you weren't able to resolve with a plus 1 on Pryce claiming. It went back to a Docking Bay ruling that was similar.

lev 27

This deck is not looking too slow so I can imagine he would often already control to battlefield to begin with. If it does end up under your opponent's control, you can still use it on Crossguard Lightsaber.

Mysterious Kook 406

@drbearsec Myself and all of my opponents were under the impression that if you claim Throne Room, you get the Pryce +1, even without controlling the battlefield initially. Can you point me to the Docking Bay ruling you’re referring to?

SgtStenen 26

@Mysterious Kook I think the ruling @drbearsec is talking about is from the Rules Reference, page 30:

If I use my action to claim Docking Bay (D153), and I use it to play Outmaneuver (D149), do I get the resource from Outmanuever? • No, you do not get the resource. The card was not in play when you claimed.

I don't think this is the same as using Emperor's Throne Room - Death Star II to turn a die. I'm not 100% sure about the timing and queue, but I think that Keyword 'Claim' mean that you take control. Then you turn the die, which is allready in play, to a . Then you resolve it, with control of the battlefield. That's at least how I interpret the rules.

borghe 291

The only info printed in the RRG states that you use the claim ability, if you don’t have ownership you take ownership. While there is no explicit statement that one happens before the other, there’s also no explicit statement that they happen simultaneously. I think unless the RRG is updated we have to go with 1 claim ability 2 take ownership

borghe 291

To clarify I’ll just copy and paste (I should have. Sorry) “When a player claims the battlefield, they may use its claim ability. If they do not control the battlefield, they take control of it and move the battlefield card next to their deck. ”

Those are two sentences. So the only info we have now is that first you use the ability. Then you take ownership. Anything beyond that is assuming intent at this moment. Though I do agree that this needs to be clarified either way.

Bminny 48

@Mysterious Kook why no Leadership? I think it is really good so you can get the Kylo ability again and if you are putting some of the weapons on Kylo then you get to roll them back in

Mysterious Kook 406

@drbearsec``@borghe I've emailed FFG to try and get an official response. I was under the impression that gaining control of the battlefield and using the claim effect happened at the same time, but I see the ambiguity now.

Mysterious Kook 406

@Bminny I forgot about Leadership. Resetting Kylo could be brutal. I don't think I would want more than 1 copy though. Pryce's dice are very valuable in the deck.

Moophisto 455

If you cut the IBAT, I think you run Riot baton over the heirloom, as the rio tbaton can redeploy off either character, whereas the heirloom only redeploys off of Kylo.

dpuck1998 46

Played this deck in a store champs today, lost the first time (went 4-1 but made top 4) then beat it twice in semi's. It is really good, but I quickly learned to take out Pryce and that seemed to help shut down the engine. Don't get me wrong, Kylo is still nasty, but at least it ends the free dice manipulation and what is basically a 3 damage when claiming. It was great games by a great player and I got a little lucky in the final roll.

LordRaleigh 1

I was the 2 Rd victim to this deck. I will not be playing a mono color deck anymore while Kylo exsists. Mysterious Kook is one of my favorite players, he has history in deck building and I love to watch him play, except when he is my opponent lol. My lesson from watching his final game was to never give up. I felt he was behind most of the game and in the end he came through on pure skill. He’s a modest guy and in the same situation in my opinion 98% of players would not have won. Congrats again man. Well deserved.

Three-Dice-Thunder!!! 47

`@Mysterious Kook - I am also looking for a ruling on Pryce and Claiming Throne Room - we had some discussion about it up here in Indianapolis. Will you please post what you find out....? Best, Dan

darkwonders 1

Very nice deck. Now I want to see if I can make a trilogy only version of this deck as that's when I started playing the game.

dpuck1998 46

@Three-Dice-Thunder!!! I didn't even think of this, but reading both cards it really does need a ruling. My understanding of Emperor's Throne Room - Death Star II in the past was it was only "THAT" die and if it affected other dice you could not resolve those as well. Arihnda Pryce - Unscrupulous Governor say you have to resolve another die, so I could see the argument that it didn't work with Throne Room. That makes this deck a lot worse for sure.

TheKraftyOne 287

@Mysterious Kook yah if you were ruling the battlefield in that manner it that would explain a lot. The ruling from the rules reference that is on the FFG site says “When a player claims the battlefield, they may use its claim ability. If they do not control the battlefield, they take control of it and move the battlefield card next to their deck.” So order of operation is to use the claim effect first, then take control. So when you resolve Pryce die you don’t have the battlefield prior to the claim effect (assuming your opponent does have control)

drbearsec 1

Oh it’s still an excellent deck regardless of Throne Room. Won several SCs this weekend. Just now probably doesn’t need new orders for example.

JediConsular4hire 72

@Mysterious Kook This was the the pairing I thought of when going through all the characters from the new set. Very cool deck! I would have been concerned about controlling the battlefield. How often were you able to claim and did your opponent ever claim early against you knowing you had Pryce specials in your pool?

Also, how often did you use The Best Defense...? I guess it could be useful in a pinch, but paying one resource and dealing 3 damage to one of your characters feels like a steep price to pay for removal.

dpuck1998 46

The Best Defense... doesn't feel very bad when you are able to mitigate 6 total damage and only take 3.

Mysterious Kook 406

@JediConsular4hire I was able to control the battlefield most of the time in the games I played. I played the deck pretty aggressively and wasn't afraid to leave some dice in the pool to maintain battlefrield control, especially on Throne Room. Against the Lando/Yoda mill deck there were several rounds where I didn't even get to roll Pryce in because I was prioritizing battlefield control so highly. The Best Defense is a steep price to pay, but it can be huge if you ruin your opponent's pivotal turn with it. You can cut one for a second Overconfidence, but I think you want at least 1 copy in the deck unless the only decks you're playing against are super aggressive.

artyzipp 7

I still don't see how the order of operations doesn't work here. If you claim and resolve that special, the action of the special lets you manipulate another dice, so it should work just based on order and logic, right?

drbearsec 1

@artyzipp Because in the order of operations you do NOT control the battlefield on the claim... It goes Claim... then control. So in this case... Your opponent controls the BF. You claim the BF... at this point, your opponent still controls the BF. Then you can use the claim ability and after either resolving it or not using it... THEN you take control of the field. The Claim ability falls in between you claiming and then taking control, which is why you can't use it unless Pryce already controls it. That is how the rulings from people, such as their head World's judge have been.

mrk4539 1

Except there is no "then" in the rules description of claiming the battlefield, meaning the two events could be simultaneous. Everyone keeps adding it as they are discussing it, but when you read the rules it does not read as emphatically as some are making it. It read to me as all one action, split into multiple sentences for grammatical reasons.

mrk4539 1

The kraftyone posted a word for word copy of the rules a few posts above.

drbearsec 1

@mrk4539 . Well the main judge from Worlds is saying you can't use it if Pryce wasn't already in control. So just saying... until they publish something, that's the ruling i'd use.

Savagegamer001 30

@drbearsec do you know where he said this? It if is online can you please link to it? That seems pretty definitive.

The Aggro kid 1

Great deck! I tried it multiple time and it worked out really well.

artyzipp 7

Have you made any card adjustments?

Mysterious Kook 406

@artyzipp I haven't had a chance to test it out, but moving forward I'm making these changes for sure:

-2 Shoto -2 It Binds All Things -2 Lightsaber Pull -1 Best Defense

+2 Vibroknife +2 Force Speed +1 Tactical Mastery +1 Overconfidence +1 Z6 Riot Baton

The Z6 Riot Baton is a flex slot, but I'd like to try it out in the deck. I'm dropping a Best Defense for an Overconfidence because I expect aggro to be popular in my area right now, and I don't want to be dealing myself a bunch of damage. Intimidate is another card that you can shave one of as well if there aren't a lot of shield generating decks in your meta. I've been thinking about trying out one copy of Mind Trick as well, but I wanted to make those other adjustments first.

drbearsec 1

So here is my question... Why drop Shotos for Vibro if you aren't seeing a lot of shield decks? Just for the ambush? For the grey weapon? I would think Shoto would help in the mirror.. aggressively go for shotos and speed during the mulligans.

With you on binds... I've been going back and forth between logistics or chance cube (I run a dark defense though so the extra is nice.

I've also been going back and forth on Overconfidence vs FYA. I love the blow out potential of FYA.

Nice Deck overall.

Mysterious Kook 406

@drbearsec The main reason I want to try Vibroknife is to circumvent Force Illusion. Also it pairs really well with Pryce's special, dealing 2 unblockable as long as you have the battlefield, and I think it fits the aggressive nature of the deck a lot better by being "free" as far as action economy goes, which helps you retain battlefield control. Feel Your Anger is one of those cards that I love to hate. I think 1 copy is great, since the card can be devastating, but it's not a card I want to rely on since there have to be blanks for it to be useful.

drbearsec 1

Makes sense on the Vibros. I think i like Shoto a little more but I get it. FYA might be a little better now if Yoda falls away

The Aggro kid 1

I kept the shoto lightsabers instead of the vibroknifes and one lighsaber pull instead of the z6 Riot Baton but my question is  Sould we get rid of one Intimidate for another card because we already have the Crossguard lightsabers that can deal 3 damage instead if they have one shield or more and you just need one Intimidate for the beginning if you take your battlefield and they don’t split their shields? Also, if they split their shields, you don’t need it at the beginning. What would you add instead?

Mysterious Kook 406

@The Aggro kid You can definitely cut a copy of Intimidate. I expected a lot of Hero blue (since it's been pretty popular in my area) for the store championship, so I kinda maxed out on shield hate. Not sure what your current list looks like, but there are a lot of options. Maybe a second Feel Your Anger or a Mind Trick if you feel like you want more removal.

The Aggro kid 1

Could High Ground be good since this deck has control of the battle field most of the time?

MatthewRen 1

Well you were all wrong. Emperor's throne room works fine with Arihnda. I hope some of you are the facebook trolls I argued with over this. Cause I was right...

TheKraftyOne 287

@MatthewRen You do realize that they changed the ruling of emperor’s throne room to work in favor of pryce? They had a holocron UPDATE to make it that way PRIOR to this. You must be troll and not understand how dates work or English works. You were never right.