Vegas Regional Top 4 - Jyn/Cassian Gotta Go Fast!

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mattistyping 148

Played this list in the 26-player Las Vegas Regionals at MaximuM Comics on 12/1/18, and it took me to the Top 4. This variation of the decklist was a a result of the collaboration of several members of the Northern Utah Destiny community, with Seth Taylor providing the base build and tweaks and input from Kenny Brown and myself.

Win Condition:

Jyn and Cassian are doing their best Sonic the Hedgehog impersonation here - they Gotta Go Fast! This is a Tempo/Control deck, your goal is to play 1-3 weapons, roll out your characters, resolve damage before it can get removed, and then Hyperspace Jump / Retreat outta there before those slow vehicle decks can resolve more than a few of their dice. You can sometimes manage to pull out a mill victory here, but in the current metagame your discard elements are more useful in controlling your opponent's access to upgrade dice, events, and rerolls.


Occupied City - Lothal is a huge deal. You're hoping to pick your battlefield every time here, and even when you don't win the roll, you want to Hyperspace Jump to Occupied City - Lothal as early as you can. Against these slow vehicle decks like Thrawn/Snoke you want to be going first every single round, and with Occupied City - Lothal you can burn a crazy number of cards, especially if you can get it into play before those TIE Fighters start swarming in.

(If your opponent is playing TIE Fighters, MAKE SURE to be a stickler and force them to resolve each play, search, shuffle sequence, because each time they play a TIE you get to mill a card from their deck with Occupied City - Lothal, and there's a small but significant chance you can remove TIEs from the deck before they tutor them out. You probably won't hit one, but it sure feelsgoodman when you do.)

If you don't win the battlefield roll, slap both your shields on Jyn, as she's priority target #1 for your opponent, and if they gun for Cassian first you have a decent chance at throwing a Second Chance down before he dies and making them cry.

For your mulligan, priorities are 1) getting a weapon to play turn 1 (Jyn Erso's Blaster > Handheld L-S1 Cannon > Rex's Blaster Pistol > DH-17 Blaster Pistol), 2) Resource generation (Truce > Scrap Heap > Maz's Vault). Most everything else should be tossed back unless you've met both criteria, although if you aren't on your battlefield and you can snag a Hyperspace Jump to hold to round 2, that's not too shabby.

After that, you're trying to roll out dice and resolve them before they can get removed. I like to activation Jyn Erso - Daring Infiltrator first when possible, so I can peek at their cards for next round and have some information when making the choice between Cassian's bonus indirect/mill from each die resolution. This is primarily a damage deck, so don't fall into the trap of trying to play too hard into mill, but there are plenty of situations where resolving 2 or 3 of Cassian or Jyn's dice on their discard sides is the way to go.

The right time to play a Hyperspace Jump or Retreat is once it's clear your opponent is going to get more value out of continuing that round than you. Sometimes you'll leave dice on the table, and that's ok, so long as your opponent is leaving more. It's easy to

Other Notes:

Only 7 weapons?!? - Yeah, this deck is really at its best playing 1 or 2 weapons in the first round or 2 and then pouring all your resources into the events. I was previously running 2 Holdout Blaster, but in our testing we found that your character dice are so good you don't need more than the 7 weapons here. I prefer the 1-cost DH-17 Blaster Pistols over the other 2 cost options because having resources for removal and events is so so important, and the DH-17s are a great way to bank a resource in a gun, cheat out extra damage for a round or 2, and then overwrite it later for a harder-hitting weapon.

Maz's Vault - I included this so that there'd be a 5 way to draw into extra resource generation off the mulligan, but playing against a field of Thrawn/Snokes, Darth Vader - Terror To Behold decks, and other vehicle decks, I never wanted to give them the extra resources. If I were playing the event again, I would probably cut it for a second copy of either Hasty Exit or Defensive Position.

Suppressive Fire - I threw these in because Darth Vader - Terror To Behold decks are popular at the moment, and this is one of only a handful of removal cards that can get around his Power Action. I was really surprised at how useful they are as fast removal against Thrawn/Snoke, too, as you can play one at the end of a round and set up for the next round to remove one of the 2 Focus or 2 Resource dice from those dudes after they activate, which goes a long way towards slowing them down and speeding you up - using an extra action from last round to remove dice this round is the kind of speed we like around here. If the meta changes and we see less Darth Vader - Terror To Behold these might change to other removal or tech options.

Vegas Matches Review:
Swiss Rounds:
1) - Boba/Phasma - Win (1-0) - Everything Boba/Phasma does, Jyn/Cassian does better.
2) Grand Moff Thrawn/Snoke - Loss (1-1) - Couldn't get the Hyperspace Jumps in time, got rekt.
3) Vader3/Bazine - Win (2-1) - Super rough start, didn't draw a weapon until round 3, but I was able to mill Vader's big cards (Vader's Saber, Rise Again) and kill Bazine before Price of Failure. 4) Kenny Brown's Luke3/Rey2 - Loss (2-2) - This is the only deck I've played against that can consistently produce enough shields to keep Jyn/Cassian from killing a character. I got his Luke Skywalker - Reluctant Instructor to 11 damage, and then he used Caution for 3 shields and a Force Illusion, which made it close to impossible for me to finish him off. Unless your dice are super hot and you can ace out a character early, I think mill is the only out in this matchup. Nobody's playing this deck (even though I think it has legs), but Kenny's a local player and one I travel with so I need to know how to beat him.
5) Vader3/Greedo - Win (3-2) - Burning the right cards out of the deck against Vader can turn it into a pretty clean win.
6) eDJ/eAphra - Win (4-2) An interesting deck, controlling dice and getting free damage. He wasn't able to get the Aphra/BT-1/0-0-0 combo off the ground early enough, and the indirect damage from my weapons and Cassian was too much for him to deal with.
6th Seed going into the Top 8
Top 8 - Thrawn/Snoke - Win. The Bo3 went 2-1. He won the battlefield roll for the first game, but my dice were hot game 1, he ramped up and crushed me game 2, and then with Occupied City - Lothal round 3 I clobbered him. Starting out the day I had been trying to combat Thrawn/Snoke by targeting Thrawn first, but by this point I had realized the correct approach is just to kill whichever target is easier. Most Thrawn/Snoke players will resolve indirect dice onto Snoke, so if you get the chance resolve your indirect sides first, and then follow up your direct damage onto whoever has the least health left.
Top 4 - eSnoke/Ciena/Bazine Firespray Mods Shenanigans - Loss in Bo3 1-2 -This is the first time I've seen this deck, and it's crazy. This deck can get 4-8 resources worth of dice out on the table for only 3 resources, and then consistently activate those vehicles 2 or 3 extra times a round with Ciena's Action. If you see this deck, you need to murder Ciena yesterday.


kenny.k.brown 41

Great writeup, I think that you go for the second Defensive Position over Hasty Exit.

Bigulf 819

Thanks for the write up, I agree 100% that Jyn/Cassian should be built with speed in mind in the current meta.

JDanger31 125

Congrats on the top 4 win. Know what you know now, are there any changes you would make to the deck?

mattistyping 148

@JDanger31 The most obvious change to me is -1 Maz's Vault, +1 Hasty Exit. Maz's Vault is such a liability against Thrawn/Snoke and Vader that I only played it as a support once. We've talked about Scruffy Looking Nerf-Herder and Friends in Low Places as potentially having huge value here, but it's hard to work them in. I think the Field Medics are probably the best cards to cut for them, and some of the guys in my test group are doing that, but I prefer the Field Medics at the moment.

helikaon 34

With Tie’s which happens first? The Tiesequence or the mill (assuming your location is in play).

P0em 381

I played the Ciena deck in the top 4 matchup. I had to do some broken stuff to beat Matt. He’s got a solid deck and he piloted it well. He’s also a really nice guy!

FireandCheese 19

Same question as above about the tie fie interaction with lothal and what activates first. Also thoughts on suppressive fire vs improvised defense. Better to have suppressive for Vader or to have improvised vs the vehicle decks. Thoughts on suppressive fire for vehicle hate? Since you are running all red blasters

FireandCheese 19

**surgical strike for vehicle hate

mattistyping 148

@helikaon @FireandCheese Whenever you have effects controlled by both players that would resolve at the same time, the player who controls the battlefield chooses their order. So since you get to pick, the right sequence for the interaction is: TIE played > Mill card from Occupied City > Opponent searches for next TIE.

@FireandCheese We tested Improvised Defense a bit, but I think Suppressive Fire is better. Suppressive Fire has the utility against Vader, and it can be just as effective against Thrawn/Snoke in removing their character dice that roll out Focus sides. I also like with Suppressive Fire you don't have to spend any resources until you get to remove a die. I considered running x1 Improvised Defense in addition to the 2x Suppressive Fire, but I wouldn't run one instead.

We considered a couple of vehicle hate cards (Rend and Vandalize most notably), but our conclusion was that you're not going to get ahead by trying to attack their supports. Jyn/Cassian has to win by killing their opponents before the vehicles ramp up.

i3injuice 33

@mattistyping reading your reply, thinking you were wrong, then looking up the clarification has confirmed that my play group has been doing this wrong the whole time. We have been resolving as active player chooses, not battlefield controller. I think this mattered for fast hands into suppressive fire. But as Jyn sees more play, this will become more prominent. Thanks.

Also, FILP ensures that the non-action cheat roll-out turns helps you resolve your dice. Scruffy would just be tech vrs vehicle decks, but anyway to remove control elements helps this deck deal damage. Limited dice hurts vrs good removal.

helikaon 34

@mattistypingThanks for the reply! Second question: Since this focuses more on dmg vs mill, did you consider Frozen Wastes - Starkiller Base? Curious about the location choice for this style.

Bigulf 819

`@mattistyping I would like to know your thought on not including Commando Raid in the deck.

mattistyping 148

@i3injuice Friends in Low Places and Scruffy Looking Nerf-Herder have been heavy considerations for the deck, and my teammates are running 1x each over both Field Medics. They may be better in those slots, but I haven't done a ton of testing on them myself so it's hard for me to say.

@helikaon We didn't really ever consider Frozen Wastes - Starkiller Base. I've heard several people describe Jyn/Cassian as an "aggro" deck, but our consensus has been that it's really more accurate to describe this as Tempo Control, and the mill elements are actually very important. You're not likely going to win with mill, but you're using the discard elements from Jyn's and Cassian's abilities and their discard dice sides to slow your opponent down and remove their upgrades, supports, and removal as you throw out damage. Occupied City - Lothal is so incredibly impactful in that roll (especially against the vehicle decks that are so popular at the moment) you'd be hard-pressed to get me to consider anything else.

@Bigulf Commando Raid is not something we ever really considered, but it's probably worth testing. My initial bias is that you're already spending a lot of resources on events, and if you're planning to play Hyperspace Jump or Retreat in a round, something like Commando Raid really isn't all that necessary, but I could very likely be wrong about that. I'll give it a try and update the list if it makes the cut.

staylor598 451

@mattistyping and @Bigulf we definitely did playtest and consider Commando Raid, but I think it tested its way in and out of the deck before you gave it much consideration. However, we were testing Commando Raid when we went with 1x Hit and Run and 2x Drop In, with the change to 2x Hit and Run and 1x Drop In, Commando Raid may be worth readdressing.

mattistyping 148

@staylor598 Thanks for the clarification, I guess I missed that part of the testing.

nez477 134

Jyn + Jyn Erso's Blaster is crazy good, very hard to navigate. Glad to see that this deck is staying competitive in this meta!!!

Scactha 882

Did you even consider Feint? I´m curious about if it supports Jyns ability well enough to include.

staylor598 451

@Scactha Feint is one that I briefly considered, but I think it's a cute play or a trick, I don't think it's a solid consistent play, and consistency wins events over flashy plays. The most it would do for you is get you 2 cards discarded if you had a Jyn's Blaster on her, which isn't bad for 1 resource, but not great. Maybe Feint is a stronger consideration in a mill version of the deck.

helikaon 34

@mattistyping In your opinion, what's your ideal draw vs Snoke/Thrawn?

Scactha 882

@staylor598 Agree. It´s probably a worse Scruffy Looking Nerf-Herder in most cases.

Trapeziste 1

@mattistyping``@staylor598 First thank you for sharing the knowledge. Newbie here with newbie's questions but will still ask them ! I am wondering why I don't see any Rearm in this type of deck. Couldn't it work as ressource bonus as well as Truce, Well-Connected or Maz's Vault in some case ? Specially this 1st round when you particulary don't want to a give a chance to better their start to your opponent ? Also I don't see any love for Promotion anywhere and don't get why, instead of the DH-17 Blaster Pistolfor example. Seems to be a great place holder with the draw giving you a chance to find a better weapon, Retreat or an ambush. And could combo for free with Rearm. Would it slow the deck that much ? Speaking of ambush, I would love to have your team's and your opinion about Infamous. In a x2 Retreat, x2 Hyperspace Jump deck it seems like you could find time to set it up and make sonic turn faster after that? Finally, did you have time to readdress Commando Raid ? I just really love the cheese of it but I'm wondering if you're not setting you up to lose the claim that turn. But again for 1 an the draw could be worth to finish the round second but strong..? Thanks in advance to anyone who would feel like sharing their though process about this !

staylor598 451

@Trapeziste what would be your ideal target for Rearm? From my experience, the deck doesn't have troubles getting enough upgrades down.

Promotion is a card that if it was made with today's power level, it would have multiple focus sides and/or multiple resource sides or it would be much better at drawing cards. Card draw is nice, but in a game where you draw back up to 5 every round, you need to be able to get major benefit off of the card draw, in the round it happens, to make it worth it.

The deck actually runs into the problem of blowing its load too early, and then if you can't play a Retreat or a Hyperspace Jump, then you are a sitting duck. So from my experience, it doesn't need Infamous to get faster.

I haven't had time to readdress how many Commando Raid's the deck should have, or if it should have it at all. It is such a blowout card if you can play it directly after a Hit and Run, but since none of Jyn's dice have a 2Discard side, it makes it slightly less appealing.

I haven't really given the deck a ton of attention after the Vegas regional. It is worth noting that someone just won a Galactic Qualifier event using the character pairing in Toronto, and that decklist can be found here.

A few highlights from her decklist: The value of Rex's Blaster Pistol shouldn't be understated, you are going to claim often enough to play 2x Defensive Position, Light 'Em Up is a great tech play for this deck.

Trapeziste 1

@staylor598 Thank you for the fast and complete answer. For Rearm, idealy on Jyn's blaster 1st turn. Slower but not giving your opponent a boost either. If I don't get Jyn's blaster then I'd use it idealy on the 1resource weapon after I upgraded it, to get it back for free an bank a resource for the next bigger weapon. In the case of promotion this could result in first turn with 2 draws giving you a chance to upgrade again early on, but would work well with the DH pistol as well just for the money in the bank, at least in my mind ;) Nice input on the vegas deck. True the more you have rex pistol the more you can claim early and so on specially with 2x drop in and outer post to spare those resource cards. More aggro for sure but I can see this running smoothly ! To finish how do you separate paragraph here ?

staylor598 451

@Trapeziste press enter twice so you see a full line between your text.

Scactha 882

I think Jyn finally emerged out into the sun by Paquets capable piloting in Toronto. On specifics I have a problem with Drop in is that it´s reliant on a clause that you have little control over. My personal go tos for the action cheating going forward would be Quick Draw and Instigate or Sieze the Day. Another issue is the DH gun. Imho reds area of expertise should include slightly more efficient weapons and the DH illustrates this well. Hopefully we get a replacement.