Standard Leia/Lando - 6-0 at Milton Keynes GQ

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ScruffyLookingDiceRollers 166

This decklist is published on behalf of Stuart Sanderson. For more great Star Wars Destiny content, head to scruffylookingdicerollers on Facebook

For the entirety of Saturday I played my Leia Organa - Heart of the Resistance/Padmé Amidala - Resolute Senator mill deck and had a really awesome time. In both standard and infinite I finished 4-2 with no game going beyond the third round either finishing with a really quick mill or death. At the end of the Saturday, finding myself with the Lando Calrissian - Smooth and Sophisticated and Leia spot glosses I decided to make a new deck in bed with everyone’s favourite scoundrel and our Princess turned General. As the deck was made in haste around midnight on the Saturday it would ideally have two Motivate in there also but they were sadly overlooked.

My record went as follows;

  • Grievous/Sentinel/Droid/Wat W
  • Vader/Greedo W
  • Fost/Snoke/Watto W
  • Droid/Jabba/Snoke W
  • Fost/Snoke/Watto W
  • Fost/Snoke/Watto W

In terms of opening hand I found myself searching for one of the Podracers and a Resistance Ring for the first round. Being able to play Anakin Skywalker's Podracer for 1 resource with Lando’s power action is a huge win in this deck. Saving that extra resource for mitigation is crucial. Furthermore, the podracer turn one is a huge advantage as it helps later in the late game when Leia goes down and Lando is left to finish the mill. This is also the reason to play the Resistance Ring on Lando to pull the No Answers back in the endgame.

I feel the deck is much better at targeting the deck pile rather than the hand so mulliganing for the No Answer is not absolutely necessary as your opponent won’t regularly have only one card in hand for the optimal play. Instead, events for mitigation are far better. If playing against a big character deck (e.g. Vader Greedo) I was happy with just an Electroshock, especially with Vader having to discard to roll back out with the power action. However, with the big presence of lots of Snoke vehicles decks, I was very happy to mulligan for a Dodge or Easy Pickings.

Coming up against so many Watto/Snoke/FOST decks, Suppressive Fire was crucial for getting around the Watto - Stubborn Gambler ability and most of my events were spent targeting the First Order Stormtrooper die to avoid Snoke - Supreme Leader power action. However, oftentimes when damage was anticipated, rather than playing mitigation, I would often take the damage knowing the deck was full of healing and saving the mitigation for tricky spots instead.

Another key factor that I think won me these games was rolling out Leia first to anticipate if the opponent had any mitigation. If the opponent had anything they tended to use it on Leia’s discard sides leaving me free to power action Lando’s resource side. This is even more effective when you can use the Stealthy special before the Leia power action. Stealthy is even more helpful considering the fact that it offers the “Trooper” subtype to help with the Riot Shield.

One final winning criteria in this game deck was judging when to take the resources on Lando or to Power Action that side and remove it. Oftentimes it was better to take the resources and save for Padmé Amidala's Royal Starship to help correct poor rolls in the late game with big focus side for a really speedy mill in the third or fourth round.

With the deck being so aggressive, in one round, I managed a Stealthy special on the Lando 4 side, then a Leia power action on the same side. I then proceeded to discard three from hand with Leia’s discard sides and get a No Answer off then another No Answer with the resistance ring for 18 cards in a single round!!

In publishing this decklist I just want to shout out a few people who I played against. Alan took me down to one health left on Lando in the matchup against Vader/Greedo that was extremely tight. OJ drove me down to the single roll of a podracer die that won me a game, thankfully I could repay this roll with a pint. And finally, in my 6-0 match against David the game was extremely tight and he piloted the Snoke vehicles deck extremely well. Great field of games all day!!


Big_Campy 372

Very nice showing! I am playing a similar list. You menitoned hitting the hand was a struggle. Have you considered Unscrupulous over Stealthy I found if you get that down early on Lando it makes targeting priority a nightmare for my oppoenent. You might also want to look at Scruffy Looking Nerf-Herder.

One of my favorite cards for this deck right now is Forced Compliance. It is great for spinning your opponent off damage and changing Lando to 4 resource side or Leia to 2 Discard side.

Board Game Lawyer 8

Have you considered putting Moxie in your deck? Or, Armored Reinforcement with a 1 Die Leia to get Padmé Amidala's Royal Starship on the table early and cheap.

StuMac 14

@Big_Campy Hi there, I did consider unscrupulous but hitting a special for one from hand just seemed a waste and it massively slows the play down when you want to rush on to claim. I would never take Stealthy out as potentially that special is another 4 mill side. Forced Compliance is a nice shout.

@Board Game Lawyer The Decklist seems to have been edited but there is 2x Moxie in here and only 1x Dex's Diner and 1xSenate Chamber. Armored Reinforcement is a nice shout for the Starship but then you miss out on Leia's 2mill side. Interesting dilemma.

Big_Campy 372

@StewieSanderson That makes sense. I opted for cheap die cards to mazimize my ability to play an upgrade each turn and have resources for mitigation, but I am playing on Occupied City - Lothal, so the rush to claim isn't as serious for me.