eGrevious3/Super BD/Sentinel Mssngr/AR FAT Defoliator Tank

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eGrevious3/Super BD/Sentinel Mssngr/AR FAT Defoliator Tank 0 0 0 1.0
GG/Wheel/AR 4-2 GQ Bologna Italy (small write-up) 6 2 0 1.0
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Scarletasterisk 296

New Deck ideal which has revealed some positive results from early testing.

AR-ing for the Tank feels great. Idea is to get the tank special and reek havoc on three-wide decks - 3 damage to each opponents non-droid characters seems legit. If only there were a way to reset the Tank this deck might be next level. As it stands it seems Commence Primary Ignition is the next best bet.

Any input is appreciated. Deck needs a lot more testing, but I am proud of it so far!


KyloSpren 204

This seems awesome! Really like how you are maximizing the deck building potential.

Raspujuan 397

Could be a better option to use the Hailfire Droid Tank, you can use it again with Energize ?

KyloSpren 204

@Raspujuanthe energize play is cool, but the defoliator is cheap, comes in a starter, and can do all the impact of a modded Umbaran Hover Tank special without the pay side. Which is crazy good when compared to legendaries.

Raspujuan 397

@KyloSpren look at this one:

The use of the General Grievous' Wheel Bike it's interesting for 4€ price you can change the Umbaran Hover Tank for other starter card to control the costs of the deck.

DodoVonDegurechaff 1

You could maybe Swap Out the Sentinel Messenger for Enfys Nest Marauder - You need then to rebuilt your deck but you can include one Hero Upgrade, likely the R2 Astromech for your Reset Shenanigans + you could use then maybe the Idea of Raspujan too, for a possible 4 Activation HDT ;)

KyloSpren 204

@Raspujuan I do think print the wheel bike in could be really good.

`@DodoVonDegurechaff having seen what this deck can do first hand, I think that the maurader Loses more than is added. The astromech is cool, but there is no way to garuntee it is drawn. Meanwhile, the defoliator starts hitting his own characters.

DailyDataMiner 21

Just played it this morning and went 3-0. It's perfectly fine as-is currently. Just swap stuff out depending on how the meta goes.

@KyloSpren I had two Defoliator Tank's out with Targeting Astromech on each to ensure focuses were going to be resolved, so unless you're going against a super aggro deck you'll eventually get 'em. And you're right, you'll have to replace the Defoliator Tank if you're going to run a non-droid character.

chazz 157

Love the list! Been brainstorming on how best to use the Defoliator and this looks great. Also. Super keen on Mind Extraction to combat Palpatine. Big meta card I reckon.

Sinomi 375

Very cool build! The Separatist Landing Craft feels a little odd, but the shields on that die are nice.

I really like the inclusion of the Energy Bow since you can reroll it with Grievous' Power Action too!

Raspujuan 397

You can't reroll the Energy Bow with the PA of General Grievous - Droid Armies Commander @Sinomi

FyreWyrm 1

I see 8 + 9 + 12 = 29 points for characters. What am I missing?

DodoVonDegurechaff 1

@FyreWyrm the ability on grievious+)

FyreWyrm 1

Thanks, totally missed that :)

Sinomi 375

@Raspujuan you get to reroll the bow if you reroll character dice, which GG3 can do with the two droids.

comradedickbutt 126

Deck looks really efficient, however have you considered trying Senate Chamber instead of the Separatist Landing Craft? I'm assuming this deck sometimes hurts for money, and the die on the Senate Chamber would help that, as well as giving you that sweet power action.

Raspujuan 397

@Sinomi you are right, I always forget that.

Miket1100 430

Played a variation of this deck that I made tonight at my LGS. It did great and I took first. I did make some minor changes. I removed Separatist Landing Craft and replaced it with Senate Chamber; to be honest I didn't even end up using it but my option was there and I think it's a better option than the Landing Craft. Those 4 resources used for the Landing Craft I think are better used elsewhere. I also took out the two Energy Bows and added one more E-5 Blaster Carbine and a A Sinister Peace. They both did serious work. I know why you added the Energy Bow for General Grievous - Droid Armies Commander's ability, but I found that I didn't use his ability enough to take advantage of the Bow's perk. I'm thinking of taking out the Senate chamber for another Sinister Peace or a Stap Droid at the moment.

Great deck idea, i loved playing it.

Scarletasterisk 296

Thanks for the love, all. I feel like a celebrity! I do like the idea of swapping Separatist Landing Craft for Senate Chamber, so think I'll give that a go. After a few more plays, I really am loving the interplay between the characters. Synergy feels fabulous. Will certainly run this until my local Meta starts teching against it (already happening, to be sure). Extremely stoked that people are enjoying the list!

Sinomi 375

I took it for a spin too and loved it! I made a few changes, but nothing too huge:

I made this change for a few reasons. The deck's popularity made me a little concerned about a mirror match, which makes the Defoliator Tank special much less appealing. I also worry about running double tanks because mill always freaks me out at Flames of the Past is a thing.

The landing craft has already been addressed by others, so I won't get into that. I find Mind Extraction generally underwhelming, so Law and Order replaces it to hopefully target Force Storm.

Captain Phasma - Stormtrooper Commander is popular here too, so I dropped Intense Fire as it didn't seem that powerful without being certain I could "out-red" someone else. Vigilance is my other anti-Palp card in addition to Law and Order, but it also helps against Fat Millennium Falcon, Padmé Amidala - Resolute Senator / Leia Organa - Boushh, Yoda - Wizened Master, and other Focus-heavy decks.

I like Respite, but prefer the higher resource ceiling with Logistics

There's a lot of synergy between the characters and I love how so many of its cards feel like they're made for each other.

I love the theme, too! Thank you for sharing the list with us. :)

Sinomi 375

and, not at! Sorry!