111 Player Store Champs Winner! "Miller Time"

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Mill da depressão 0 0 0 1.0
Top 8 Store Championship Yoda/Cassian Hero Mill 2 1 0 1.0
Yoda Cassian Anakin Mill - Won 2 Store Champs 48 34 34 1.0

Best Jrod NA 264

Round 1- Bye

Round 2- Dookie Mom, this match up is quite easy without them having force speed. The focus doesn't matter with the amount of removal I have. Dex's Diner also healed roughly 8 dmg in this matchup for me MVP card of match.

Round 3- Luke3 Rey2, Without action cheating again match up is in my favor but he also rolled incredibly poorly and game was never really close.

Round 4 (Finals) - Kylo Price, This was extremely close he killed yoda round two but I was able to load up cassian with with a meditation bartering and gun before he died. Dex's again healed about 6 dmg this game and in the crosshairs removed 8 dmg worth of dice for me.

This deck is so hard to decide who to kill first most people go after Yoda first and while I feel like its mostly correct its hard cause cassian is better at closing a game out. My cards that I am considering changing would be the Krayt Dragon Howl mostly because I never feel like I care about the mill 2 my deck does that well enough and I care more about actually removing a die.


the BEAST 1078

111 players and only 3 rounds of Swiss? Only a cut for the finals?

Best Jrod NA 264

It was a joke lol there was only 11

jcstiggy 19

No clandestine operation? It's a pretty consistent card to get 4 mill out of, sometimes 6-8 if you're lucky.

Best Jrod NA 264

@jcstiggy I’ve considered it but milling from dec has never been an issue so mitigation or discard effects were a higher priority!

erikktlog 35

Clandestine Operation would seem to work better paired with Leia, Yoda isn't going to hit is discard as frequently which is their only matching symbol. Surprised there's no Scrap Heap but it sounds like you didn't have trouble generating money

Best Jrod NA 264

@erikktlog I had it in before but swapped it out for bartering. That gave me special chain for money and it has a discard side.

jcstiggy 19


Clandestine works very well with Yoda more for his special chaining. Special chain his dice along with a force meditation, that’s 7 mill right there.

naven12 1

@jcstiggy the card states that the sides are "showing", so I don't think you can use Yoda's special to chain into other specials and add up those sides that you are resolving. It reads like they have to be showing before you begin resolving. I could be wrong, though.

jcstiggy 19


No it definitely works. Your action is resolving dice showing a special, doesn’t matter how it gets to a special as long as it’s within the same action. It’s “showing” a special as you resolve it.

Razelll 244

@naven12 @jcstiggy I have never thought of that, but I personally think it works.

Razelll 244

Here is a link that I just found about Clandestine Operation plus more:community.fantasyflightgames.com

erikktlog 35

Good to know that works...holy cow that's gross

barrinmstr 7

Do you think Beguile would be a good replacement for the Krayt Dragon Howl that you weren’t happy with? Going from a zero cost to another 2 resource cost event is quite a stretch, but you said the mill effect wasn’t the issue, but the mitigation of dice was.