TaCos - Top 8 UK Nationals

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Talzin & Commando’s runner up Gencon 2018 68 55 23 1.0
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Zhil 383

This is the Mother Talzin/Mandalorian Super Commando/Mandalorian Super Commando (TaCos) that I took to a Top 8 finish at the FFG UK Nationals in Birmingham, England last weekend.

The deck was obviously from Jordan McClure's version used at Gencon. I altered the force powers more simply to include an extra Force Wave, while also adding in By Any Means and Vandalize. I believed Vandalize would be better for mirror matches plus also for the wide variety of decks using Chance Cubes in general, or to get through a Force Illusion in a pinch. By Any Means was included as another mitigation card that didn't require spotting for a certain colour, could remove any die (not just character or upgrade) and would be useful against decks like Crotch Rocket (that I knew was making an appearance from at least 5 people).

My UK Nationals record was:

  • Rex/Clone/Maz - L
  • Palpatine - W
  • KRAP - W
  • KRAP - W
  • Dooku/Talzin - L
  • 5 die Villain - W
  • Taco- W
  • Aphra/Nute/Ciena - W

Top 16

  • Crotch Rocket - 2-0 W
  • Bald Tyres - 1-2 L (This player & deck being the eventual winner of the UK Nationals)
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