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CrazyPingoui 88

« I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse. »

  • The Clonefather, Kes DAMERON

This weekend I had the opportunity to play the last French regional of 2019. With the rotation, I was able to meet a lot of new and very nice lists and I look forward to seeing the evolution of the meta.

For my part, I decided to play my list of trooper heroes. I've been trying to make this list work since Rex's release, and with the release of Convergence, the archetype took a big up.

Review of the deck

1) Characters + Battlefield

This deck is about speed. The goal is to activate both characters at the same time, then use Kes Dameron - Courageous Sergeant action to solve in the best possible way. The most obvious for double activation is the Military Camp - Kaller. In addition, it gives us a little stability thanks to a free rerroll. For the rerroll, we always prefer blanks of course. It's also interesting to reroll Rex - Clone Captain 2 , he doesn't interest us much. Overall, we always keep , and .

2) Upgrades

8 upgrades in the deck :

  • The Handheld L-S1 Cannon because currently they are really too strong in the red distance decks. Two sides with by 2 sides. 3 sides to 3. In a deck with so much , it's a blessed bread
  • The Rex's Blaster Pistol to fill the speed gap when you can't play on the Military Camp - Kaller.
  • The #a300 for the Redeploy, but I'm thinking of changing them and I'm still hesitating to replace them with Overkill or Hidden Blaster.
  • And finally, the MVPs of the tournament: the Riot Shield. They literally won me three games. This upgrades is already strong in itself but in a deck trooper, it just becomes an auto include.

3) Support

So now the tournament is over, there are some changes I want to make in the supports. I will remove the LAAT Gunship and Concerted Effort. The LAAT Gunship is just too slow for this deck. Even when I got to set him, it was too late for him to jad impact. For Concerted Effort, the support is nice, but there are too many priority cards to play. I'm thinking of replacing the LAAT Gunship for a second Honor Guard. For Concerted Effort, I haven't chosen yet, maybe two additional weapons or two events.

Now your most powerful weapon: Conscript Squad. The three sides of comes out well, it costs 1 and above all, it works with Kes Dameron - Courageous Sergeant. As soon as it arrives in hand, you have to play it.

And finally, your defensive, Suppressive Fire and Honor Guard support allows you to keep up the enemy pressure while we do our damage.

4) Events

Two events for resources (Logistics and Fresh Supplies), a few control (Measure for Measure and Way of the Light) and a heal to hold the pressure (First Aid). But your two most important events are:

  • Seize the Day that will allow you to activate all your dice at once and to be able to solve them without leaving time to control.
  • Intense Fire to finish a character and surprise your opponent.

5) Starting hand

Your dream hands will be:

If you are sure to play on your field, having both Conscript Squad in your starting hand ensures you a very powerful first round.

Review of the tournament

Game 1 : eYoda / ePoe : LOSE For the first game, I was playing against a player who stopped the game at legacies. Unfortunately, really bad rols didn't allow me to get over the incredible number of shields it could generate.

Game 2 : eAphra / eDJ : WIN An interesting part, first action of round 2 I kill Doctor Aphra - Artifact Hunter, whereas he could only play BT-1. However, a double In The Crosshairs out of 7 dice almost take me down.

Game 3 : Enfys Nest / Marauders x2 : WIN A very interesting deck, really a lot of health and I admit that I was a little afraid of it. However, he just couldn't do enough damage to me to put me in danger. I was able to get out three weapons as well as the two Conscript Squad and the two Concerted Effort, so I finally managed to overcome the 33 health with my two characters still alive.

Game 4 : ePalp3/eWatto : WIN My opponent simply couldn't do anything. Despite two abilities on Palpatine - Unlimited Power, he was dead by the middle of round two, leaving Watto - Stubborn Gambler alone and without improvement.

Game 5 : eWatto/Mama/Wat Tambor : WIN So I had already faced this team in training. I knew what he was going to play. He managed to play Vader's Fist round 2. But on my side I killed Wat Tambor - Techno Union Foreman round 2 (I always go on Wat Tambor - Techno Union Foreman first in this team to avoid double roll of the support). I was able to kill Watto - Stubborn Gambler round 3. And finally on a Seize the Day first action I defeat Mother Talzin - Nightsister Matriarch round 4.


Thank you for taking your time to read my explanation paving stones and feel sorry for my bad English. In conclusion, a very nice, fast and nervous deck. It is quite simple to take the lead in the games by killing the opponent characters quickly. It is common to kill someone in round two. Feel free to leave me all your ideas for change, I am open to all. And may the force be with you.


bomberboy2606 15

Hello @CrazyPingoui This is a great deck....but I do not have any Handheld L-S1 Cannon so...I would like you to reccomend me another cards to change them. Thanks you

CrazyPingoui 88

Hi @bomberboy2606 if u'r planning to play red charac i'll recommend u to buy two of this cannon, they are really strong. Otherwise, for this deck, u can swap with Hidden Blaster / Overkill. And if u already run this upgrade, u can play a 3 cost like Jyn Erso's Blaster / Captain Phasma's Blaster / Camouflaged Rifle

bomberboy2606 15

Those are good alternatives I will tell how it works with these changes. Thank you very much

CrazyPingoui 88

No problem ! Have fun testing this :)

Entourage Gaming - Lanza 264

@CrazyPingoui phasma's blaster is villain

CrazyPingoui 88

@Vitalogy1010 oh yh ! Good point x)! So Jyn Erso's Blaster or Camouflaged Rifle

bomberboy2606 15

I tried a really fast deck and agressive too, when I had my battlefield in 1 turn it's all on pool And when I do not have my battlefield....with Seize the Day and Rex's Blaster Pistol I solve all posible in 1st turn. I like it so much. Great deck

CrazyPingoui 88

Yh its really fun to look at ur opponent when he just can put dmg on his heroes. The biggest problem in this deck is, turn 3, u have nothing else to do xD !

LegoPercyJ 90

Thoughts on Superior Position, Snuff Out and Rout as midigation cards to include?