Raid Boss Vader - Fargo Regional Winner (

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None. Self-made deck here.
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eVader/Greedo, 4-1 in Q3 kit-tournament 4 3 1 1.0
Dallas Regional Winning Deck List 2019 15 9 14 1.0
11-1 Regional Winner Alpha Games UK 5 3 4 1.0
Hey Look, a Vader/Greedo Deck! (4-3 Austin Regional, 22nd/50 1 1 2 1.0
Vader Hammer Smashed Face - Top 8 at Milwaukee -6-1 in Swiss 1 1 0 1.0
Greenfield WI Regional Winner (64 Players) 11 10 9 1.0

The Destiny Council 2702

This is the deck Andrew piloted to 1st place at the Fargo Regionals (45 players).


Big_Campy 372

Congrats to Andrew! Love seeing some spicy cards in here that I don't typically see in this build like Vader's Fist and No Good To Me Dead. Also glad to see I am not the only who thinks Force Strike is not a great value in this deck.

doctordredge 1

Nice list. I'm curious to know how things went with resource generation. How did you manage to pay for all if the big toys?

The Destiny Council 2702

@doctordredge Luke here - Andrew's version of Vader/Greedo is teched specifically to pay for the big toys. Friends in High Places and No Good To Me Dead absolutely break the resource curve for this deck. In the games I watched (and the games I tested with him) he had no problem paying for the expensive cards.

whataboutb0b 1

Been running this deck for the past couple days and loving it so far. Big die sides, big upgrades and expensive cards...just tons of fun. One question though, is it true that you don’t own Ancient Lightsaber and that’s the only reason they aren’t in the deck? I think maybe +2 ancient, -1 Vader saber, -1 treasured if so?

Deck104 61

@whataboutb0bYou may have cracked it. I've never seen this dude sleeve up Ancients.

The Destiny Council 2702

Andrew here - I actually had the option of running Ancients, but felt that the high roller aspect of the big sabers and card draw of Treasured added a certain flair to the list that Ancients wouldn't. In older metas, healing two was a big deal. But Ancient is primarily beneficial in that it suites a standard curve extremely effectively. This deck breaks the resource curve of two, and as a result gets some big rewards from the high costers. In testing, we often found that when Vader died, he was overkilled by two or more. & that Treasured had high potential as the deck is always searching for key cards, thus the meta call. That said, Ancient is a great card, and I'm certain that it has a place in a more control oriented version of the build. I'm happy to hear you've been loving it!

@Big_Campy Thanks! It's definitely a super fun list, some of the turn one starts are hilarious. Taking out Force Strike was pretty m uch a page from Dan Weiser's book lol

Orffme 64

What do you mulligan for generally? What do you go for vs mill? Vehicles? How was your yoda leia match?

DTokz 152

Took this 4-3 (15th overall out of 64 with the highest SOS) today. I wonder if it might be worth dropping Vader's Fist and FIHP.

Won Round 1 with 5 bucks, Fist and Vader Saber both in hand. Played the Saber, rolled out, and hit enough damage to win, but with 2 pay sides I couldn't do if I played the Fist instead. Also had 2 crucial control pieces I needed money for. I think in general, I'd rather play a smaller weapon and keep the money than play Fist.