Possibly the most fun deck I've played. Ever.

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Hessian Sack 1331

Mulligan for Chance Cubes and Vehicles and flood them with Vehicles and specialness. :) :)


Cool Cat for President 100

This deck is really good.

5P33D 75

If you took out Hera Syndulla - Phoenix Leader and used Gungan Warrior instead then you could play Armored Reinforcement. What do you think about this idea?

Aorakis 4

@5P33D yeah that what i tought, but 4 less HP might be too harsh i reckon.

As Hera Special could also be activated by Yoda's special it would bring almost every turn a free support from hand (as long he got one there)

Looks like a fun deck to play.


Hessian Sack 1331

@5P33D There's a few factors. One is pretty simple, I don't have a Gungan Warrior :). Also, It would be a completely different deck if I was using Armored Reinforcement. It becomes more of a Fat Vehicle deck then. here's a link to an AR version: swdestinydb.com @Aorakis was also right, in that -4 HP is nasty, and brings the deck from 28 HP to 24 HP. And the Gungan Warrior die is just worse than Hera Syndulla - Phoenix Leader's.

@Aorakis Completely correct. Vigilance hurts so badly against this.

staylor598 451

@5P33D not that it is enough of a reason to not go the Armored Reinforcement route, but taking out Hera Syndulla - Phoenix Leader also eliminates the fun Quadjumper play.