30 person SC winner - Rose / Jedha x2 LTP

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granpachook 331

This deck is flexible, at least 3 of my wins today were by milling out my opponent (including Leia / Yoda).

I piloted this deck through 5 rounds of swiss with a 4-1 record.

Round 1 Win over Kylo / Pryce

Round 2 Win over Cad / Snoke

Round 3 Win over Yoda / Leia

Round 4 Loss to Cad / Snoke

Round 5 Win over Plo Padawans

I had the second seed and played against the third seed Cad / Snoke in the Semi Finals going 2-1, then it was Cad / Snoke again in the finals going 2-0. I played against both these players in Swiss, my semifinal opponent I beat in swiss, and my finals opponent I lost to in swiss.

In your opener you always want to see Scrap Heaps and 2 drops (Crait Speeder, T-47, Anakin's Pod), and then situationally whatever the best removal may be in the matchup (Suppressive Fire, Easy Pickings, etc.)

I usually stop ramping LTP on 2, but I had one game where I ramped to 3.


chazz 67

Really cool deck idea. Congrats!

Cool Cat for President 64

Cool deck, but I would recommend Docking Bay - Finalizer as a battlefield rather than Weapons Factory Alpha - Cymoon 1.

Villain 121

@chazz I don't see why he would play Docking bay. He will never get to Claim.

Hessian Sack 1330

@Cool Cat for President Weapons Factory Alpha - Cymoon 1 is better because it restricts the claimer from "Supports" to "Vehicles". It works for him, but restricts his opponent more than Docking Bay - Finalizer. He has 11 Vehicles anyway, and it lets him play it in the action phase, which lets him activate it and resolve it too - more value for one claim/battlefield roll win!

BDKoolwhip 26

While I didn't play him, I was in this SC with him. I don't see why he would change anything either. It seemed to work fine.

BrianRaby 84

I also was in this event but did not get the honor of playing against this next level brew. Weapons Factory Alpha - Cymoon 1 is the perfect battlefield for most vehicle builds because your how is to get value out of it on first turn and then let your opponent claim it with little to no benefit.

I'm surprised that there isn't a Rally Aid with 11 vehicles and some 2 removal but you can't deny the effectiveness of the list.

All in all great job!

Ace Jon 2

Have you considered C-3PO?

BryanW 10

Really cool, love that it can mill. What do you think of Rebel as all your character dice have discard?

granpachook 331

@Cool Cat for PresidentOther people have already replied to this, but I agree with them, I basically never get to claim, and would rather have a BF that (usually) does something for me turn 1 and nothing for my opponent the rest of the game.

@BrianRabyI prefer not to play with Rally Aid because I don't like the playstyle that it pushes (play vehicles at end of turn /w no other bad targets in hand) but I won't deny it's super powerful and may just be correct.

@Ace JonI have, I love 3PO and he should always be considered. Just didn't feel like I had room for him this time.

@BryanW I don't feel like I have enough dice that would consistently hit discard sides when I want them to play rebel. Also, I generally don't like to play cards with 'face showing' effects like force misdirection etc. because they're unreliable when you need them most.

Big_Campy 249

Great deck! I was planning on making a deck using Long-Term Plan. Glad someone did all the work for me :). Congrats on the win!

lev 27

I played a few rounds with your deck and I am amazed at how smoothly it runs. It just so happened that in all my games I never got a Scrap Heap down, but still I was hardly ever in need of more money. What is your experience economy-wise when you don't get your early Scrap Heap? If the deck can manage without it, these might make space for some other stuff.

granpachook 331

@lev yeah, I don't always have it either and the deck gets by. Long Term Plan essentially 'adding' a 2 value die to the game state round 3+ means you can stumble a bit the first turns and recover later. I find what happens is scrap heap changes the resource curve of the deck such that it looks something like this:

no scrap heaps: 2 drop for the turn + removal

1 scrap heap: option of 2 drop or 3 drop for the turn + removal

both scrap heaps: do whatever your heart desires

I also like the synergy of indirect being the trigger to get your money for the turn. Hailfire in play + both scrap heaps means I can start the turn and spend my 2 resources to play a 2 drop vehicle, trigger indirect, mill 2 cards, and gain 2 resources to play removal with.

wynalazca 273

Why no Rally Aid? That card is so busted. I also played a game with this and felt like I really wanted 3po just for the focus power he has for vehicles. Multiple rounds my rolls were pretty sub-optimal and my rerolls were minimal because I played all my cards. Felt like I could've closed the game I played out 1-2 rounds sooner if I had 3po to focus my dice to bigger damage.

stranglebat 768

Suppressive fire seems like ot would help with cad blow outs but what would you cut? Also 1x anakins pod for any reason over 2?

granpachook 331

@stranglebat Suppressive Fire is the best card in the Cad Matchup and is still quite good against any deck that plays characters (lol), I wouldn't cut it. Also only 1 Anakin's Pod because it doesn't do damage and drawing multiples of unique cards makes me feel sad.

stranglebat 768

@granpachook@gran haha i wasnt saying cut it i was saying to add it because i missed it in the list definately a keeper. Fair enough on pod racer.

YOUR Destiny Podcast 1338

@granpachook Love the character team ... any chance you'd consider doing a deck analysis and write up for the YOUR Destiny website? Please contact me on yourdestinypodcast@gmail.com

THANKS - and congrats on the win!

Rhavas 9

Did you consider N-1 Starfighter for the deck? I think the challenge is determining what to replace. I am short a Hailfire Droid Tank and a ARC-170 Starfighter so I intend to replace one of those with the N-1.

granpachook 331

@RhavasI did consider it, and if you are short on the others it seems like a good substitute.

jddykstralegacies2 1

Modified HWK-290 ?

Kr0ozin 1091

This deck looks really cool, thanks for sharing! Question: How often did you get to use First Aid? Did your opponents ever go for the Partisan's first, making it worse?

krez 585

Love the deck! I recently built this deck and it ended up very similar to yours. Have you tried Maz's Goggles or Friends in Low Places? Both those cards have been great for me. Considering putting a 2nd Maz's Goggles because the focus really helps in late game.

And how has Hailfire Droid Tank generally been? I feel like it's pretty expensive in this deck, especially since you don't have rally aid. I will likely have to try it myself.

Rhavas 9

I'm running this deck with a couple of tweaks (-1 Rend, +1 C-3PO). I do like the addition of at least one Maz's Goggles and two Friends in Low Places, I'm just trying to figure out what to take out. I'd also like to add a Flank or two, although the prevalence of 3-wide makes that an easier one to leave out. I'm considering dropping two of the healing cards, and perhaps one or bothY-Wing but I have yet to pull the trigger.

darkwonders 1

Is Rend strictly for force speeds? Can't think of many other 0 cost upgrades or supports that would call for this card.

Rhavas 9

Rend also hits Sith Holocron and Chance Cube which is big in the current meta.