Snokin Hot Mess 2nd @ CT Regional

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None. Self-made deck here.
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YOUR Destiny | Gauntlet | eTarkin/eSnoke 4 2 0 1.0
1st Place Tulsa Regional 15 10 8 1.0
Louisville Regional Winner | Sons of Mandalore 24 17 5 1.0

JustJackGDP 408

Went 5-2 in Swiss and finished 6th at the end of swiss, made top cut and finished 2nd. Will post a write up so check out Golden Dice Podcast's Facebook page this week.


helikaon 34

Congrats! Were there enough 3 wides back in action that you felt you needed those Force Waves? Were they effective?

P0em 381

I dig it

Villain 121

I have been testing this pairing a lot and this is a cool take on the deck. My only wonder is the L-S1 Cannon. You want as many upgrade spots as possible for all the cheap upgrades.

JustJackGDP 408

@helikaon Waves were great despite mostly playing 2 wide. Came in clutch against a Yoda Caster deck and even just trading 5 damage and taking 1 is fine by me.

@Villain you can map out where you’re playing it so you can still flood with dice. I wouldn’t cut it because it really lets Snoke close out games if Tarkin dies earlier than expected.

Venator class star destroyer! 20

Nice job! I was at that tournament too. Tarkin snoke is fun to play, annoying to play against.

Venator class star destroyer! 20

I was personally 2-5, piloting a maul savage

Villain 121

Fair enough. How did Force Jump do for you. I can't tell how I feel about it myself from testing.

lgdantona 54

Great games and thanks for streaming !!!

SwEEEEEtDookie 19

I took a similar build to a store champ and made top 4. I didn’t use the force jumps and if you want Snoke to finish out a game I like force lightning. All in all I love that you played this deck and it’s kinda making me wanna dust off mine and take it to the next regionals I go to.

BananaCrapshoot 80


BananaCrapshoot 80

`@Villain in my testing it’s sid against Vader to blank his dice and you can Tarkin PA specials so you can get amazing value out of Jump in a game

TheHyperloops 3691

Great showing! Anger and force Jump are cards that were waiting for a good home and this deck uses them beautifully. Kudos

JREldis 52


OverbakedEZBake 27

No nexus of power?