Top 4 Fargo Regional: Don't Mess with the PoeHan

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Top 8 FFG Regional - Don't Mess with the PoeHan 5 3 3 2.0

Darth_JarJar 350

This is the deck I piloted to a 5-2 record in swiss and made it to Top 4. (And get ready for a novel below lol)

The deck is built around speed and controlling the tempo of the game. The four key cards for doing this are Quick Draw and Hit and Run to get damage off, and follow it up with a Hyperspace Jump or Retreat before your opponent can do anything. I'll go over quickly the choices for the deck.

7 Ambush guns seemed to be the right amount in testing for being able to have one in hand for quick draw. Maybe you could have 2 DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol, but I chose to go for only 1. Rex's Blaster Pistol over Poe Dameron's Blaster was to help keep up the tempo. As if you control the battlefield, and use hit and run while it's on Poe, or Quick draw when it's on either character, you can roll in all of your dice with a chance at unmitigated damage.

The deck runs 10 removal/defensive cards as that is my standard amount to put in any list. Suppressive Fire is best removal for fighting Vader. Easy Pickings is best yellow hero removal, and Han was always killed last, so it was always active. Hasty Exit as you almost always have control of the battlefield with this deck, and the split 1 of's for Defensive Position: a situational blow-out card, and Indifferent, solid 1 for 1 removal, especially since Han is always killed last. Second Chance to add 10 health to the deck, and Surgical Strike, which I will explain below.

Finally, the two other spice cards of the deck. Impulsive is amazing with Poe, as off of a hit and run or quick draw play, you can impulsive his 2 or special to maximize your damage that action. It can even catch opponents off guard if they leave either symbol on the table when I roll out. Surgical Strike was a late addition as a meta call over Friends in Low Places. Surgical strike can help take out a Vader's Fist or a fat vehicle. I only played this card twice, but it helped secure my Top 8 win when I destroyed the 6 cost Falcon with the Escape Craft attached.

I don't remember too much about each of my matches, but the results are below:

R1 - eYoda - Wizened Master/eLeia Organa - Boushh - Win. Played against a player I play against in locals. I was able to slow play the deck and use poe's special defensively. He wasn't able to get upgrades right away and I did. Quick draw for the win.

R2 - ePoe Dameron - More Than A Pilot/eHondo Ohnaka - Respected Businessman - Win. This was a really close matchup. We killed each other Poe's at the same time. I was behind on damage, and I was able to retreat and hyperspace jump until I drew a second chance. At that point I was paying off every Hondo special and did enough damage for the kill.

R3 - eLando Calrissian - Galactic Entrepreneur/Rebel Engineer/Anakin Skywalker - Podracing Prodigy (3rd in Swiss) - Win. This matchup I started hot by being able to rush-down Lando and kill him Round 2 before he could activate again. Only vehicle he was able to get out was an N1 and modded that up. Didn't have too much trouble after that.

R4 - eDarth Vader - Terror To Behold/Greedo - Unlucky Mercenary (2nd in Swiss) - Loss. This was a really fun game and a close match up. Final round I had Han with 5 health left, Vader was left with 3 health and 3 shields, I roll out double Han special and 3 ranged damage, He rolls out double 4 melee and Darksaber resource. I easy pickings the two Vader dice, he follows up with a Bait and Switch to the 5 melee for the kill.

R5 - eChewbacca - Loyal Friend/eYoda - Wizened Master (8th in Swiss) - Win. This match up I got lucky, my opponent had double force speed on yoda and played Drop In, follows up with double force speed special, rolls out Chewie with 2 upgrades, and after pitching to reroll twice, he only got to do 2 damage. I countered with a quick draw play, and did 7 damage to kill Yoda. Luck was on my side in this game.

R6 - ePlo Koon - Jedi Protector/Padawan/Padawan (1st in Swiss) - L. This was my worst game on the day. No upgrades until Round 3, and Poe was dead by round 3. Opponent made an amazing combo with swiftness into Loth-wolf Bond when Plo had a vibroknife and 2 force speeds and a padawan with an heirloom. This was the only game of the tourney I felt like I had no chance in.

R7 - eJyn Erso - Daring Infiltrator/eCassian Andor - Rebellion Operative - Win. This was a switch hitter version of the deck, and unfortunately for him, I was able to kill Jyn by round 2, and he wasn't able to do enough damage or out pace me with mill. Final move was quick draw on to Poe, when he already had a rex blaster, to bring in both characters and kill Cassian before he could play second chance.

Finished 6th in Swiss, with the second best SOS of the 5-2's.

Top 8: Rematch versus my Round 3 opponent. Win (2-1). The first match, he was able to get out a Millennium Falcon, loaded out with 3 mods, and a pirate speeder tank. I wasn't able to kill him fast enough, as his deck's damage ceiling is higher than mine. Second game, I started out hot, and finished strong, as he wasn't able to build up to the same board state in round 1. Round 3: The deciding play was using Surgical Strike to destroy his Millennium Falcon with the escape craft attached. Thus drastically reducing his damage output for the rest of the game.

Top 4: Rematch versus my Round 4 opponent. Loss (1-2) First game was similar to our swiss game, it came close, but the price of failure, plus hitting a rise again off of a friends in high places sealed my fate. Game 2: I had perfect sequencing with well timed Retreats and Jumps after hitting him for 4 or 5 damage. I was able to rush down Vader by Round 3, leaving Greedo with a Darksaber and a Vader's Fist. Second Chance came through for me to help get the win. Third game, wasn't close. Round one, after dealing Vader 7 damage, he double friends in high places to get a rise again and a Darksaber. He later played a second rise again and by the final play, he had Vader saber, maul saber, and darksaber on Vader. Price of Failure after I used all my removal. did 13 damage to finish me off. This top 4 series was honestly my favorite string of Destiny games I ever played, also having a peanut gallery watching the games helped out with that!

This deck is super fun to play, but the key to the deck is to no tilt when you roll 4 blanks off of a hit an run, you just gotta keep rolling the dice and let the fun begin!


allenirish66 3

Congrats on the placing. I ran poe/Han yesterday at the NH regional. Finished 3-3 but all my losses were to top 16 players. I found my fav was a hit and run into an all in. Funny everyone I played went right after han first. Turn off that theed thing

JDanger31 143

Congrats on the placing. I just came across this deck and was thinking about taking it to my regional coming up on Saturday. Is there anything you would take out or put in? Your list looks very solid but I figured I'd ask.

Darth_JarJar 350

@JDanger31 Thanks! A couple options I have been messing around with are Friends in Low Places or Scruffy Looking Nerf-Herder could be a good addition to stop Price of failure plays with Vader. Improvised Defense could prove very viable if Yoda becomes super prevalent. And if you want more speed, you can add Drop In. Surgical Strike is probably the card you could easily take out to replace with the above, but Really it's your call based on what you think you'll face. Good luck at your Regional!