Top 8 FFG Regional - Don't Mess with the PoeHan

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Top 4 Fargo Regional: Don't Mess with the PoeHan 6 4 3 1.0
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Darth_JarJar 344

This deck is near identical to my Fargo list, but swapped in a Scruffy, probably would replace surgical strike with a second Scruffy if given the chance. Had to give this deck one last hoorah before moving on to different things.

Finished 7th in Swiss out of 77.

Round 1 - Bye

Round 2 - eSnoke - Supreme Leader/eDJ - Treacherous Rogue - W

Round 3 - eDarth Vader - Terror To Behold/Greedo - Unlucky Mercenary - L (6th in Swiss)

Round 4 - eKylo Ren - Tormented One/eArihnda Pryce - Unscrupulous Governor - W

Round 5 - eTarkin - Grand Moff/eSnoke - Supreme Leader - W

Round 6 - eIden Versio - Inferno Squad Commander/eMother Talzin - Nightsister Matriarch/Armored Reinforcement - W

Round 7 - eSnoke - Supreme Leader/eBazine Netal - Master Manipulator/Battle Droid - L (2nd in Swiss)

Round 8 - eQui-Gon Jinn - Defiant Jedi Master/eYoda - Wizened Master/Bitter Rivalry - W

Top 8 - eSnoke - Supreme Leader/eBazine Netal - Master Manipulator/Battle Droid - L 1-2 (Rematch from round 7)


OverbakedEZBake 27

When do you find retreat most helpful? I had it in my deck but never used it because I felt it would not benefit me. I didn't like letting them do 1 more action.

Darth_JarJar 344

@OverbakedEZBake Retreat can be tricky, but can be a huge game changer. Two quick examples that helped me greatly: 1) my opponent drops a Vader's fist and rolls it out right away, I drop retreat. Now my opponent only gets to resolve the fist once instead of 3 times, or has to chose if he wants to resolve it or claim to stop me having Theed. 2) Using hit and run Poe when he has a Rex blaster, resolve what damage you can. And then your next action after your opponent is retreat. You just did somewhere between 4-8 damage and your opponent gets nothing that round. Anytime this deck can do some damage, and then stop your opponent from basically having a turn at all, it has a really good shot at winning. Hope this helps!

OverbakedEZBake 27

@CloudCityCasualsThat does help. I was thinking about number 2 because I did that to someone last night just didn't have the retreat to follow it up. I'm always afraid to lose Theed that I never wanted them claiming it as their action.