Koon and Friends:End Game

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kamikazi20 117

We are at the End Game, will this be the final fight of the Koon and Friends. Take to the streets and events. Battle like you life depends on it.

I played this at the recent Austin Regionals 1/27/2019 going 4-3 placing 24th out of 50. My intent was to have fun and play with this deck prior to the black boxes being removed from standard. Meaning that the Acolye and Instructor can no longer be played in the standard format.

==How to Play==

You want Steadfast in your starting hand, even if you have to pitch all five cards. Always lose the roll you want shields. Always put one on Jedi Acolyte and Plo Koon - Jedi Protector. Your're asking your self why the Training Room - Kamino it makes it less desirable for opponents and they will choose their battlefield. Remember you want the shields.

Put all force abilities on Jedi Instructor. There is a good chance she will die last. The Jedi Acolyte will die first, most good players will kill him first. Protect him any way you can. Little do they know that Jedi Instructor is the true king pin of the group.

As you can see with this composition you have the ability to deal a ton of damage. Here is what a turn looks like.
1.First play any 0 cost cards Force speed.

2.Roll out Jedi Acolyte.

3.Roll out Jedi Instructor what ever die she lands on preferably melee or focus, filp Jedi Acolyte dice to 2 or 1.

***NOTE - If you have Jedi Instructor with force Speed.

4.Then activate Force Speed then Plo Koon - Jedi Protector if he rolls a melee then flip his die or another die to melee and resolve.

So let say you roll the nuts. Instructor and Acolyte rolls melee. Then Plo Koon - Jedi Protector rolls 2 2 you flip Jedi Acolyte to 1 then resolve the damage. That is 8.

5.Rinse lather repeat until you win.

I will monitor the comments. If there is enough comments to warrant it will write a break down of matches.


  1. Vs Vader/Greedo - Win
  2. Vs Qi'Ra - Street Savvy/ Han Solo - Lose - Got wrecked
  3. Vs Executioner/Snoke/Executioner - Lose
  4. VS Snoke/Battle Droid/Bazine Netal - Master Manipulator
  5. Vs Yoda/Han - Lose
  6. Vs Snoke/Tarkin - Win
  7. Vs Snoke/Tarkin - Win

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Oeklampadius 16

I would love to see how your matches went. I’m glad you played something fun instead of getting smashed by mill with your SC reset ;)

Trey 178

I'm glad you finally got this to work after working on it for months. Watching you win with this deck was a hoot. I loved seeing you take down "real" decks with it, but I'm sad I had to be one of your losses.

My name for this deck is FAR better. "Garbage" is both self-aware of the true jankiness of the deck while at the same time adds to the shame of someone who loses to it.

Trey 178

@OeklampadiusI saw him snake one from Vader in round one on a last second Steadfast. Round two he and I played, and I mauled him. It helped me tremendously that I've watched him work on this deck forever.

kamikazi20 117

That first Vadar game was amazing. In that match Vader Rise Again and got 4 with greedo that was 31 health! Also My Ally Is The Force was the card of the day!

tanok89 3

Have you considered using Jedi Temple Guard instead of the Jedi Instructor as a way to keep the Jedi Acolyte safe of harm? That means you end up having to characters with guardian, which can negate a lot of damage dice.

I'm running a very similar deck but with Padawan and Temple Guard instead which means I can get cheap weapons on Plo and Padawan. If they focus Padawan, Plo and Temple Guard can continue to use guardian and remove a lot of dice, whereas if the focus Plo, Padawan can become really stacked. If they focus the Temple guard, Plo can help share the burden while you stack up Padawan.