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Solo Sabine - 1st Place (20-person Store Champ) 65 49 30 1.0
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4-1 swiss 8-1 Total I got nobody So i do it solo

So this is my Regional winning list from Ă–stersund Regional in Sweden hosted by Escapade gaming who did an amazing job with the the event and the location.

Why Solo Sabine?

I have been messing around with Darth Vader - Terror To Behold sense christmas and really had my plan on going with that deck, untill mill became a thing again. I found myself loosing more often than not in the mill matchups. And i didnt really enjoy playing mill either. And my expectaions was that Mill and Vader would be represented by the best players at the tornomant. And in theory with cards like Hyperspace Jump and Tenacity i felt that Sabine could have a good matchup Vs Vader adding Reversal to throw Vaders 4 side back at him felt apealing. So i testing 3 games Vs a friend and good destiny player and decided that im good enough to beat most Vader players. And Sabine has always been good vs Mill so that was done deal after some testing. So it felt good to come with a suprise deck at the event.

This was a small regional 13 player in the end but it was quite competative.

Sabine Wren - Explosives Expert watches the playfield and realize that its 2 Kylo Ren - Tormented One in the tornomant and 1 Shadow Caster deck. ( shadow caster decks = free loss for this deck), so i was a little nervous going into the first pairing.

Game 1 Darth Vader - Terror To Behold and Greedo - Unlucky Mercenary This match went exatly as planned i played Tenacity round 1 on Vader played an infamous and put a weapon in the graveyard nothing major, round 2 managed to find some damge and then jump away, and in round 3 or 4 i Made the Infamous + Never Tell Me The Odds play and Vader was dead. Sabine was at 10 Hp when game was over.

Game 2 Kylo Ren - Tormented One and Darth Vader - Dark Apprentice So now its time for me to beat my counter, i managed to find a second chans and a huge IN the crosshairs play before i could end Kylo in round 3. And then i safe played and ended Emo Vader aswell wiht Sabine with 2 Hp left. This was th closest Sabine got to die thru the tornomant worth mentioning is that he pulled a grey card 1 of the 3 times he got to use kylo2.

Game 3 Lando Calrissian - Galactic Entrepreneur Poe Dameron - More Than A Pilot

A "standard" vehicle list in the terms of he actully plaays more than 1 vehicle, i got a nearly perfect game i Built up first to round while Hyperspacing him both round, and won of NTMTO play sence i so far had rolled very little natural damage. If he had been more prepared and i dindt lucky draw the to Hyperscases we agreed on that it coudl ahve been a totaly diffrent story. 3-0 Moving on

Game 4 Leia Organa - Heart of the Resistance Yoda - Wizened Master

So here i am facing the deck i in theory have a free win over piolted by my friend and former nordic champion. We both didnt enjoy playing each other but i was confident sense i counter him. But in this game i rolled no joke 2 or 3 dice natural damage with sabine who really shit her pants in that game. At the same time he milled both hyperspace jumps so i could not change battlefield he pulled both tenacitys so i couldnt stall his mill and on top of that both my NTMTO. I think i ended up doing 5 damage on Leia when my deck and hand was out. I was unlucky but Christoffer pioloted the deck very well and took advantage of the moments he was given. 3-1

Game 5 Leia Organa - Heart of the Resistance Yoda - Wizened Master

Due to my poor SOS i knew this was a must win to reach top 4, the game started of decent for both of us i got some damge on leia he got a comando raid on me but lacked upgrades. And this time my NTMTO didnt end up in discard pile and i killed yoda witha swift stroke and he could not rebound from it. 4-1 and thru as number 3 in swiss Semi Finals 2-0

Leia Organa - Heart of the Resistance and Yoda - Wizened Master

Game 1 started awsome for me a quick hyperspace to change battlefield and a pretty quick NTMTO to finsih Yoda but a couple comando raids later of Christoffer who smashed me in swiss and some bad rolls we found ourself in a wierd place him wiht like 3 cards on hand and me 1. He had only Leia no upgrades left. SO i locked him in a bit of a loop making him roll out first and letting me remove 1 of his dice every round with DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol Owerites end evetually i won turning X-8 sniper to damage sides for cash.

Game 2 started of pretty similar a early hyperspace to cahnge BF and a NTMTO to finish the game of later. I finally got to prove it was a counter deck.


Game 1

You guessed right it is another Leia Organa - Heart of the Resistance Yoda - Wizened Master

My opponent from last round of swiss managed to win VS the first seaded player and we got ourself a rematch. Game 1 started bad really bad Hit and run into comando raid ripping everything but my holdout blaster that i after had to discard to reroll nothing with was not nice. And for half the game it looked like he really had control of the match untill Sabine that had been sleeping all day long woke up and god rolled out i think it was Yoda in 1 blow. And from there i was in control and managed to close it out.

Game 2

It started close but When Sabine woke up the last game she dindt go straight back to bed she continumed fireing on him and it was quite nasty untill NTMTO put he nail in the coffin.

Summerize So to close it out i am really glad i had the balls to flip up Sabine in this event it worked really well. Honestly im really happy with the deck the only change i might had done is dump the EMP and sack the fat tier mathcups cuz its pretty dead anyway. I rolled shit almost all day untill the final and the deck could rebound i really love that about the deck so if ur like me terrible at rolling dice u should test this one.

Also i was playing Starship Graveyard - Jakku and not the showing plot!

WInding up

Do i recomand people to take this to their own regionals, not really unless u really have a good read on the meta and u expect mill and a lot of fair play aggro decks that does not cheat. Even then u need to play very tight to win the 50/50 games. Its a deck that does not tolerate u making a wrong decison. If u make a wrong decion it may often end up in you loosing the game instead of winning it.

Sabine strugglers against a lot of tier 2 decks like jyn cassian for example and Kylo2 and the fat tierd is a waste of time.

I got another regionals in 3-4 weeks weil se if Shw will join me there! If ur down here thx for reading.

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