VA Regional Winner

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YOUR Destiny | Gauntlet | eYoda/eLeia2 5 3 0 1.0
Top 4 CT regional 6 2 1 1.0
WA Regional Top 8 (58 players) 8 5 3 1.0
CPH Regional Winner - 40 Player (Wrinkles) 8 3 5 1.0

runningonion 1004

More detailed tournament report to come. Apologies if i mis-remember something, any mistakes/omissions are unintentional.

Round 1: Millionaires (drew from ABG)

I forgot my regional bye and got punished. The rule of thumb is that 2 wide mill beats 3 wide mill, so Drew had an uphill battle. Nothing really remarkable about the game, thought it's always a good time playing Drew. Win, 1-0

Round 2: I think was Vader/Greedo If i remember correctly, a clutch suppressive fire stopped yoda from going down early, and i held on for the win. It was a long day, and some of the earlier games are blurry. Win, 2-0

Round 3: eYoda/eHan 2-1

We were on my battlefield, but he still played 2 force speeds and x-8 on turn 1, milling 3 cards from his deck. It was worth it tough, since he rolled out 11 uninterruptable damage off a double force speed to spike leia from full. Finishing off yoda was a formality for him.

Round 4: ePoe/eHan (Platform 327)

Really close game. Yoda died pretty early from either a hit and run or drop in, and i was sure that i was going to lost the game. Leia proceeded to roll hot, while Platform's dice ran cold, and I stole the win. After the game, in some hilarious foreshadowing, Platform told me to remeber this game if i were to go on and win the tournament. I certainly will. Win 3-1

Round 5: Vader/droid/retribution (ed, who made top 4)

I started the game with perfect mitigation, and stopped vader from doing almost anything for the first 2 rounds, but leia took 4-5 damage from retribution. Then the Vader's fist came out and ruined me. I sat by helplessly with my force jump ready to go, while the fist laughed at me with it's 0 blanks. While mill was very successful against vader all day, this list ran the mill gauntlet and wrecked us all. I was fortunate to dodge him in the cut. Loss, 3-2

Round 6: eDooku/eTalzin

Force speed on talzin and double ancient on Dooku turn 2 made this match very very close. My battlefield milled a ton from my deck, and the game finished with me at 1 card left. Suppressive fire did some work on force speed dooku roll out's, which saved me. win, 4-2

Round 7: Vader/Greedo

Fun game vs a fun opponent. I knew if i wont this game i had a good shot at making the cut due to SoS (thanks drew, ed, and others). The game literally hinged on a 50/50 vader reroll with his last, where he need any damage side to win. It came up blank and my tournament life was saved. win 5-2

Top 8: Vader/Greedo 2-0

First game was on my battlefield, and the game proceeded as like clockwork.
Game 2 we switched to his battlefield (which was the first time i played against theed all day, more on that later). he ramped much easier, and at the end of the game he had darksaber and vader's saber on on vader. It was touch and go on the final roll out, but he bricked and didn't test my mitigation, so managed to take the set 2-0.

Top 4: Millionairs (drew, again) 2-0 , on stream

Not much to say here, you can watch in on the golden dice twich channel. i think drew was probably the better player, and made fewer mistakes, but the matchup is very favorable to me.

Finals: Beckett/Talzin 2-1, on stream

Also available at the golden dice twitch. I think the commentary on this match is a bit unfair. There was a running joke about him taking/not taking sheilds throughout the game, that looks like a play error, but at the table we were having fun with it. He also was making calculated decisions about weather or not to draw from the sailer. Neither of us played perfect, but that's what you get after 10+ hours and 14-15 games of destiny. Also he had come off some grueling matchups in the top 8, including an amazing set vs. ed's vader battledroid, while i had long breaks before each set (mill is fast). Ultimately, i think taking ground sealed the final for me. We each won on our battlefields, but because i won the initial roll off, i got to play on mine twice.

Shoutouts: James for carpooling with me and being patient for grueling top cut.

My local testing groups at Atlantis Games, Tower of Games (va beach), and Total Access Games.

Golden Dice fore streaming the Tournament

Huzzah Hobbies for hosting a great event

All the people who showed up for some great destiny games.

And last but not least, The monitor merrimac bridge tunnel, for providing me an avenue to and from the tournament.


R2-DTAT 59

What are some good picks for Sensor Placement? Would you consider running it again in this list?

Negralma 4

Gratz on the win! Was awesome to watch on stream. I’ve had on my eyes on a variation of this for awhile. Great to see one be successful!

axelklav 1

Great to see you take it! Still the best deck builder I’ve ever met. As disappointed as I am you didn’t bring the Jyn2/Luke2, awesome to see another trophy in our Atlantis group.

Did you ever feel like running 2 beguiles/2 mind tricks was too much? Would a second overconfidence find more play?

David Cole 9

Was the rational for using Taking Ground to make sure you got your battlefield or to make sure you were able to get the 2 shields? Assuming the answer is battlefield, but wanted to ask anyways. Glad to see mill do well!

runningonion 1004

@R2-DTAT i'd keep it as a one. It's good vs opponent specials and since it resolves dice it can remove dice that are otherwise protected from removal.

@axelklav 2 mind tricks and 2 beguiles isn't enough, i'd take more if i could. i couldn't find my second overconfidence for some reason, so i put in the strike briefing instead. I didn't really miss it

@dac2431 it was 100% about denying theed to my opponent. I took my battlefield in every game.

David Cole 9

Was the deck too slow to use Retreat?

runningonion 1004

i think retreat with this pairing could work, but you'd want to build the whole deck faster, with hit and run's and some other cards.

My style is to play slow and reactive, so i don't trust retreat, i'd rather have a 2 cost big removal.

Destry210 726

Did you consider No Questions Asked in your removal list as it can remove any number of dice between 1 and 3?

runningonion 1004

i did consider it, but if i want to remove a ton of dice, the next card to go in is probably Emergency Evacuation . I decided against No Questions Asked because i don't want to give my opponent money.

YOUR Destiny Podcast 2363

@runningonionif you would be interested in doing a deck analysis for the YOUR Destiny website, then plz get in touch with me at ... cheers Claus

And Congrats on your win!

mottjm_7 1

@runningonion how useful did was Dex's? Would it have better to have two?

Pekka_rinne 8

Since you said above you like playing slower, did you consider adding R2-D2 and/or C-3PO?

punchitchewie 521

Wanted to congratulate you again on a match well played in the finals, and thanks for the kind words concerning some of my play decisions in those games. I think you were the better player though, and you definitely deserved the win!

It was great to have a rematch with you after our game in NC, and looking forward to playing against you again!

thebookerman 21

I love Mill and definitely would like to try this. I’m curious, is there a particular reason for no Flames of the Past given it can remove stuff like Vader’s Fist?

runningonion 1004

@Pekka_rinne I'm not sure c-3po really does much for the deck, since leftover dice can be used by leia's power action. I could see it being used as another platform for commando raid, but right now it's probably behind a few other cards for contention to get into the list. Same for r2-d2.

@punchitchewie Thanks. It's been a blast playing vs you in both regionals. I'm looking forward to the next time since we seem to be on a collision course.

@thebookerman I can see the reasoning behind running flames, but i'd probably only ever use it on fist, and i don't like cards that are quite that situational.

Scorpio Bandito - GDP 347

Did you consider Bewilder? I really like it especially against Vader for the Mill/ Reroll value

K2_SOL 8

Thank you for this list. Went 4-0 in an 18 person store-standard night. Can't afford Force Speed, so I swapped in Hit and Run, also pulled out Dex's Diner and put in Block because Aayla Secura - Jedi General and Kit Fisto - Shii-cho Master is showing up often. It was great vs. Darth Vader - Terror To Behold, but I won both games against Vader because I kept them off of Theed Royal Palace - Naboo, so great call on Taking Ground.

CaptainMagma 2

Really loving the deck list, solid, and seems to answer a lot of problems within the meta at the moment, especially Vader/Greedo. Been a fan of Leia/Yoda since WotF, and your inclusion of EMP Grenades and Force Jump got me thinking about other cards. Have you considered Force Throw. If you were to include it, how well do you think it would do, and what would you change about the deck to make it fit?

runningonion 1004

Thanks for the comments. I think force throw would be an awkward addition. We don't really gain anything by the damage it does, so it really just removes the die. I'd be more inclined to go with Force Push, since it also has a 2 discard side, but the main problem with both of those is cost. As it is currently built, the deck doesn't generate enough resource to support 3 cost upgrades, in my opinion.

CaptainMagma 2

Yeah after I commented that I realized the problem.