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Rebeltrooper 964

Hey everyone, It's been almost two months since i've been on tabletop or even picked up my cards at home due to a very dead scene in my area, but with the release of new cards you know I had to start grinding again. I've seen a few different pairings with the new version of the Ataru Master. I like what the original Rey brings over yoda/Aayla or the double gungans. This is a very early version of the deck, i've tried a few things even getting jedi robes back in the list but it was just far too slow for my liking. I have yet to try lukes protection but i fear the tempo loss isn't worth it. Perhaps take cover or defensive stance should be in here since this decks power and economy live and die by shields. In fairness i haven't run into a lot of shield hate decks yet, but if he ends up being strong those frighten and intimidates are sure to come out.

What I love about the deck is it's functionality. I usually select my opponents BF to get the shields on Qui-Gon Jinn - Defiant Jedi Master right away. The best side to hit early is those money sides. If he gets one, rey has 2 on her dice you can find yourself affording eveything quick. If not, a 2 and 3 damage side isn't bad. Destiny is a fantastic play early as well since Qui-Gon Jinn - Defiant Jedi Master trait is persistent it changes the value not just during resolving dice. So his 2's are 3's for the purpose of Destiny.

The plays with this deck are pretty standard Rey - Force Prodigy plays. Load up who she is supporting, throw down a force speed on her and then an ambush weapon for two actions so your dice are unmitigated. Loth-Wolf Bond is nuts for a few reasons, you get the combo in and it gets all your dice on the table, while shielding up and getting that 2nd action with everything you got. If you hit a force speed special even better, you've basically just won. Vibroknife is as powerful as ever since the modified side is crazy in this with shoto's being +2's and +3's when EQ2 is shielded up and Rey brings +2's herself. This deck lacks focus sides so sometimes Destiny ain't giving you that unmodified side.

Heightened Awareness is banana's since your opponent can strip your shields or hit them off you thinking it will drop your damage by 2-5 then you drop the HA and your back in the saddle. If you have a resource showing, that card is essentially free since after you have 3 shields his 1r is worth 2r. This deck is very very combo-y.

My Ally Is The Force is very solid but expensive, i've gotten quite a bit of mileage out of it, yet i wonder if ataru strike just isnt a better version minus the ambush.

Cards I like but might need to come out:

Dagger Obi's Saber Qui-Gon's Saber MAITF

This deck revolves around shoto's vibros and action cheating. I rarely use more than 1 3 drop making me think I should be using Heirloom in place of at least 2 of the 3 drops. At least if EQ2 goes down, then rey will be loaded. I'll do some more testing but I think the non redeploy uniques need to be switched.

This deck thrives on EQ2 having shields, so I'm very interested in trying Take Cover since its free and this can be an expensive deck. Other considerations are Trust Your Instincts since I do tend to dump to RR and filling the hand back up isn't bad, plus it is cycling for you ambush weapons. Swiftness is worth trying as well to give the drops ambush, but you really want every non ambush upgrade except Force Speed on EQ2 already and the benefit of swiftness is to get the two extra actions from Rey. It may prove useful enough to include it but it is something i haven't tested yet.

Anyway, cheers. I really like it so far and there are other cards you could take in and out, but have fun its a brutal deck!



Rebeltrooper 964

Oh yeah, also gotta find the room for x2 ls pulls.

Scactha 882

Great to see someone else tinkering with the new QG :) I´m pretty much in the same area as you with some differences.

I pair QG with Aayla through Bitter Rivalry to have a credible second threat. My problem with Rey is that Vibro is the only weapon you get max mileage out of and most important, this is a big/little deck where you want big to have the upgrades.

QGs sabre is good with Luke's Protection imho as it translates into 3 for no cost. First action put LP on top for 1. As QG is prio target by far they hit him at which point you get a shield back with the sabre first ability and another with the LP you get to draw from top of the deck through the second ability.

Journals of Ben Kenobi works well with this synergy too. A 1-cost that generates 2 or adds +2 is quite silly and it can grow even more shields if a shows.

The obvious problem with this strategy is speed, but atm I prefer the grinding advantage.

Caniac 174

I don't know if you have seen hold off yet, but that might be something to consider.

Rebeltrooper 964

Yeah, I spoke about hold off in discord. I like it, but it is restrictive in that I need my dice out there. If the meta goes heavy melee then obviously free removal is fantastic, or the shield. In an undefined meta though, it's a card that I did not put in due to requiring my dice on the table. I don't want to be in a situation where I don't have them out and have the card sitting in my hand doing nothing. As the meta planes out if it is melee heavy, it's an auto include.

cjnj193 257

I personally like Swiftness over holdouts in a rey1 deck, makes the resource curve messy but gives you a lot more flexibility on when to combo off. Also with loth wolf bond you can do some dumb things

Rebeltrooper 964

Agreed @cjnj193 swiftness was one of the the cards I hadn't fit in the list yet. I've already swapped both uniques for heirlooms. Found room for 2 ls pulls very clutch. I am def on board with the switness over holdout. I was looking to get it in, but it didn't click to pull holdout for it. Good add in the right spot

patfan096 20

I think 08055 is a better option than 01038 imo.

Rebeltrooper 964

@patfan096 I don't get the reference sorry.

cjnj193 257

first card is better than second card

cjnj193 257

But that’s pretty player dependent, and rey1 is def more fun

Rebeltrooper 964

Ah, I disagree as unmitigated dice are tremendously more valuable than offees die manipulation.

Caniac 174

@cjnj193 if this standard then Rey is the best elite 12 for blue melee. 10 health and action cheating. Barriss is only good in trilogy since she is the only 12 since aayla is 13.

regsolo 1

I feel like Barriss is just all around better. The cards that are doubled in value because of Barriss's ability are insane. She's a ton more consistent and has a better die than Rey.

Rebeltrooper 964

@regsolo you are right if you blow up the deck and change its contents. There isn't 1 die fixing card in here. Barris could be a good Robin to Batman but your talking about a different deck entirely.

BananaCrapshoot 80

How are you paying for all the 3 cost weapons and 2 cost events, Destiny is good but I still don’t see how you are paying for all that.

Rebeltrooper 964

@BananaCrapshoot two things here. My Ally is the force has since come out of the deck. In part due to being too expensive, needing to have room for ls pulls. Also remember that qui-gons die in most games with worth 2r not 1 and Rey offers two resource sides (1 is modified but usually that isn't a oroblem.). You are right though the deck list isn't cheap. But I'm also not trying to buy multiple 3 drops. It's 2 teo drip weapons and then a vibro on rey. If I can destiny a 3 drop or overlay in a later round awesome. But shoto is the engine and vibro is my action cheat.

BananaCrapshoot 80

@Rebeltrooperthat all makes sense. Just looks super expensive is all. I feel like Become One can be good here

Scactha 882

How's every doing with QG? I find 2 problems with him:

1 - it's hard to keep up once the opponent gets the strategy. It ends up with a whack'a'mole scenario where they resolve a die to knock off shields and nerf him, you resolve shields to put them up and they knock them down again.

2 - he doesn´t have many damage sides, so once you have shields, -dice get redundant and you want Riposte or something to get some use out of it.

Basically there´s a sequencing issue which feels quite easy for the opponent to interfere with.