Regional Winner - Beanie Games/Stockton UK

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ScruffyLookingDiceRollers 166

Have been playing with this deck since Ways of the Force came out but Across the Galaxy really helped these two out a lot with cards like energy bow and stifle. Thanks to Beanie Games in Stockton for hosting a very well run and friendly event. It was roughly 20-25 players I think.

4-1 in Swiss beating Solo Palp, Snoke/Thrawn (BR), Vader/Greedo and Han/Biggs. 2-0 in Semi against Vader Greedo, 2-1 in the final against Vader Greedo.

The game I lost in Swiss was to my good friend Stewart Eccles who was playing Vader/Greedo. Had Vader down to two health but Rise Again changed the game plus it had the added bonus of bringing his Darksaber back out.

Big shout out as well to Mat Blackman who I played in the final. He had Vader/Greedo and played exceptionally well but I think he was unlucky with some of his Vader rolls (only one side showing damage which Dooku immediately blanked). I went 2-1 against him losing the second game to mill after I force illusioned around 8 damage from a huge Vader roll.

Some quick points on this deck;

  • its worth hard mulliganing for a force speed, I don't think I lost a game when this came out with Dooku's dice being so consistent, force speed into Dooku activation with a vader's saber is just nasty. Also as the only two non-odd cards in the deck its good to know that you've more or less guaranteed the Talzin ability on activation and Witch Magick as well.

  • In a Vader heavy meta Dooku's ability is insane against him, I think I was actually looking forward to playing Vader rather than fearing him in most matchups. Your opponent has to basically re roll every time and that leaves them short or chucking good cards away for his power action if you finally start removing his dice too.

  • I went for two heirlooms and a dagger of mortis over another Vader Saber and Maul saber purely for the redeploy, since some people go after a different character first each time it was good to have some flexibility with redeploy upgrades that have a lot of base sides. Talzin using her ability to flip the heirloom to 3 everytime is pretty brutal too.

  • With both characters abilities to turn their own dice Stifle is also pretty brutal, especially putting it down when you're about to roll in a character with a couple of upgrades as well. Timing when that card goes down is pretty crucial but can be a game changer
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