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tmart 49

This works surprisingly well on day one. If the opponent pays your Boushh special off then you'll just end up with enough money to Crime lord. If they don't pay you off, then you're just blasting all their characters down all at once.


krez 585

Nice list! Although I'm not sure how much I like Salvage Stand since Yoda doesn't have a resource side.

krez 585

Oh and let me know how Déjà Vu works out! That is an interesting card for sure.

tmart 49

@krez Salvage Stand is definitely on the short list for replacement. It's a free villain card though that can be spotted for Leia Organa - Boushh's . I'm up for ideas though. Maybe Hound's Tooth? So far, Déjà Vu has been amazing since I always have plenty of resources to resolve any of my events twice. I was also playing around with Long Con/Déjà Vu combo, but was finding it unnecessary.

Kiminiwisi 7

Backup Muscle as replacement for Salvage Stand. It costs 1, but it has its impact.

Villain 121

I.would also play Truce for the sneaky Crime Lord play.