Yoda Cassian Drive By - Winner Perth Regional (18 players)

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reeveze 72

This is the same character lineup I used to finish second at Australian nationals. Made 7 changes to deck with Across the Galaxy.

Always been a hero vehicles player since legacies. I like this line up the most as your characters can threaten damage by themselves and doesn't need many supports out. Deck has a lot of sustainability through shields and removal and disrupt the opponent through discard (which I resolve most of the time except for yoda). If you can get 3 rounds out of Yoda's dice you can normally win the match.

Round 1 (7th Sister, 5th Brother) Opponent had an early ID9 droid and ancient, but couldn't hit any damage early. I was able to shield up and take down 7th sister round 3. From there it 5th Brother didn't last long. 1-0

R2 (Vader 3, Greedo) - against 2 time nationals champ Always tough versus Blake as he is great player.
First round Vader's sabre looked to make this tough, but caution and spot removal where enough to keep Yoda alive for 3 turns and enough to get a board state set up. In this match up the indirect from Cassian is pointless until Greedo is dead. So was milling off the top. Hitting price of failure helped a lot. Was able to close it out in a tough match 2-0

R3 Leia 2, Lando 2 mill Always tough into mill with vehicles. But the higher damage output form the L-S1 cannon helped to get there in this match. Ended with no cards left but was able to squeeze out the win. 3-0

R4 Boba Phasma 2 My only loss of the day. Christina ended the day undefeated in Swiss and we played off in the final. Salvage stand was brutal in this game and could never get set up after Yoda died round 2 3-1

R5 Cad Snoke BR Tough match up for Cad, put the 2 damage on him to to start. Between caution, suppressive fire and force illusion he wasn't able to kill any characters before cad went down. 4-1

Top 8 - Lando 2 Wedge Played against one of the newer members to our meta who had a great result at his first big tournament. Turn 1 planned explosion on Yoda was brutal, but N-1 taking out Shadowcaster allowed me to take the wind. Game 2 was closer and he took out Yoda but was setup by then and was able to close out the game

Top 4 - Vader 3 Greedo 2 very tough games here. Aaron is a great player. Games should be up on Youtube in the next week or so (Perth Jawas). Once again caution and suppressive fire where key in these games. Discard from Cassian and dorsal turrets where very key along with scruffy to get rid of rise agains and price of failures

Final - Boba Phasma 2 2 very close games to finish (most are with this deck). Salvage stand was brutal again and action cheating into big damage can be difficult to manage. Both games was just left with Rookie pilot. Game 2 had to take shields off a C3PO action to keep him alive. Last re-roll got me just enough damage to win. Both games I went for Phasma first to turn off best defence and tactical mastery.


Hessian Sack 1331

Applause from me :) Congratz on sticking with the deck so long (and getting such great results with it too). What do you think of this? I'm probably playing it or my old Aphra/Exec deck at NSW Regionals 2.0: swdestinydb.com

Hessian Sack 1331

Did you ever want more vehicles? You only have 8...

ruce 90

How did scruffy go for you? Was it worth the resource cost?

stranglebat 824

@ruce Wait till the stream games are on Youtube and you can see it wrecking vader

aaronchpmn 46

Great result on the weekend mate! Our games in Top 4 were super close.

reeveze 72

@ruce scruffy was amazing all day. Normally calling event to get things like jump retreat rise again etc

reeveze 72

@Hessian Sack the hera deck seems a little unfocused between big and little vehicles. I ran it a few weeks back with the new falcon. If i got that oit early.off quad jumper or hera it was hard to lose. 8 vehicles seemed fine. Played 9 at nats but rarely cast the arc

Hessian Sack 1331

@reeveze The big/little vehicle mixing seems fine. The bigger ones are normally played via Hera specials or Chance Cube. The little ones are played with leftover money and easily do as much work as my bigger ones. The deck runs really smoothly overall. Ridiculous money and shield generation. I probably generate an average of 5 shields per round in a good game. I'm quite susceptible to Vibroknife and unblockable in general.

Skit 51

@ruce Check out the deck facing Vader Greedo in the Top 4 on the Perth Jawas YouTube channel www.youtube.com

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bigstupid 32

What are you looking for in your opening hand for this deck? Are you normally trying to keep Yoda alive? I really like the balance of ships. Sure makes me wish I had a Yoda :)

reeveze 72

@bigstupidgenerally looking for rally aid, at least one vehicle (preferably a 2 cost one) and one piece of removal or a caution. Aim is to keep yoda alive long enough to get his dice out and resolved 3 times.