WotF - Just Sabine!

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Derived from
None. Self-made deck here.
Inspiration for
Just Dooku! (villain version) 3 2 7 1.0
Solo Sabine - 1st Place (20-person Store Champ) 65 49 30 1.0
Savine vs. the Universe 0 0 0 1.0
Chewe from the streets 0 0 0 1.0

njculpin 51

Just curious... why use Sabine over Jyn Erso if you are not using the thermal keyword in Sabine's ability?

njculpin 51

oh nevermind, misread sabine... thought it said only if it has thermal can you play from discard. carry on.

cjnj193 265

This is why we can’t have nice things

RebelSpy 1304

Sabine was never a nice thing :)

Aestein 35

I think this deck looks like a ton of fun and potential. I think you need to include In The Crosshairs

Tuark 235

Why not include Streetwise as well?

truth123 311

too slow

amustoe 47

If I may suggest a name: Sabine, Party of 1

Jorgyn Ryys 190

Gnarly rolls aside, the fact that this works is terrifying.

dough54321 139

Watched your video. Crazy fun!

Henslesax 73

Did you consider trying out Bravado ?

superalex598 31

Please...let the past die...

Scactha 882

Awesome. This brings hope for a host of benchwarming chars.

Razelll 244

@superalex598Heros get remembered but legends never die.

Scorpio Bandito - GDP 347

@superalex598 Kill it, if you must

Phillipdw12 23

Have you considered eSabine with trusted informant?

GandalfsHat 11

This deck is hilarious, especially in the fact that it works! Top notch stuff, my only real concern is that she eats dirt against indirect decks like battle droids or "The Pryce is Right" type decks. Any counter to those?

HonestlySarcastc 246

Can we call it "Just a Girl in Her Own World"???

Rhavas 9

Fun deck, I am very curious to see it against a non-mill deck though. That said, I'm glad to see Sabine still doing her thing!

Noflow 1

@HonestlySarcastc I'm thinking single and ready to mingle

RebelSpy 1304

I'm partial to 'Single Lady'.

LegoRacer1 192

I really think that you need Fast Hands, or your dice will be removed instantly.

RebelSpy 1304

Fast Hands is very redundant on Sabine. Her hands are already super speed! :)

For real though, watch the video (or any Sabine game really) and you'll see why she doesn't need fast hands.

LegoRacer1 192

I have seen a couple of the matches, but I think that either Fast Hands would be good, then you can over right it later, or Quick Draw so you can play a ambush weapon, roll in, then resovle

RebelSpy 1304

@LegoRacer1 Right, what I'm saying is that you can already do that with Sabine based on her ability. You play an ambush weapon on her from the discard pile with her ability and because you get an extra action after you activate her, you can roll > resolve. She has fast hands/quick draw built in.

LegoRacer1 192

@RebelSpy Sorry, I forgot about that ability.

RebelSpy 1304

@LegoRacer1It's all good dude

GandalfsHat 11

Okay, so to recap: This deck shouldn't work. By all known laws of Destiny, this deck should absolutely fail. It has a six point build gap, eleven health, and one character. It's full of over-costed cards, and some fairly underwhelming weapons by WotF standards. Emphasis on shouldn't. I asked a friend to play this deck against a Grevious deck I've been working on, and had my poor cyborg handed back to me in pieces. I Dark Ritual'ed him TWICE. This deck should not work, cannot work, by every ounce of common sense is an absolute wreck: But it works. Phenomenally. I tested this multiple times after the first few games with different decks, just to ensure this wasn't a fluke or a bad deck build on my part. It beat my deck EVERY SINGLE TIME. It beat battle droids, it beat Kylo Anakin, It beat Mill, Rex, EVERYTHING. So congratulations, RebelSpy, You have turned the world of destiny upside down. Bravo. I look forward to seeing what you have in store for the future.

cjnj193 265

Got to try the deck last night but after a full mulligan and 2 rounds I didn’t get any weapons. How about Scavenge to speed up the deck or get your second chance that you had to pitch back?

Legal Counsel 11

Can't you play more than one plot if you have left over points?

Frankith 19

@Legal Counsel no you can only use 1 plot. @RebelSpy, why the Nature's Charm? Only card I'm not sold on.

RebelSpy 1304

@FrankithCause I love porgs :)

H.Sack 64

@RebelSpy I'm glad they finally put them on a card. The next step is Three-cost character with five blanks and a focus (three health). Although, that'd make Dumb Luck really good. :P

LegoRacer1 192

@GandalfsHat Some people used to/still do say that about Palpatine - Galactic Emperor, but he has the health and his ability. @RebelSpy This deck is good, I just hope I don't face it. Also, I just noticed how this deck turned into the place to discuss Sabine Wren - Explosives Expert.

Hoss-Drone 109

Any thought given to including lone operative?

staticc3333 13

This just goes to show how busted Sabine was / probably still is

Sith Holocron 291

I showed my friends this video you linked Mike and they all begged me to turn it off. Sick nasty plays my friend sick nasty plays! I’m going to build his to play pods with (evil cackle)