L337 Engineers - Pax Unplugged Trilogies - Arrowbrook Gaming

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JuryDuty's L337 Engineers 5th Place Regional Winner (5/20) 3 2 0 1.0
Covenant Masters - Trilogy Top 4 - Falcon and Little Boats 2 2 0 1.0
PDX Regional — 55th Place — Shadowcaster Reset 1 0 0 1.0
shadow caster l3 version 1 1 0 1.0

ArrowBrookGaming 673

4 members of Arrowbrook Gaming piloted this list at Pax unplugged day 1 with a combined 19-5 record day 1 and a "5-1". Two pilots on Day 3 had a combined record of 9-3.

The idea of the deck is to use Motivate and Logistics along with your Engineers resource sides in order to stack money so that you can play a Shadow Caster with Armored Reinforcement and the mods that you draw with Engineers on turn 1. It should be relatively easy to get 3 mods onto Shadow Caster by the start of the 2nd turn and then your only goal is to reset Shadow Caster as many times as possible for a quick turn 2 or 3 win. One of the reasons we found success is that we teched heavily for the vehicle mirror with cards like Vandalize, Scruffy Looking Nerf-Herder, and Dogfight which most of the other vehicle decks were not running. We went with Theed as the battlefield because the 3 resource start gives you a potentially insane turn 1 ramp and makes it possible that faster decks may not even get a 2nd claim out of it.

You should be mulliganing hard for Motivate and Logistics and ideally you start the game with 2/4 but if you draw one of them in your opener it is okay to keep BB-8, or mods also. BB-8 is nice because you can use his dollar side to pay for himself and then load him onto Shadowcaster to either be rolled in, or overwrote for a Turret. His 3 focus sides also go great with L3.

In the vehicles mirror you want to start the game with N-1 instead of Shadow Caster and try to either blow up their Shadow Caster or trade blows with N-1's until you are able to Vandalize their N-1.

In my opinion this has a winning matchup against almost anything in trilogies except for Mill and Snoke/Aphra/Droid which I think are close to 50/50's and are heavily dependent on opening draws.

If I were to make any changes I would probably consider adding a 2nd N-1 for the mirror, and swap out first Aid for either Bubble Shield or Arch Caster to help with the SAD and Mill matchup.


Hessian Sack 1338

Hello! it was great to see you guys do so well with this. I've been toying with it since the Discord leak. Motivate was a great alternative to Truce, would you still play it over Truce in Standard? And in a Standard version, would Weapons Factory Alpha - Cymoon 1 be better as it benefits your opponent much less as almost any other deck will claim faster? And other than Scruffy Looking Nerf-Herder, how are you stopping your opponent from discarding your Shadow Caster? Would you include Shield Generator or Friends in Low Places in Standard? Thanks, Hessian

ArrowBrookGaming 673

@Hessian Sack Thank you - I think Motivate is a much better option that Truce because it is more versatile and has a higher upside than Truce. We are not trying to go fast so the ambush on Truce is not worth giving your opponent a free resource in my opinion. Motivate also can be used on an L3 discard side, or any focus side to get value on non-resource dice. I would definitely go with Weapons Factor Alpha over Theed in Standard because it serves the same purpose and doesn't give away value after turn 1. I would probably include 2x Shield Generator and 2x FILP over First Aid, dogfight, and 1 crash landing in Standard. I should note however that I think this deck needs surgical strike to rotate out before it would be top tier in Standard.

mrighetto 1

Could you put some matches with this list on your channel? I just found 1 video and wanted to have a little more material to study the list.